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Men oppose his daughter to university and then go
PostPosted: Sun 21:01, 06 Oct 2013

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I was certainly not accept other people's assistance, I have been no way forced. "in full and talked for two hours later, he finally agreed to Lingling university, and are willing to pay tuition fees for the first year.
He believes that this is a matter of "dignity" thing, "I raised a daughter, let others give her the tuition, you say where to put my face " Speaking of college, Lingling father's face suddenly became serious and humble
But be sure, higher education is still the main positions in personnel training.
Treatment "Useless" view we need to curb the spread, but at the same time, more importantly, is to awaken people to the true identity of Education, awaken people to the educational purposes consensus awaken people to seek for "people"
, head down Lingling silent, to hear her father's consent after college, what emerges smile on his face, she said happily, "I want most is my father's support." said the firm will not suddenly go back
Of particular importance is the elimination of rewards to students, "a paper qualification 'school of thought.
's father returned to the public funding of 10,000 yuan of money, and said that although he was not thought through, but it will pay the first year of her daughter's tuition.
that there will be 'underachievement' situation, she depressed, we parents heart is also upset. process, why read this college yet "end of the conversation, Ling-Ling's father told reporters
Some social situation created such a view.
"But when I saw a stranger when I donate money, I feel beaten his face." He smacks her mouth under "My own daughter, asking people to pay to keep, I feel special, especially
a big guy himself can be mounted (installed), he said he was afraid of electricity, I told him to shut the gates and then Ann (installed), he said he would not, I thought, you will not even have to change light bulbs,
Meanwhile, XiongBingJi that loans should also be improved and policies, when adults do not want to through family support, self-reliance and a college student, the state should provide more comprehensive support program, rather than simply to distinguish the family is poor.
"I have confidence in his daughter, but I do not want her to be led astray in college." He said, reading university useless, but very easy to make dolls deteriorate, develop indolent, unrealistic problems.
(Original title: Ling father repeated)
dinner, I apologize in the newspaper, apologized to the nation; But if she can not find work,[url=http://www.kordil.net/packages/]woolrich outlet[/url], become like those I have seen college students,[url=http://www.gloriahotels.com/includes/]hollister france[/url], you give me an apology. "argument Sichuan Provincial Education Department Education Department official
Originally happy, do not want to do it in the evening has changed.
While the remaining three years of tuition, he hopes his daughter does not affect learning in the case of work-study, "How many earn earn much, I will give her enough subsidies, can not let her develop unrealistic expectations of the problems." Has been sitting on his father's side
But for now very disappointed universities. "he said, in fact, educated people have left a good impression too.
for the pursuit).
Ling-Ling's father said, he still insisted that his idea was not wrong.
Higher education will adjust their models and systems to adapt to the evolving society.
But the reporter said that, the reality is that by working Lingling now if the school can not earn more than 6,000 yuan before the tuition and fees.
Purely an investment perspective on university education, is a utilitarian thinking, the University is not only to teach students the ability to make money, or the perfect personality, capacity and overall quality of an important process.
He repeatedly stressed that he was not not know how to "go to college to give his daughter a chance to choose a better life," the truth, "but this is only a possibility,[url=http://www.pharmcareusa.com/libraries/]doudoune moncler[/url], and is a very slim possibility, just like we purchase, knowing that
Ling in that parent consent and are willing to pay her college tuition, Mr. Chen said that this result makes him very happy.
At 7:00, he suddenly telephone call to reporters,[url=http://www.cepublishing.com/libraries/]hollister sale[/url], said he had agreed to refund her reading, "My daughter is mine."
Most of this lamp will be broken, why do I have to go into it I am a very pragmatic person, only that she nothing exciting to live, maybe now she entered the community are willing to do any work, but after reading the university
"I am very pragmatic and do not need to talk about choice," slim possibility "When a reporter asked him:" If you're worried about (her daughter) to bad, if not college,[url=http://www.kotitle.com/category/barbour/]barbour sale[/url], society, inevitably there are bad ah "In this regard, Ling-Ling's father
, I do not agree with her to college, I did it for her good --- I do not understand why 71% of users have supported me, you say I am wrong "whole talk for two hours and finally agreed
Originally home installation only cost five dollars, I said, 'Ann (installed) can, to 10.' did not think he said, 'This thing is do you have such a person, one dollar is enough thing.
Sound Global Times: "Useless" diploma relevant universities and social advocate to improve the returns to education, the key is to establish a modern university system, the implementation of self-education, attention to personnel training.
"One day, a college student to my shop to buy light bulbs, five dollars an energy-saving lamps,[url=http://www.kotitle.com/category/barbour/]barbour outlet[/url], bought after he asked me to help him install (installation), I want to install (installation) bulbs simple thing, ah, you
hero is one of his relatives.
Unexpectedly, At 7 pm, Lingling father suddenly to the Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Da Laidian and Hua Chen, afternoon he only agreed to refund donations Lingling college.
let his daughter go to college Subsequently, the reporter was informed from Mr. Chan Ling parent's decision.
Qingdao Morning Post: Do not let the "Useless" sprawl "Useless" appears reflects people's education has a too high expectations.
her daughter to university yesterday afternoon, in a neighborhood restaurant Lingling, Ling-Ling's father took his daughter to meet with reporters and the public He funded 10,000 yuan love money to reporters, hoping the money refunded.
Yesterday afternoon --- will pay for her daughter to study "the stranger funded yuan of money like that hit me in the face, it is too uncomfortable, I will pay her first year of college tuition and I hope I'm wrong
'I am very angry, they asked him,' Are you the kind of person 'said he was a university student. Fortunately, he did not say,[url=http://www.kotitle.com/category/barbour/]barbour jacket[/url], say I'm more angry, you say college students like him what's the use "The second story
, and four years later, if she could find a job, and I invite you to dinner. "Last night 7:00 --- not agree with her to college," I only agreed to refund contributions to her college and my thoughts have not changed
"After finishing college, find a job, and go learn hairdressing, since like this, might as well go for high school graduation hair, why waste time and money to go to college " "I respect people who have the knowledge,[url=http://www.age-platform.eu/CRM/plugins/]peuterey[/url],
In this regard, Lingling father tilted her head to one side, it took a while to say: "is also!" But he said, "I am now, or that the university did not use, but your story is simply to put my fire roasted rack
: Higher education has been training personnel reform is still the main positions Sichuan Provincial Education Department Education Department, responsible person, Lingling father from a pure investment point of view to look at college education, and to prevent her daughter to university should be said that this idea is wrong.
"My idea has not changed, I do not agree with her to college, I did it for her good --- I do not understand why 71% of users have supported me, you say I am wrong " Dialogue Lingling
21st Century Education Research Institute XiongBingJi said reading Lingling Lingling father would not let out of their own value judgments, but the right to deprive the rights of children to receive higher education.
It can be said, because of "academic community," the "academic complex", creating a utilitarian reading and education,[url=http://www.age-platform.eu/CRM/plugins/]peuterey outle[/url], basic education studies into education (in the university entrance exam for the target), higher education becomes "academic education" (in order to earn diplomas
: "I still can not figure out, the university in the end what's the use her four years later what it is like I want to make a bet with you, four years later, if my daughters should be able to find a job and learn something self-reliant, I invite you to
Lingling father thought that if her daughter going to college, they should be self-reliant and should not be someone else's money.
Father: "I respect people who have the knowledge,[url=http://www.theirongatetn.com/woolrich_outlet.php]woolrich[/url], but the university now very disappointed" handshake bit stiff, slightly forward of the body, a little honest but never contrived smile --- This is the first Lingling father gave reporters
This educational development to a certain stage, when the devaluation of the value of education, that alone is a diploma find a good job, it may appear Useless.
"The couple live frugally for his university, have been unable to find work after read out, only went to Shenzhen to work, one day suddenly jumped ......" is his third college a neighbor's child.
dollars, that I helped him busy --- I admire such people. "he said:" Now the university was mixed, what people have, my daughter may also be led astray, there is a word called 'complicit'.
uncomfortable,[url=http://www.kordil.net/packages/]woolrich[/url]. "Continuous two" special "are aggravated tone.
Tan funding related to "dignity", "where to put my face " "I could not sleep at night, you put me on the fire roasted rack." Lingling father an opening, the reporter will be stunned.
Students talk about a case, "unrealistic expectations" led astray worry Lingling father daughter dancing hands, Jiyu standing, three spoke to reporters about the story of college students.
"Once, I went to a university president home repair gas stove That principals also personally gave me a cup of tea, it is very self-cultivation. Before leaving him I was going to cost $ 10 dollars, and he insisted to give me 10
However, since the reform and opening up of higher education has been in the reform, with the development of the times, the university reform theme is also always changing.
think that they can monitor her daughter, a few years later, her daughter married and after that they can completely let go.
Seated, talking about the topic of the first is from donations.
People do not have to train people as the purpose of education, but to create material wealth, to increase their added value as the ultimate goal of education.
Although not the yuan to Lingling, but he did not want to recover the hope that through the Chengdu Business Daily, put this ten thousand yuan donated to people who need help.









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Men oppose his daughter to university and then go
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