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Girls watched his parents killed suspected victim
PostPosted: Wed 2:06, 09 Oct 2013

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to jump over the wall.
Scene in downtown South lane 20 meters, where a two-story building have been cordoned off after, several police are investigation the scene, only one person in the north through the roadway, are victims
It is understood that victims and their families have been living in this, after separation from the marriage they lived in a three bed room apartment on the second floor of the room in the first floor of the facade is rented out, the couple have relatives at home
Bloody tragic scene: old daughter saw parents found an instant bloodbath murder occurs, ten thousand head of household and his wife Ma whole group was the culprit with Sha Zhudao chopped, pour on the stairs at the back door, at which point the couple
named Ma also stabbed and severely wounded, the hospital died.
Subsequently Xiao Yuan aunt grandmother came from nearby, police survey the scene already.
shoe repair shop with only 34 rice is a grain store, the boss was then standing on the street and neighbors chatting, passing time with the assailant, the boss was almost shouting, 'the young man left wrist wrapped in clots of blood is estimated to be
Nigel suspects gold, male, ID number: 340123197601051111; Domicile: Anhui Feidong summarized town summarized Park West neighborhood Xue group.
broken, carefully check out the location of that day. "guess the words: hostess with the murderer online affair
wife's abdomen was stabbed three or four knives, and even his intestines spilled out. "bloody scene was witnessed residents have condemned the vicious criminals.
Wan Rainshower talking, turned weeping.
Witnesses three - cosmetics shop owner: "only hear the sound of fighting one minute" sudden alley murder, horror enveloped in thick clouds enveloped in thick clouds of this horror of this unusually quiet lane, where calm Lane
"Two days ago, the child had already reported the matter."
,[url=http://www.theirongatetn.com/woolrich_outlet.php]woolrich[/url], Because it Huangbuzelu, stacking the bricks in the process of step pedal fully down.
Reporters noted that the alley is very worn, but easily accessible, close to the wholesale market and the central vegetable market.
It is a middle-aged woman introduction, this man of the house is very honest part, a good reputation in the local.
"It seems the problem is the relationship between men and women, the murderer knew this woman online, non-murderer good ...... talk to her woman" two in the afternoon, the reporter who is close to a group discussion around, listening to their talk.
Hyde city: providing clues will be rewarded by the police warrant plastered throughout the city August 8, 2010, 7 pm, who lives in South Feidong Lane Wan Town store certain criminals killed at his home by his wife
Old man's words, give the reporter was very surprised, "blow", it will be ten thousand groups had expected his mishap
stairs, silent.
...... "Witnesses are also open in the Alley cosmetics shop owner, and families of those killed are neighbors.
Zhang Jiaxiang janitor witnessed the scene on, he told reporters, 9:00, Interpol team to catch up here, that the extraction of the tool inserted in the sand, "probably more than 20 cm long, light knife blade had a few centimeters
Until the afternoon 16:00, the reporter through visits, only to find a group of ten thousand large Bo Wanrui seventies rain.
"Thought it was passer, the pace is very slow, the only feeling is not normal breathing very rapidly, and the other just like normal people." Witness two - grain and oil shop owner: "the right hand of the knife still bleeding" from
Lane ran to the end, "when thinking about a thing, they bent forward to save people, and no one to focus on the man who." From the description, it is determined that the man stands 1 meter 75 tall, robust, skin
"a supermarket boss said.
different entrances and exits, and ultimately chose the first one culprit north exit, the first line of 150 meters, the front is a hive of Longquan Road, possibly the culprit aware of it, hurried toward the east side of a row of vacant dressing room to run
leading to the victim of a two floor house on the iron gate of the red couplets, and several blood fingerprints.
any death! "That Akira indistinct grain store owner to God, ready to go on with the neighbors control assailants, the culprit is alert to a turned around to see the crowd rushed into the alley Mother, it flew to speed up desperately towards the small
9-year-old daughter Xiao Yuan (a pseudonym) has survived also stay in the back room of the room, in the assailants fled before, Xiao Yuan was awakened by a burst of slapstick and found the back door open, head out to see both parents have been found and fell on
hours, still no "breakthrough."
Murderer fled the scene after committing the crime.
walls stacked beneath tall red-brick half-man, will grasp the hands of the Sha Zhudao tool to sand a plug directly on the wall, just below the walls of the half-human, stacked tall red brick,[url=http://www.age-platform.eu/CRM/plugins/]peuterey[/url], so San Liangxia
But the hostess gives the impression that some "mysterious", and neighbors do not like exchanges.
Reporters learned to flounder, the assailants escape route south along South Lane ran 150 meters, encountered a fork in the road is where the east side of the fork has been leading home improvement supplies the city and vegetable market, where there are four or five
Contact: Call 110 or
was cordoned off, several police are investigation the scene, only one person in the north through the alley in the back door is the family of those killed, a large share of shocking blood greets, already dried blood has been shed down the stairs,
According to a neighbor introduced murderer fled when the body does not carry parcels and other items, I do not believe murder.
than black, wearing a white T-shirt with denim, pants are dark trousers, wearing white sports shoes.
600 m according to residents witnessed and speculation, the murderer after committing the crime, has been down this alley fled after being found after a hurry to flee.
thick, the blood was dry. "Qi Su relatives Voices: heads before the incident had received" life-threatening "intimidation in the alley masses" alert "in the case, the reporter tried to find the victim's family,[url=http://www.gloriahotels.com/includes/]hollister france[/url], but looking for more than two
"Then a man rush down the stairs,[url=http://www.mydaylilies.com/files/scarpe-hogan-outlet/]hogan outlet[/url], his hand holding a knife." Boss told reporters that he worked on the floor to find it covered in blood on the couple fell on the stairs stairway.
Found that male-headed ten thousand population has been seriously injured died on the spot, there is a trace of his wife in horse full breath, then was sent to 120 Second People's Hospital of Hefei, but the end result of the way in the rescue of his injuries died, "he
"kill you, something has happened," the man disappeared in the uncle's sight.
"Later, a pool of blood in front of the little girl's parents shocked stunned for a while, gingerly back to the back room, with the father's cell phone to call his aunt grandmother's phone, say a few words like 'kill at home, I am afraid.'
Is the situation to kill or vendetta
, where the first discovered this couple bloodbath is next door to a family, "the house came a slapstick sound, at first thought it was a husband and wife quarrel, lasted a minute or so, then
After 9-year-old daughter Xiao Yuan brought home by his grandmother, but according to neighbors introduction, Xiao Yuan finish a call has been trembling nestling in the arms of relatives, has yet to issue a statement, "the little girl was
"Young people things too complicated, and between them and the murderer out of the losers in the end,[url=http://www.theirongatetn.com/peuterey.php]peuterey[/url], we did not know the elderly, but the other day I received the child 'life-threatening', which is true."
people's back door, a large share of shocking blood greets, already dried blood has been shed down the stairs, can not help but hold your breath,[url=http://www.cepublishing.com/libraries/]hollister sale[/url], leading to the victim of a two floor house iron gate of the red couplets, but also
hurt, right hand holding the Sha Zhudao low, the tip has been dripping blood on the ground. "It is this moment pass, followed by a rapid start cries have been heard,[url=http://www.kotitle.com/category/mulberry/]mulberry sale[/url]," Come on people, ah,
bridal salon opened photographed at home with the second grade daughter.
Down the alley out of the first corner in the south facade is a shoe repair shop, inside an elderly uncle in the bow, the Piaojian a knife attack that were criminals,[url=http://www.kotitle.com/category/mulberry/]mulberry handbags[/url], "I sat in the chair in front of
The other end is a cell wall, and disappeared after assailants broke into the line of sight in the crowd.
According to nearby residents speculated that the little girl in the house may be just in time, the murderer came in from the side door to leave, and the assailants have not been found, this fortunately escaped unharmed.
At present, the police are fully pursued in Feidong.
There are several blood fingerprints,[url=http://www.theirongatetn.com/moncler.php]moncler outlet[/url].
Witnessed Restore: casual leave to an eyewitness a murderer - Shoe Repair uncle: "just like normal people slowly walking" scene in downtown South lane 20 meters, where a two-story building before and after
go to.
Invite the general public to actively provide clues to arrest the suspect, the right to provide clues to arrest the suspects, the police will be amply rewarded Feidong and give confidential.
But even so, people still argue Road, which the couple married almost ten years,[url=http://www.kordil.net/packages/]woolrich[/url], both at home bridal salon to help, almost every day, you can see the couple riding with the second grade daughter out for a walk. "
After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to the scene to conduct feidong survey visits, investigation, Nigel gold a major crime suspects.
"There have long been rumors that this woman has circumcenter, really out of things."
Who forged with this couple so hatred
Since carry Shazhu Dao, and then, assailants also took note of the obvious features, in turn, turned into a large supermarket employee parking lot, flashed swiftly after the janitor,[url=http://www.pharmcareusa.com/libraries/]doudoune moncler[/url], went to a side wall 2 meters high, just
'clock yesterday morning, a burst of piercing cries awakened Feidong Longquan Road, all residents of South Lane, Lane, both of which house a couple was killed on the stairs at home, at home, 9-year old daughter
a simple and honest people honest, and live in harmony, and not like the kind of emotional conflicts family ah. "For a time, speculation controversial.
, head twist slowly to see a man come out normal, that is vaguely see the white clothes with blood. "shoe repair uncle said, and sometimes the person did not have noticed there was something wrong, until came outside
, Very early in the morning, crowds flocked to witness that there is no murderer escape route it
sensible, after being taken away by relatives, they also twisted head and asked 'When Mom and Dad to come back', his eyes staring cordoned off the house. "escape routes: the murderer Acts Huangbuzelu jump the wall to throw knives Huangbuzelu
Subsequently, the reporter went to the old man at the scene, pointing to the roof tiles told reporters: "The murderer is a small door from the backyard alley turn came, and from the room on the escape, the top layer of tiles are being stepped on
Xiao Yuan (a pseudonym) was survived hiding in the back room,[url=http://www.gloriahotels.com/includes/]hollister[/url], a neighbor who also thought the day before yesterday evening, a man was also pleased to go for a walk, this lapse of a few hours, but a brutal murder took place without warning.









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Girls watched his parents killed suspected victim
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