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Man posing as anti-corruption whistleblower money
PostPosted: Sat 10:46, 19 Oct 2013

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Ningbo Customs seized the company's money to get it out; Huangyan hundreds of millions of funds back to your bank CEOs to dinner; in Yiwu to buy samples, financial belt 20,000 yuan lost; uncle had a car accident, an old worn pipe Finance
, etc. The Changtangang house sold, paying the money you put off. "The next night, after getting the money PENG Xu Zhou said quietly:" Do not put me to borrow money to do that out, as a
Earlier this year, he and Yim said: "too a couple of months, so I put Xijiang Village Changtanhe and sell the house will have money." This time, Yim son's friend is looking listings, Yim
PENG Xu's house he gave his son introduced him to the other side expressed interest in showings, but the phone, PENG Xu said his father lived in the house,[url=http://wedding-faire.com/WFsched.php]グッチ 財布[/url], "the house of all the documents are in the body of my wife, she was studying in Shanghai, take a few
Exclusive articles Sina statement: This work (text, images, graphics and audio and video) for Sina special use, without authorization, any media, and individuals may reproduced in whole or in part.
purpose; two fictional economic strength, its ability to repay the borrower to obtain the trust; three objects with the borrower PENG Xu this without roots, out of a mental are asking him to agree to the borrower; Fourth borrowing does not
PENG Xu dilapidated van with cars, even car repair,[url=http://www.mydaylilies.com/files/scarpe-hogan-outlet/]hogan outlet[/url], he still did not forget to brag about CEOs identity.
Second, multiple facts may reflect PENG Xu subjective intentional possession: First PENG Xu in the process of interaction with the other anti-corruption bureau deputy director of the fictional identity, alias "Min", reflecting its subjective have ulterior
"Secretary" old borrow money to the parties in August last year, Zhou reported plant leadership on the issue of bribery discuss with relatives Yim,[url=http://www.astropolis.org/highslide/piumino-moncler-outlet/]moncler outlet[/url], Yim said his understanding of Taizhou City Procuratorate Anti-Corruption Bureau deputy director Wang Min, you can call to get advice.
PENG Xu What is the story behind it
white, he said, had never talked about when the Anti-Corruption Bureau Secretary things, everything because we misread the sky, he is very unjust.
months to come back. "results, which house will" forever "did not sell.
Results things until the end of March has not yet happened, Yim some worry, PENG Xu is also a bit "angry", he immediately telephoned asking each other why the matter even that did not run.
In fact, there is no Jeong this person.
PENG Xu looked pretentiously material, said: "If you want to hold each other's criminal responsibility, that still have to add material, including some supporting information and audio materials." Yim asked later how contact, PENG Xu Shuaishuai hand and said:
PENG Xu Ren due frequented fishing while understanding Renmou one, he has declared himself Foreign Taizhou City Procuratorate Anti-Corruption Bureau deputy director Wang Min.
Later, Peng Xu Duan various pretexts to a borrowing 160,000 yuan, the borrower reasons varied: financial misappropriation of company money, you need to clear the relationship between the public security organs; stepmother come from Hong Kong, himself one o'clock did not bring incense money; Shipment is
February 20 this year, Yim Hung jiaojiang make their own house in the industrial use of electricity, electricity is more expensive, I hope PENG Xu can help to talk about.
PENG Xu Ren various pretexts to borrow 50,[url=http://www.kordil.net/packages/]woolrich[/url],000 yuan.
lend him money. "For Zhou et al testify, PENG Xu said he was" hurt "," I do not owe them money also, so they framed me fraud ...... Where is my fraud,[url=http://www.kotitle.com/barbour_jackets.php]barbour outlet[/url], I told them there '
identity, indicating that they have a very wide range of social relationships.
He will target to invest in a decorating company.
Yim received the phone, PENG Xu did not immediately answer, but said his afternoon meeting to rush to the city, so that they are ready material before 12:00 to his quarters.
Trustee checked his brother, the other told him, Taizhou City Procuratorate Anti-Corruption Bureau no one called Wang's deputy director.
The next afternoon, the two sides meet, PENG Xu asked to borrow 5,000 yuan, Zhou said nothing, took out the money.
things I have told Attorney General said well, would have required 700,000 yuan deposit, now just 500,000 yuan is enough. "received a third phone, PENG Xu said:" I now have had two things that I
"At that time a call directly to the Prosecutor's Office Secretary room to find me on the line." the next couple of months, PENG Xu Zhou phoned, but he said his investigators busy outside, hastily hung up the phone
a business trip, do not pay ...... and lead to the final, Peng Xu even go to Hangzhou to see a doctor that she has cancer, her daughter injured in a car accident to ask the doctor to eat, these reasons have to spend.

March 24 this year, Peng Xu investigators need to clear the relationship to the province, again borrowing 10,000 yuan to Zhou.
help you deal with. "PENG Xu heard these words, Zhou both grateful and at ease.
and said to the truth, "Confessions."
Dinner table, PENG Xu vowed that: "I am in Taizhou City Procuratorate Anti-Corruption Bureau deputy director when five or six years, with my years of experience in handling cases, you who reported at least be sentenced to more than five years. You do not worry, I'll
reciprocity 'is. "According to Zhou brother speaks in his understanding PENG Xu soon, PENG Xu then four o'clock in the day to send seafood to his home, when he was very puzzled: how can leaders midnight 4:00 gives something to send
So, on the day of pie, or a "elegant" help solve the problem, we might long in mind, many asking each other under the circumstances check out each other's identity, so to avoid unnecessary losses.
clear, funds unaccounted for, and to the incident when one of the outstanding debt.
20,000 yuan. "After Peng Xu has openly than knives, rescue grandfather, grandfather funeral in the name of the borrower $ 90,000.
Just take the mountain when the phone rang PENG Xu three times, first with the other he said: "It's something I back my own trial." Second call, PENG Xu on the phone said: "I would rather Creek Luo Shuji nephew
But Yim et al listening to become 'Amy', later called me 'Min' They thought I was also Procuratorate work, I do not have to explain, I really did not tell them to mention that they are anti-corruption bureau
the money ready, I stopped bringing. "over two or three days, Peng Xu phone again, this time on the grounds that he said:" Grandma funeral that day, my grandfather suffered very badly a stroke,[url=http://www.kotitle.com/mulberry_outlet.php]mulberry sale[/url], was admitted to the hospital now need to borrow
no way to pay back the money. "he stand," You believe it or not, as long as you let me out now, and I will give it all away. "custody detention center, PENG Xu repeatedly to prosecutors in the room reflected their" grievances "
For a closer relationship with the segment, PENG Xu offered to recognize her as the daughter segment and a fake real estate license as a gift "generosity" to give his daughter.
At this time, Peng Xu said the company's Dai Jingli contract will come, but the segment has not seen an old Dai Peng Xu said.
Then on, he lost his wallet grounds, to the solution of a loan 7000 yuan.
Ten days later, Peng Xu said calls have been reported to help them initiate a thing, and "incidentally" said he had just bought a house in Hangzhou, happened to Grandma and sick, some economic turnaround, however, want to borrow 10,000 yuan.
Later, Peng Xu gave way to old worn old worn busy business trip or to shirk, sign a contract and it was so decorated shelved.
PENG Xu Duan certain behavior on the same heart doubts, he went to inquire about Changtan a result disappointed, the house is not PENG Xu, but rented.
work arrangements to help your son. "got off the phone two days later, Peng Xu Take grandmother died grounds, to Zhou borrowed 40,000 yuan.
In mid-March this year, Peng Xu, said to be contracted mountain garden, invite Zhou's brother Shan cost is estimated.
's Procuratorate Anti-Corruption Bureau deputy director, the use of the parties has asked his psychological, Gesanchawu door "borrow" and quotations ridiculous, but when the truth
After the divorce with his first wife, Peng Xu met the incumbent in Hubei Ji Wenling girlfriend.
PENG Xu's father said his family and relatives tried to persuade him to find a job, but he has been evasive, a few years ago in Waiqian a two million of debt, the only Xijiang Village house as early as sold.
Procuratorate leadership came to borrow something bad influence. "Two weeks later, Peng Xu said the grandmother died need to borrow 40,000 yuan funeral," Tomorrow I'll get you something to Ningxiheng reported police work, to the time
PENG Xu also to guarantee a certain segment, make friends Jeong three villas decorating business is also introduced to him.
Knit network of relationships illusory PENG Xu while constantly borrow money from time to time while showing off their "rich" family background.
Arraignment, Peng Xu even "righteously" and said: "People in the community mix, who did a hand tight when injustice under the sun ...... how can I so that I do not pay back the money is locked up in here
PENG Xu asked to write IOUs, Zhou think, since people are Anti-Corruption Bureau's leadership, will not lie, they did not let him pay with interest.
Item Shumin analyzed, although not admitted PENG Xu, deputy director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau fictitious identity, but combining several alleged victims and witnesses can be forged identity finds its truth.
Prosecution believes, PENG Xu illegal possession for the purpose of hiding the truth using fictitious facts methods to cheat other people's property crime facts are clear, there is ample evidence, should be held criminally responsible for fraud.
In early November, Zhou put the material to refresh PENG Xu.
PENG Xu a promised down,[url=http://www.theirongatetn.com/woolrich_outlet.php]woolrich outlet[/url], and said March 20 will be able to get things done.
In early April, PENG Xu Zhou's brother to borrow the car, Zhou's brother this very suspect, since it is the city's leadership how Anti-Corruption Bureau did not even have a car, but they borrow and borrow the car
Last December, Peng Zhou Xu phoned, asked them about Zhou's son read what university, when graduation, PENG Xu boldly said: "When I was deputy director, hands have internal organization of work places, after a certain
At this point,[url=http://www.kotitle.com/barbour_jackets.php]barbour sale[/url], PENG Xu Zhou various pretexts total borrowings amounted to $ 200,000.
As BMW car has satellite positioning, in PENG Xu said his company's business in Shanghai is busy when a careful solution found, the car has actually been active in the Long Lake area.
, after repairs have put you here. "last December, Peng Xu said the company's shares listed in Shanghai, the price of 500 dollars a day to rent a BMW a solution.
Everyone suddenly stunned,[url=http://www.kotitle.com/mulberry_outlet.php]mulberry outlet[/url].
It turned out that he was born in October 1975, eight years ago in Huangyan open bus, has since been doing nothing.
As the Secretary so busy, a pedestrian dare delay, 10:00 PENG Xu came to the residence.
Item Shumin reminder, many scams often have a good start, dinner party, friendships, reciprocity, clappers help, etc., but in the end are bleak a bureau, emotional cheated, money loss.
PENG Xu trace the line begins five years after graduation.
with the Attorney-General to report too, will soon report to the province. "Zhou and others beside one, think this is really simple anticorruption Secretary, convinced of his identity.
Arraignment, Peng Xu stressed that his anti-corruption is being misread as Secretary, "I know a friend of Chen's Procuratorate work, he introduced me to an understanding with Yim, Chen said at the time I was Pend
PENG Xu Zhou and others to borrow in its own house is about to sell in order to ensure.
"Anti-Corruption Authority" transfiguration CEOs PENG Xu claims that another identity Gift Co., Ltd. Zhejiang days of the veterans.
Peng's family is reflected to the Public Prosecution Service, PENG Xu million a few years ago due to outstanding debts owed, depressed mood, psychological pressure is huge, emotional instability have been required to do psychiatric evaluation.
He said: "Wife doing logistical work in the Public Security Bureau, the two of us more than 20 million annual income, her daughter studying in Hong Kong, from the grandfather to take care of." In addition, Xu Peng, often in front of the phone, the Deputy Secretary to promote their anti-corruption
August 30, deputy director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau posing Peng Xu, on suspicion of fraud by Zhejiang Huangyan District Prosecutor's Office for prosecution.
Zhou immediately agreed.
"We are reciprocity," April 11, PENG Xu in Scarborough on Township Iwamura arrested by public security organs, the things he confessed to the borrower, but always denied that he mentioned the Anti-Corruption Bureau deputy director and corporate CEOs do.
June 2010, Peng threads to Changtangang house needs renovation segment with decorating company put on a relationship, but in fact the house is a mere Changtanhe PENG Xu temporarily rented.
Tan, took a long time to make the design renderings.
Hung up the phone, PENG Xu explained: "Just call is jiaojiang Power Supply Bureau, he said it'll be a few days to do." The same day, PENG Xu said the grandfather of the funeral shortcomings money, readily agreed to lend money to any family.
PENG Xu said: "It came out of the house to do first design drawings, purchase of furniture and appliances are also contracted to you, money is not the problem." That ran into a section of a large customer,[url=http://www.iprase.tn.it/hogan.php]hogan outlet[/url], excited, and designers ran a lot of long trips
His solution with certain dealers boss said: "The company will market the home, my father and six million assets did not give me,[url=http://www.theirongatetn.com/moncler.php]moncler[/url], my wife is the Pudong District, Shanghai Party Secretary's daughter. I've got a lot of cars
Deputy Secretary, which is totally misunderstood. "while Zhou admits:" Because PENG Xu said he was deputy director of Anti-Corruption Bureau, but things have to report him to help, so he said, I believe that the economic difficulties, and repeatedly
It took another ten days, Peng Xu said the grandmother hospitalized medication is not enough, again by 20,000, and added: "My house has been Changtanhe to the other party bid 820,000, I want to sell 850,000, is now talking about
Huangyan District Prosecutor's case the contractor Chief Public Prosecution items Shumin introduction, the prosecution phase, PENG Xu suspects the facts of the borrower and the borrower the amount confessed, but justify their actions as an ordinary private lending rather than fraud.
Yim said Wang, whose real name is Peng Xu, Huangyan Xicheng street people,[url=http://www.theirongatetn.com/moncler.php]moncler outlet[/url], aged 36.









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Man posing as anti-corruption whistleblower money
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