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Medicine Qing Wei agents responding 200,000 grant
PostPosted: Fri 11:35, 23 Aug 2013

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's father), Zhang Miao's mother, as well as Zhang Miao's son wrote a declare that they wish to accept the father of medicine family medicine Qing Wei Xin gift before 200,000. Yesterday, Zhang Xian and in their own micro-Bo released this statement. In medicine Qing Wei v. Zhang Xian defamation case when the fruit yet, this microblogging waves again. Medicine Qing Wei microblogging: left 200,000 yuan had been returned on February 5, the reporter that got the news. 6, reporters rushed to Zhang Xian working in. Xidian University,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], saw Zhang Xian and Zhang Ping election. They offer a printed statement, above Zhang Ping election, Wang Hui Zhang Miao's mother and son instead of signing. Mentioned in the statement: last May 31,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the drug Qing Wei as "the father of medicine family medicine Xin Qing Wei" in the name of open microblogging,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and wrote: "After the second trial, the drug house Xin left two wishes: First, Let us see what Zhang Miao's parents, two is to allow us to see what Zhang Miao children. May 26, 2011, accompanied by his lawyer, we visited Zhang Ping election couple and Zhang Miao's children, and to Zhang Ping election leave 20 million in cash, as part of their pension purposes. "June 5, 2011, the drug Qing Wei in micro-Bo said," May 26 went to see you (Zhang Miao) of children and parents, they are very poor great need for help, we came away with 200,000 dollars ";" Now this 200,000 have been returned to your parents, I do not know why come out, we will put 200,000 accounts with a special deposit with your parents and leave children will really need to take it again, because it is a drug house Xin last wish, parents will go to completion. "At that time, Zhang Ping election will be 200,000 yuan mailed returned. Zhang Xian in micro-Bo explained that,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], "because of the 200,000 is conditional, that is intended to obtain the right medicine Xin mitigation of punishment ......" Zhang micro-Bo: medicine Qing Wei Zhang received 200,000 yuan sincere 6 February afternoon, Zhang Ping election and other people who rushed to the newspaper declared, would like to declare this in a newspaper published in the form of the notice out, after she canceled the idea. 9 o'clock yesterday morning, Zhang Xian issued such a micro-Bo: "Zhang Miao family medicine Qing Wei learned in the micro-Bo said: will go to complete the drug house Xin's wishes, 200,000 with a special deposit account was left to them get their view medicine Qing Wei may be impulsive, so there has been no statement from the June 7, 2011, was executed Xin drug house,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it has been eight months, and to retain such drug Qing Wei microblogging, indicating medicine Qing Wei's attitude is sincere, and it is firm. idiopathic announcement today. "After a few minutes," bulletin "appears in the micro-Bo Zhang: Now Zhang Miao's relatives expressed their willingness to accept the medicine Qing Wei unconditional gift of $ 200,000, scheduled for February 8, 2012 morning, visit the medicine Qing Wei residence to accept this provision. After 40 minutes, which is "bulletin" issued repeated. Zhang Xian which is "declaration" at the beginning that he was entrusted by Zhang Miao family and hair, "Zhang Miao killed later, as the victim's family, we have the initiative and the father of medicine family medicine Qing Wei Xin contact, we hope,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], civil aspects of the matter to be negotiated but was medicine Qing Wei's cold. ultimate verdict in the first instance, we gave up a civil claim for compensation. "medicine Qing Wei Fang: gift has ceased to exist Zhang Xian to shift the focus so that a declaration immediately triggered User of discussion, until yesterday, 17:00, comments have been close to 2000. At this time, Zhang Xian microblogging issued again, calling on the 7th morning, Zhang family through the post office courier to medicine Qing Wei sent a "declaration" in the afternoon to a drug house, "knocked on the door, no one opened the door of his house, forced The "declaration" by the door stuffed inside. "In many phone calls and text messaging medicine Qing Wei no avail," leaving the "declaration" Posted on the front of his house and community billboards, so easy to inform. "Yesterday afternoon, the reporter called Zhang Xian, said before why do not propose any compensation and gift, at a time when you have to accept the money, Zhang Xian said no comment, adding that these ideas are the families of the deceased Zhang Miao. Subsequently, on the phone, Zhang Ping election, said: "The other (drug house Xin) parents were holding 200,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],000 yuan of money, said Xin drug house one last wish before his death: that is using the money to Zhang Miao's parents and son dominate, we If not, then the other side could not be sincere ...... Moreover, Mao eggs (Zhang Miao son's nickname) upbringing need more money, since the other party that the money will always be able to accept, then we will accept. " 7:59 last night, medicine Qing Wei in micro-Bo on the matter, said: Because of my father, mother and wife been in poor health, I have been in the hospital to take care of them. About 200,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],000 donation thing, I've been entrusted to my agent Ma Yanming, blue and lawyers in dealing with, please contact Mr. Zhang Xian time with them. "Gifts has ceased to exist," yesterday afternoon, medicine Qing Wei Lan agents and lawyers said that he entrusted Plenipotentiary medicine Qing Wei responded on the matter. He said the court decision was not made 200,000 yuan, but at that time in order to complete drug house Xin wish, medicine Qing Wei borrowed 200,000 yuan to Zhang Ping election, the equivalent of the donation contract. Zhang Ping election returned after the grant contract has been revoked. At the same time, he believes that Zhang "fabricating lies" on the donor (ie medicine Qing Wei) for damage and attack, under the law, can revoke the gift. Lan and also the stated intent of these skeptical, "(Notice) is the true meaning of election or Ping Zhang Xian mean " He said, according to the trial periods, medicine Qing Wei Zhang Xian defamation case v. fast sentenced, in this node suddenly raised 200,000 yuan issue, is to shift the focus Zhang Xian, the public and the media attention from the defamation case back to Xin drug house case, conscious bundle the two cases. "So, the money can not give and can not give," blue and said that in return 200,000 yuan Zhang Ping election,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the drug Qing Wei has borrowed money to return creditors. Finally, the blue and said that family medicine will continue to live on Zhang requirement disregarded. "If Dumen attack affect the normal life of family medicine will alarm handling." Lawyer: before actually get 200,000 yuan 200,000 yuan donation may revoke this should not be given Users own interpretation. Shaanxi Hao Zhu Zhenfeng public lawyer believes that the establishment and effective grant contract requires both sides to mean the same, meaning if one party has the gift that the other party does not accept the donation contract is not established. Specific to this $ 200,000, give money to the drug Qing Wei Zhang, but Zhang Ping election returned, indicating that it does not accept the gift, donation contract was not set up. Later, medicine Qing Wei microblogging, said the 200,000 yuan deposited in a special account, leaving Zhang, can be considered a gift of the parent drug of intention, and has been sustained, Zhang Bo said in a statement received microsurgery, means that both parties agreement on the gift, donation contract is formed. China's "Contract Law" stipulates that: to the gift before the transfer of property rights may revoke the gift. With disaster relief, poverty and other social welfare, the nature of moral obligation or a gift contract notarized donation contract, the preceding paragraph shall not apply. "The money is certainly not part of disaster relief, poverty alleviation and other social welfare nature, whether it is the nature of moral obligation is difficult to say," so Zhu lawyers tend to: Zhang actually get 200,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],000 yuan in before medicine Qing Wei behavior can be a gift revoked. Our reporter Ning Jun Yang Xiaogang

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Medicine Qing Wei agents responding 200,000 grant
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