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P C Technology Blog
PostPosted: Sun 17:37, 15 Sep 2013

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P C Technology Blog
Clearly these criteria are cumulative with the first being the most basic measure. And even by this basic measure it is generally agreed that at least half of all such projects fail, as in they don't result in an implemented system,[url=http://discount2013duveticajackets.webmium.com/][b]デュベティカ 店舗[/b][/url], or result in only a partially implemented system. This low level of success criteria and its corresponding high level of failure is yet another indication of how hard it is to succeed at transformational change. In fact it is not uncommon for carriers to try two or three or more times to replace a core legacy system before finally succeeding. Consider the following time line which is real but has de-personalised to protect the honest folks who put it together:
The striking thing to me is that this story is not unique, it is common. Many carriers fail multiple times before they succeed at transformational change. The interesting thing in this instance is that having got it right, the carrier got it really right. The phases of the implementation went in on schedule,[url=http://duveticajacketssalejp.albirank.net/][b]デュベティカ 店舗[/b][/url], and by implication pretty much on budget as well. Now the legacy claims system has been "completely replaced", allowing for legacy retirement. I don't know the extent to which the stated benefits are being realized in this specific instance but as the song (almost) goes: "three out four ain't bad".most carriers have no rational case for getting involved in trying to build core insurance applications. The apps are too complex and the carrier will almost certainly failif you do not select a vendor partner carefully and thoroughly a "package" implementation is also likely to failif you are involved in a build failure or "package" failure learn from it like the folks in the timeline didjust because there wasn't a good third party solution the last time you looked,[url=http://parajumpersjakkernorgejacketkodiak.olimx.com/][b]Parajumpers Jakker Norge Jacket Kodiak Parajumpers Jakker Long Bear Salg[/b][/url], doesn't mean there isn't now
An EDR,[url=http://duveticajacketssalejp.albirank.net/][b]デュベチカ 通販[/b][/url], or Event Data Recorder, is a computer chip which sits in the driver's airbag housing in an automobile. The chances are that if you have a newer car or truck you have an EDR onboard. So,[url=http://duveticajacketsmenonsalejp.halod.com/][b]デュベティカアウトレット[/b][/url], what is an EDR? Well first off,[url=http://woolrichparkajassendamesonline.albirank.net/][b]http://woolrichparkajassendamesonline.albirank.net/[/b][/url], what it is not is a GPS system. It is not an electronic "Big Brother" that tracks where you go, when you go and how fast to go. In fact most of the time an EDR does nothing. It just sits there. However,[url=http://duveticajacketsoutletjp.albirank.net/][b]ダウンジャケットduvetica[/b][/url], if you brake hard,[url=http://parajumpersoutletdanmark.albirank.net/][b]http://parajumpersoutletdanmark.albirank.net/[/b][/url], swerve,[url=http://duveticajacketsmenjp.albirank.net/][b]ダウンジャケットレディース[/b][/url], hit a speed bump or accelerate rapidly your EDR will wake up and start recording all kinds of interesting information.
Currently more than two thirds of all new cars,[url=http://billigeparajumpersjackenoutlet.olimx.com/][b]Billige Parajumpers Jacken Outlet Parajumpers Jacken Deutschland Jacke[/b][/url], SUVs and light trucks are equipped with an EDR. By 2010 this figure is estimated to be as high as 85%. So it is increasingly likely that if you are involved in a car accident that at least one of the vehicles involved will have an EDR. So what? Well let's go back to the triggering event that causes the EDR to "wake up". Events like hard breaking,[url=http://woolrichusaonlineshop.blogspot.com/][b]http://woolrichusaonlineshop.blogspot.com/[/b][/url], swerving,[url=http://duveticajacketssalejp.albirank.net/][b]デュベティカダウンジャケットメンズ[/b][/url], or violent acceleration are often followed by a car crash. So when such a triggering event wakes the EDR it starts collecting data that can be used in the analysis of a claim event. Among other things,[url=http://duveticajacketswomenjp.albirank.net/][b]ダウンジャケットレディース[/b][/url], the EDR will record acceleration/deceleration,[url=http://duveticajacketsjp.gengfl.com/][b]ダウンジャケットduvetica[/b][/url], vehicle speed, engine throttle and braking, engine RPM count and seatbelt usage. This information can also be recorded twice for two separate events (think of a multi-vehicle event where your car is rear-ended and then is propelled into the car in front of you). With this information in hand a qualified analyst can build an accurate picture of the collision which can determine the nature and at-fault characteristics of a collision and also the extent to which various types of soft tissue injury are consistent with the accident characteristics.
In fact courts have consistently found EDR data to be scientifically reliable and relevant and to meet admissibility criteria. In other words an EDR is a trusted witness to the collision event. The data collected can establish or identify the at-fault nature, severity and injury causation or relatedness of a crash; questionable or fraudulent soft tissue injuries; collision sequence in a multi-vehicle accident; staged collisions and validation of "phantom collisions" and whether the collision occurred during the policy period and is therefore a covered loss.
Given the huge potential of EDR data to reduce litigation and fraud some predictions are obvious: the plaintiff's lawyers will (and indeed have all ready started to) try to scare and confuse state legislators and regulators into banning EDR data from the courtroom and into convincing the public that EDRs are a threat to our privacy; availability and admissibility of EDR data will vary from state to state; and,[url=http://duveticajacketsjp.albirank.net/][b]デュベティカダウンジャケットメンズ[/b][/url], despite the issues raised here, EDR data will become a key part of every auto accident claim file over the next few years. EDR technology is about to radically change the multi-billion dollar business of automobile insurance claims handling.
"The Guidewire team takes immense pride in the quality of our products and how quickly ClaimCenter has become the best modern claims system in the world,[url=http://duveticajacketsjp.gengfl.com/][b]ダウンジャケットレディース[/b][/url]," said John Raguin
, chief executive officer, Guidewire Software. "We have grown from the status of entrant to market leader by hiring the best people,[url=http://duveticatrenchcoat.webmium.com/][b]デュベティカ 店舗 大阪[/b][/url], using innovative software development techniques and most importantly,[url=http://duveticajacketsoutletjp.albirank.net/][b]デュベティカダウンジャケット[/b][/url], working closely with our customers. Our customers and the industry as a whole, appreciate Guidewire's reputation for integrity and fair competition. While we continue to review our litigation options, we can assure them that we have not misappropriated any Accenture trade secrets and we are confident that we have not infringed Accenture's patent. We view these allegations as a tactic intended to disrupt our business."
Accenture claims that Guidewire developed and brought ClaimsCenter to market so quickly that they must have stolen code and or ideas. How then do they explain the development and launch of BillingCenter which took about the same amount of time as ClaimsCenter, and the ongoing rapid evolution of PolicyCenter? Accenture does not have either piece of software.
It will be interesting to see how this plays out. There are of course always two sides to every story and apparently Accenture thinks they have a case,[url=http://woolricharcticparkawomensale.olimx.com/][b]woolrich arctic parka women sale woolrich jacka göteborg butik[/b][/url], but this just doesn't make sense to me. We will continue to follow this closely and I am interested in your comments, especially those of you who are Guidewire clients. It speaks to the character of the Guidewire founders and principles that they are more surprised and bemused than angry. I am sure they would appreciate any statements of support,[url=http://duveticashop.webmium.com/][b]デュベティカ 激安[/b][/url], regardless of the way in which they are communicated.
















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P C Technology Blog
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