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hollister outlet How To Learn Hindi Handy, Helpfu
PostPosted: Thu 0:15, 12 Sep 2013

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You are smart to be studying how to learn Hindi. Hindi is spoken by millions of people and is one of the official languages of [url=http://www.eastscotinvest.co.uk/mulberry.html]mulberry sale[/url] India. With India's importance increasing globally, and business between the US and India constantly increasing, any business person or business student with an interest in an international career would be wise to [url=http://www.1855sacramento.com/woolrich.php]woolrich bologna[/url] learn Hindi. A systematic approach to learning Hindi, and a diligent application of that plan, is your best option for how to learn Hindi.
This article will give you some basic facts about Hindi grammar.
1. Word order. In Hindi, verbs generally go at the end of the sentence. The structure of a typical sentence is subject first, then object, then verb. Furthermore, Hindi doesn't have prepositions. Rather, it has postpositions, words that follow the noun or phrase that they modify.
2. Articles. Hindi does not use definite or indefinite articles. For clarity or emphasis, the number "one" can be used in place of an indefinite article.
3. Gender. Hindi uses two genders, masculine and feminine. As with other languages that use gender, men, boys and male animals are masculine while women, girls and female animals are feminine. Inanimate [url=http://www.vivid-host.com/barbour.htm]www.vivid-host.com/barbour.htm[/url] objects and concepts are either masculine or feminine depending on convention. On [url=http://www.vivid-host.com/barbour.htm]barbour uk outlet[/url] the other hand, the third person singular pronoun does not have a gender. So, instead of using "he" or "she," Hindi uses a pronoun that could be translated "this one."
4. [url=http://www.rivaluta.it/css/moncler.html]moncler outlet[/url] Verbs. Hindi verbs agree with the noun both in number and in gender. Hindi uses the past, present, future and subjunctive tenses. Hindi verbs also show aspect, depending on whether an action is habitual, progressive or perfective.
5. Formal [url=http://www.buynflticketsonline.com]Cheap NFL Tickets[/url] and Informal Forms of "You." The second person has three verb forms, each of which demonstrates a different level of showing respect by the speaker to the person being addressed. The first is the formal level of respect, which has both singular and plural forms. Use this in formal settings or when speaking to someone older or superior in some way. The second is the informal level, which also has both singular and plural forms. Use this when speaking to someone younger or to someone who is in some way subordinate. Then [url=http://www.getconversational.com]hollister pas cher[/url] there is an extremely informal form, which only exists in the singular. Be [url=http://www.re-tek.co.uk/abercrombie.html]abercrombie uk[/url] careful only to use this with a very close friend because it can be considered a slight if used inappropriately.
Hindi is written in the Devanagari script, which is the alphabet in which the sacred texts of Sanskrit were written. Commas, question marks and exclamation points are used in Hindi as they are in English. However, instead of a period, you are more likely to see a vertical line at the end of a sentence.
Spoken Hindi shares enough in common [url=http://www.vivid-host.com/barbour.htm]barbour uk[/url] with Urdu, the national language of Pakistan, that the two can be considered the same language. However, Urdu is written in the Perso-Arabic script.
Of course, this article gives only a very basic overview of the Hindi language. To learn more, you should take a Hindi [url=http://www.sandvikfw.net/shopuk.php]hollister outlet sale[/url] course. Knowing Hindi is an excellent strategy for anyone who has or wants a career in international business, as the importance of India in the global market continues to expand. India is an increasingly important country financially, culturally and politically. Consequently, it is more important than ever to determine how to learn Hindi.
Fran Madden wants to help you [url=http://www.getconversational.com]hollister france[/url] learn Hindi. Visit her site at to get your free copy of her report, "Before You Start Your Hindi Course: Some Things to Know About ." The report will help you as you take your -- and it's free!

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hollister outlet How To Learn Hindi Handy, Helpfu
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