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Men addicted game sexual abuse homicide, drawn and
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's family suddenly found it impossible to get in touch with her in looking after many days the family had no fruit alarm. Police investigation found that Miss Zhou was sold to a secondary market for mobile phones, police then found her in the cell phone market. View information by phone and phone the police initially judge, a man named Zhang Xuelong probably closely linked with Chow missing. In March last year,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the police will suspect Zhang Xuelong major arrest in his residence, Zhang Xuelong admitted Miss Zhou had been killed and dismembered him,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], discarded in some rivers and garbage inside. □ Crime distrust of the road twice divorced woman suspects Zhang Xuelong 42 years old, a dozen years ago, he came to Beijing from Hebei to work, relying on a taxi from dawn to dusk save some savings. Since career development was still relatively smooth, he will account falls Beijing. While working smoothly, but Zhang Xuelong feelings did not like his career so smug, he had two failed marriages, he believes that marriage in these two rough experience, so he created a woman distrust attitude. Zhang Xuelong good feelings and his first wife, the two married and has one son, but he did not cherish had a happy life, married a few years later he had an affair. As a third party, pregnant Zhang Xuelong children, ex-wife in disappointment and Zhang Xuelong divorce. But Zhang Xuelong second marriage was not able to last long, and his second wife in a marriage, the two have continued conflict and squabbles over time Zhang Xuelong too tired, "sometimes I even prefer New Year's Eve in the streets stroll, does not wish to go home. " And his second wife, the contradictions make him feel that life has been despair, Zhang Xuelong said emotionally repressed let him feel some psychopath, has created a strong sense of looking for someone to vent. After trying SM became addicted in 2007, Zhang Xuelong and his second wife divorced, two unsuccessful marriages not only he did not have a house, but also bear a heavy alimony two children. In order to seek stimulation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Zhang Xuelong became addicted to Internet chat, he used screen name "Beijing SOK" haunted every day in all the QQ group. In 2010, he accidentally found to a group called "SM" QQ group, because that SM is sexual abuse in the English abbreviation directly added into it. Seeing this group there are many people in the chat SM topic, curious Zhang Xuelong have joined them. In a QQ group chat, Zhang Xuelong met a man named "Shui" Nvwang. In the chat, he asked man surnamed Zhou Nvwang "Shui" SM is willing to provide services, the other party agreed to his request. At the time, Zhang Xuelong has recognized a new girlfriend, but is seeking to stimulate,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Zhang Xuelong, or about the Chow for SM sex game. Such violence sex let Zhang Xuelong found their hearts they got those unhappy instantaneous ease and vent, he gradually began to indulge them unable to extricate themselves, even if there is no time for SM sex game about Miss Zhou, he will feel This depressed hearts can not be effectively troubleshoot. After the anti-extortion companion was detained in January 2010, one night, Miss Zhou Zhang Xuelong will come out in his residence about a relationship. Chow left Zhang Xuelong found in the bedroom with the money bag was moving off, with a pocket of ten thousand dollars in cash less the $ 5,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],000, and there was room only he and Miss Zhou. Since then he found Miss Zhou asked, but found not contact Ms Chow it. She disappeared off the phone and on the Internet, Zhang Xuelong finds money is certainly Chow theft. In identifying Chow stole his money, Zhang Xuelong started looking for her. June 23 that year, he finally discovered the Internet Chow. Zhang Xuelong does not come on to scold Miss Zhou, but directly asked her if she also did SM sex games, and Miss Zhou also seems unwittingly still answer would be. Vindictive Zhang Xuelong bent on revenge, to play SM Chow again about the grounds, and then she will be tied up in their homes after the left. He said, like the way by tying and detention "punish Chow stealing behavior." Although Zhang Xuelong has been no conclusive evidence that Miss Qian Shizhou steal, but he believes that in this way may make her understand the consequences of stealing money. Zhang Xuelong Chow wanted to let go and then the next day, who knows Miss Zhou struggling,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], three or four o'clock in the morning when you untie the rope and took him home to take pictures, then threatened Zhang Xuelong, if you do not give 25,000 yuan compensation ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then went to tell the public security organs Zhang Xuelong kidnapped raped. He knew SM sex game itself is illegal, if Chow really go public security organs, he will be one hundred Nanbian, plus taking into account his girlfriend, Zhang Xuelong had promised Miss Zhou requirements. Since I do not have so much money, Zhang Xuelong as Miss Zhou wrote an IOU money. Since then dismembered murder Chow pouring depression often call him to ask for the arrears. In the same year on July 1, Miss Zhou once again due to Zhang Xuelong bombarded with phone calls, and Zhang Xuelong are catching up with the day feeling bored, so he will be rounded to the Tongzhou District, Miss Zhou rental places, and proposed to carry out a game before the SM pay her debts. Although Chow agreed to his request, but they just came after Miss Zhou Zhang Xuelong rental places will go back, and let him pay her arrears immediately, so she went to see her boyfriend in Tianjin. When Zhang Xuelong heard Ms Chow said to bring money to see her boyfriend, suddenly a great feeling of being insulted, he was furious, distrust of women and the backlog of past moments pouring out of depression, he took a baseball bat on the week at home Miss suddenly hit the back of the head a few times, Miss Zhou fell. Since then Miss Zhou Zhang Xuelong dropped as there is breath, went to the roadside playing chess room card,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], until the evening before he returned to rental places,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this time the victim had Qijueshenwang. See Miss Zhou had died, he took to the streets to buy a few knives corpses mutilated the victim, and then were abandoned in the Tongzhou District of the river and the garbage dump, the Chow's head is buried in a cemetery in the village. In March last year, police received a report after Miss Zhou family, Zhang Xuelong temporary residence in their arrest. Currently Zhang Xuelong suspicion of intentional homicide, was the city's Procuratorate Second Branch of the prosecution. □ Interrupted court said the suspects will kill her again Prosecutors said the suspect Zhang Xuelong said that if things again, Miss Zhou just still say something like that, he will still take a baseball bat to beat her,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], "It is not will change things, I will do that again. " He said that in Ms Chow hit with a stick, his whole body feels comfortable, but also calculate a foul smells. Zhang Xuelong after committing the crime has been anticipated that they will be caught, but he did not escape. He will Chow sold second-hand cell phone market. Zhang Xuelong to the prosecution admitted that in 2007 and his second wife divorced, love life did not go well and indulge in SM sex games, so he has realized that they are a little perverted. He said that most people in addition sorry victim family members, there is his first wife and current girlfriend. He told prosecutors, in making such a cruel act, he had thought of how things are likely to end with his death, "things have been done, how to punish myself have had to bear it." Zhang Xuelong said quietly. Prosecutor handling the case said that at first contact with the suspect Zhang Xuelong when, feeling his face appeared to be very honest gentle, not reminiscent of the cold murderer. But he did not because of some disputes, with a very cruel means to Ms Chow killed after the incident he also did not like the general,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], like murderers fled, too, did not surrender, but continue to live in temporary accommodation. Prosecutors analysis that indirectly led to indulge SM sex games Zhang Xuelong embarked on this road of no return, his negative emotions pouring through non-formal channels, which not only does not fundamentally solve Zhang Xuelong psychological problems, but encouraged him in extreme on the issue of violent temper. Suspected victim stole his money, he did not ask or rebuke Chow, but in a way to allow victims of detention they want to understand that these behaviors can be seen, he is a lack of ability to communicate in person. ■ experts say personality disorder caused by its indifference China's Public Security University criminal psychology expert Li Meijin analysts believe that this is a typical suspects personality disorder and eventually lead to murder cases. Zhang Xuelong paragraphs from failed marriages can be seen, he is a man without a sense of responsibility, "Such people are often self-centered, not for the sake of the people around him," so he always stressed the failure of the marriage to bring him to frustration, artificially enlarge their misfortune, but did not think to bring people around the injury. Because personality disorder, the suspect does not know how to love and cherish their feelings of others, which leads to failure of the marriage. Frustrated love life has naturally become his depraved excuse. Li Meijin, said the reason causing this character may be suspect childhood education is missing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or is caused due to the growth of environmental complexity. Such suspects are often indifferent, selfish and suspicious, so Zhang Xuelong only in the absence of evidence to the suspected victim stole their money. When he was faced with a threat, most likely will use the most cruel and ruthless means of retaliation. Edition have written the reporter Wang Sheng

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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Men addicted game sexual abuse homicide, drawn and
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