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Site Reference Internet Marketing Articles,,roger vivier women shoes
Women and men spend money differently. We know this. Men like gadgets,giuseppe zanotti shoes, equipment, machines and, if certain personal observations should be believed,Merrell boots, no end of junk food. Women like clothes, entertainment, and health and beauty products. The patterns offer a similar experience with regards to shopping online,Adidas Soccer Shoes, except that men and women both similar to their fair share of digital content (news, movies,nike soccer cleats,, music and so on). However when you are looking at actual online purchases,, men are the shopaholics. So perhaps we shouldn't be surprised more online ads are targeted at men than women. Certainly more Facebook ads are male orientated, a minimum of based on a study by Resolution Media and Kenshoo Social (Marketing Pilgrim).
Upside down and backwards
There are 6% more women than men on Facebook,roger vivier red shoes, yet marketers spend 6% more on Facebook ads for males than women. They justify this because men are bigger spenders - the conversion minute rates are higher making targeting men cheaper (barely). But,roger vivier sandals, as Cynthia Borris highlights, men are exposed to more products.
If women received a wider variety of ads to choose from,, chances are good they'd buy more. After all, it will obtain a bit tiring to determine exactly the same washboard abs and amazing weight loss secrets every time one logs on.
We're not here to take part in a battle from the sexes, If men are perceived as bigger spenders then so whether it is. The lesson for marketers is twofold:
1) Target more ads at men - even the ones that you would traditionally target at women (as suggested by Borris).
2) Give women more choice. It's fine if you do not wish to improve your advertising spend on women, just be sure you give them more choice. The standard fare is clearly no longer working all that well.
Optimise Facebook Ads
It's not enough to target the best gender; you also have to create great ads. Great ads have great content, including text and images. Facebook ads give you three chances to trap users' attention:
You have to optimise all these; optimise,Clarisonic Australia, in this instance,Cheap Nike Soccer Shoes,, does not mean keyword stuffing,adidas soccer cleats, it also means compelling calls to action. Be clever with your title. Don't opt for the standard company name; go with something catchy that meets your campaign. For instance: XXX Stilettos stand Head Shoulders Above.
Run the title by colleagues and friends to ascertain if it really works. An automotive repair shop that advertises 'Free Shocks for Life' may want to consider some editing.
The look should also become more interesting than your logo,,nike soccer cleats, A lady in stilettos towering over another lady in stilettos would work well in our previous example, Lightning bolts would a minimum of be eye-catching within the second.
Your body of your ad is restricted,Clarisonic Mia Online, so make it count. XXX stilettos are made from 100% recycled material,adidas soccer cleats, proving you could have heart and elegance. Make a point in XXX shoes.
And don't forget,,Isabel Marant Outlet, even when men use Facebook ads to purchase gifts for that women in their lives, if you are advertising stilettos you might like to cut out the middle-man (as they say) and aim straight for your target.
This guest post was compiled by Sandy Cosser with respect to Elemental,Roger Vivier shoes online, an internet development company that specialises in Facebook applications and web hosting.

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