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Boy was murder was identified as an illegal organi
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Lin mother admitted that the day really let his son find some students come home to help move things, and later gradually came to find his son playing with some kids.
When he was, I'm 12 years old.
Tells the students according to some respondents, the same day they are a group of people leaving Lin Xiaosen home, it was proposed to the nearby cotton play basketball.
Week fear, put back, "Sen High Society" QQ group deleted.
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The presiding judge, court orders Lin Bing impressive: nine defendants, in addition to principal Luo Wujiang and an abettor 18 years of age, the other person for the fourteen-year-old boy, is basically Lechang Fifth Middle School (under
Which is particularly compelling, is only 14 years old, in the prosecution indictment is called an illegal organization "Sen High Society" big brother Lin Xiaosen.
As to why they would think so, no explanation transcripts may misjudge the resulting.
"The police station to find our school principals reflect this situation, we were surprised that such a small student, but also are minors, to do such a big thing, incredible." "'Sen High Society' is my QQ group built up
club "members, in Lin Xiaosen home to discuss countermeasures.
's Court (hereinafter "Shaoguan Court") in a case of intentional injury verdict sparked a public hot,[url=http://www.iprase.tn.it/hogan.php]hogan outlet[/url].
The accident several students, have not previously received for disciplinary action.
For the investigation of the murder, the police found the two stars of the week,[url=http://www.theirongatetn.com/peuterey.php]peuterey outlet[/url], asked about the gang situation, and whether he lines "big brother"; "Sen High Society" group number is also to go to investigate its members.
Juvenile "big brother" April 19, 2011, Shaoguan Intermediate People's Court Criminal Division, a case of intentional injury being heard.
November 5, 2010 14 am, the defendant Luo Wujiang, a Luo and a dozen people in a new era of school entrance Lechang assaulted a man named Stone Forest student.
walked. "transcripts can be seen from the above, Chen party will" Which group of people you are playing with "as" with which the triad bosses mixed. "
Express reporter recently visited the northern part of Guangdong Lechang mountain, trying to clarify the case of many doubts.
Said the murder did the day Linxiao Sen family gathered a lot of people, but not in the forest under the organization of a meeting to talk to deal with "Lin Tsai," the people, but to help him move.
(Per capita use of a pseudonym minor case)
When he was 14 years old, neither the creator nor a group of members Linxiao Sen, is how to lead this "organization", managing members to kill others and kill each other for
: 'I going to play none of your business ' Yuan army also took me and ask: 'Why do you want ' Anyway, we are very unfriendly tone, and then we both did not say anything, just continue to the direction of Wu River Bridge
But the flames of hatred has been lit, everything is already irreversible.
16:30 or so, Linxiao Sen and others in the military section of the river embankment near the Forest of firewood being met Chen, Yuan army and the "Shantou" Three, that the other side is "Lin Tsai" people,[url=http://www.theirongatetn.com/peuterey.php]peuterey[/url], they stepped forward to ask,
"Sen High Society" QQ group in the future trial, the defendants have denied a congregation participated in an illegal organization "forest of high society."
to join the group.
Reporter survey found that in the incident that day and the next day the police interrogation transcripts, all understand the process involved in or who witnessed the fighting, even no reference Linxiao Sen, "Sen High Society" organization and the Lin family meetings and so on.
Week view,[url=http://www.pharmcareusa.com/libraries/]doudoune moncler pas cher[/url].
But he ultimately could not escape criminal liability.
He was also the case last one suspects appearing in court,[url=http://www.atc.unican.es/cl.php]louboutin pas cher[/url].
Linxiao Sen proposes to strike first, then led three dozen people, divided into two groups in Henan Street Lechang hanging around, looking for "Lin Tsai" aspects of the person.
Chen et al Xianshibumiao fled towards the direction of Wu River Bridge, Linxiao Sen, who followed him.
Defendant Linxiao Sen, who believe that stone is "Lin Tsai" (local social person, but had by the police to combat crimes. Reporters Note) who will find someone to retaliate, to facilitate the next afternoon brought together three dozen "high forest
I was the main group! "born in 1997 weeks since Sparkle conceal pride.
The paradox is that the incident one week after being examined by any and all unanimously agreed to recognize the "forest of high society" organization exists and the Lin family meeting discuss retaliation "Lin Tsai" person, again exhibit some degree of "high degree of unity
. "
But let the accused Liu Yiliang and their families can not accept that, in fighting the initiative to attack and caused their injuries Chen party, and afterwards the police has not been investigated.
October 2010 about mid-day, weekly star suddenly whim, want to be able to accommodate 200 people to create a QQ group.
Lin Xiaosen is 27 days after the murders took place on suspicion of intentional assault under criminal detention.
For the group became "illegal organization", Linxiao Sen became the "organization" Brother, he was surprised.
"Sen High Society" is a QQ group argument, got Lechang Fifth part of the students surveyed confirmed.
They are the group "illegal organization" finds it hard to believe,[url=http://www.theirongatetn.com/moncler.php]moncler outlet[/url].
In the meantime, each of the parties who came to help telephone Zhao,[url=http://www.theirongatetn.com/woolrich_outlet.php]woolrich outlet[/url], after a KTV door Lechang commence fighting.
The focus of the question: the former QQ group, no prior criminal record, "Sen High Society" How are defined as "illegal organization"
Time to change the fate of the party in the acceptance of the local police Express reporter interview about the so-called "forest high club", "forest" is the Linxiao Sen "forest", the locals usually call Lin Xiaosen "Senge."
According to the route, go to cotton, must undergo Wu River Bridge.
guess: It was a fortuitous event or deliberate retaliation
command does not move them (members of the organization. Reporters note). "
This is the Internet age characteristics.
Lin mother, said his son was so "abnormal" and calm, because he is not a "forest of high society," the "big brother"; day of fighting, he was not in the scene.
May 31, 2011, Shaoguan City Intermediate People's Court of First Instance sentenced the Luo Wujiang directly cause death to life imprisonment, Lin Xiaosen three and a half years in prison, 15-year-old third defendant temperature peak three years in prison, the other six juvenile probation.
Lin family believes that the police will "Sen High Society" as "illegal organization" is a "big blunder" - so-called "Sen High Society", but some local kids used to chatting with a QQ group, but the son did not
November 6 The fighting is organized by the Linxiao Sen and stuffed hair murder.
According to police investigation, the fighting started, Lin Xiaosen mother received a call, leave early.
In the fourth interrogation records, Lin Xiaosen always denied organizing and leading an illegal organization "Sen High Society" and the day fighting, saying he "have not heard of 'Sen high socioeconomic' name '; to his age, too."
Fight,[url=http://www.theirongatetn.com/moncler.php]moncler[/url], Linxiao Sen Luo Wujiang party with a dagger to stab each other's right abdomen Liu Jie, the latter after she died.
In the future trial, the defendant temperature peaks to the presiding judge stressed that: "that we followed him, not the fact that we have not followed." - Their aim is to play basketball cotton.
The strange thing is, this "principal" actually been insisting normal school day.
The two sides altercation.
Part of the students surveyed police denied the claims.
While Chen was also a party to the Wu River Bridge direction.
"You can chat with classmates and friends in it, if you have any upset things, what good games in the group can communicate." Then search the Internet "nice and fun" in the name, the results pop up there, "Sen High Society
The organization began to call "Senge Society", and later evolved into the "forest of high society."
"I think the name is very special, and let friends Wu Fei beat up." Zhou said, "did not have much thought, and even 'Sen High Society' in the end do not know what it means, fun thing." Wu confirmed
. "
But in the meantime,[url=http://wedding-faire.com/WFsched.php]グッチ バッグ[/url], she did not find what the kids will be opened.
Prosecution of the police and prosecution submissions indictment, he stands first and second place points.
The two sides one after the other,[url=http://www.astropolis.org/highslide/piumino-moncler-outlet/]moncler outlet[/url], and walk away, false positives generated again: Chen party feel to be "trailing" feel "a little bit wrong," they called, "as people come and help."
Police interrogation transcripts show that the murder issued,[url=http://www.age-platform.eu/CRM/plugins/]peuterey[/url], Linxiao Sen had "heard rumors outside of my directing, organizing Liu Yiliang, Luo Wujiang to fight."
The way, they encounter the previously mentioned Chen and the others.
Fighting bursts, Liu Jie Luo Wujiang eventually became the sword of the spirits ...... in future trial, causing the death of Luo Wujiang and other defendants were each collar criminal.
"Sen High Society" QQ group is created, the stars of the week pull a lot of students to join, to murder, there have been thirty or forty members, but Lin Xiaosen not among them.
Prosecutors alleged that by the end of 2009, the defendant Lin Xiaosen of the organization, was established as its big brother, "Sen High Society" illegal organization, the defendant Liu Yiliang, a Luo and other key members of the organization per capita.
In the police interrogation transcripts, so Chen tells the scene: "A young man came over and asked 'Shantou': 'Which group of people you are playing with (meaning with which the triad bosses mix).'' Shantou,' said
Lechang police denied torture had interrogated object.
Some people only recognize joined the "forest of high society" QQ group, the group who created it clear that when it is added just for the sake of fun.
In fact,[url=http://www.theirongatetn.com/woolrich_outlet.php]woolrich[/url], many students have created around a variety of name QQ group.
The school director XIAOQINLING Church and State Department also told the Express reporter, schools have not previously heard of an illegal organization "Sen High Society" exists.
But he is still a strong interest in the QQ group: "Now, I have created a group, also joined several groups ......" Homicide: misunderstanding or retaliation "11 6" Origin of battle and murder, but it gave rise to the
called "Lechang Fifth") student.
In this regard, public security, procuratorial organs unanimous: Lin is the organizer of the fighting, escape the blame.









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Boy was murder was identified as an illegal organi
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