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Monthly salary of 800 yuan boss secretary quit pro
PostPosted: Sat 17:19, 19 Oct 2013

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adjustments and changes.
The two sides also agreed on Xiao Wu is 800 yuan monthly basic salary, bonus and other payment based on performance separately.
"We have signed a confidentiality agreement labor contract, and returned to the annual allowance and secrecy to avoid ending Jingye compensation."
Early March 2007, the company and Xiao Wu signed a labor contract for a period of 5 March 2007 to 4 June 2010.
In early 2007, the event procedure: Xiao Wu recruited to go abroad planning company in March 2007 when staff: the two sides signed a labor contract deadline is March 5, 2007 to June 4, 2010 in June 2008: the company sent to Xiao Wu
Yuzhong District Court: Although the company planning to go abroad and Xiao Wu in the "labor contract" in the non-competition agreement and compensation were made,[url=http://www.iprase.tn.it/hogan.php]hogan[/url], but the "Labor Contract Law", the two sides did not agree with the existing laws contrary to the corresponding
objections,[url=http://www.kotitle.com/barbour_jackets.php]barbour outlet[/url], Xiao Wu non-competition obligations should be performed as agreed upon.
1926.2 yuan annual subsidy confidentiality June 2009: Xiao Wu submitted his resignation to the company in July 2009: Xiao Wu switched to an education services company in early 2010: the old Xiao Wu successfully sued the club
June 2009, Xiao Wu felt low salaries.
Xiao Wu served as secretary-level work, scope of work includes reception,[url=http://wedding-faire.com/WFsched.php]グッチ バッグ[/url], computer entry and editing, telephone consultation, copywriting and agents, foreign verbal and written translations, customer contact and service, office and other ancillary things.
First instance: Staff did not disclose his former club against his former regiment: Xiao Wu liable for breach of requirements, compensation 36,000 yuan penalty.
In early 2007, Xiao Wu candidates to high office in the Liberation Monument a planning company when employees go abroad,[url=http://www.iprase.tn.it/woolrich.php]woolrich[/url], namely an appointment.
Peer,[url=http://www.kotitle.com/barbour_jackets.php]barbour sale[/url].
Second instance: the labor remuneration is not given compensation the old club: appealed against that non-competition compensation is not paid monthly mandatory provisions of law, the company has a one-time payment of compensation in advance, Xiao Wu also did not make the actual acceptance
The termination of the contract, the company paid a competitive industry to Xiao Wu to avoid ending compensation 2544.06 yuan 2163.55 yuan and annual allowances confidentiality, two payments were also made for Xiao Wu absenteeism usually corresponding deductions.
Yesterday, the City Fifth Court disclosure of the case,[url=http://www.astropolis.org/highslide/piumino-moncler-outlet/]moncler outlet[/url], the old club losing it.
Chongqing Evening News correspondent Tang Zhongming direction trainee reporter correspondent Ye Huan Xiao Wu graduated from a university city, because professional counterparts, foreign languages ​​spoken and translation are good.
Reconciled, she quit, jump among peer companies.
According to the company's statement that it is a confidentiality agreement,[url=http://www.iprase.tn.it/woolrich.php]woolrich outlet[/url].
Nor shall the same nature as self-employed business,[url=http://www.atc.unican.es/hco.php]hollister[/url], if the violation will have to bear the 36,[url=http://www.theirongatetn.com/woolrich_outlet.php]woolrich[/url],000 yuan penalty.
Case, the two sides will "Annual Confidential allowance" and "avoid ending Jingye compensation" agreement on the "Labor Contract" labor compensation and payment conditions "for each full year, the contract for three years can enjoy," and the actual
The labor contract there is also a more important conventions, companies require employees in the contract period, the contract is terminated and released within three years, and the company shall not be employed in the same industry and the nature of the business to other employers.
Court found that Xiao Wu from the agreed limit.
Because the contract in addition to the benefits to their employees, there is another convention that Xiao Wu shall keep the company's trade secrets, breach of contract to bear 21,600 yuan penalty.
June 2008, the Company issued to Xiao Wu allowance 1926.2 yuan annual confidential.
The two sides agreed upon in the labor contract, Xiao Wu formal work after each full year 2160 yuan to enjoy the "Annual Confidential allowance", when the contract expires three years to enjoy 3600 yuan of the "competing industry to avoid ending compensation."
Xiao Wu planning company abroad divulge its trade secret claim lacks factual basis,[url=http://www.kotitle.com/mulberry_outlet.php]mulberry outlet[/url], then ruling rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict.
Xiao Wu old club that is not authentic, put together a new club named Wu and reported to the court claim liquidated damages.
subject to non-competition compensation, which are two different things.
Companies planning to go abroad Xiao Wu has no evidence that customer information will be disclosed to the new owner, etc. The fact, therefore, advocates abroad Xiao Wu planning company liable for breach of confidentiality and non-competition agreement agreed liquidated damages not support the request,[url=http://www.kordil.net/packages/]woolrich outlet[/url], rejected the claim
At this time, the old club upset.
In early 2010, a paper petition to the old club and the new club named Wu reported to the Yuzhong District Court.
When the end, Xiao Wu submitted his resignation to the company.
And the company does not terminate the labor contract at a monthly pay economic compensation to Xiao Wu, therefore, is not legally binding.
This makes Xiao Wu started quickly dry up too handy.
July 2009, Xiao Wu soon found a new owner --- an education services company set up a branch in Chongqing, the nature and content of the work of the original old club almost.
's current stage secretary.
In the eyes of a friend, she was a senior white-collar workers, but we do not know, her monthly income of only 800 yuan.
City Fifth Court: the employer and the employee may agree to conduct post-employment non-competition for workers, but that the agreement limits the right of workers' careers, the employer must pay the non-competition compensation as consideration, this show fair
Xiao Wu's attendance in accordance with the number of days to be issued, the company paid to Xiao Wu's "Annual Confidential allowance" and "avoid ending Jingye compensation" is actually working during labor remuneration Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu,[url=http://www.mydaylilies.com/files/scarpe-hogan-outlet/]scarpe hogan[/url], rather than on the cancellation or termination of the labor contract









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Monthly salary of 800 yuan boss secretary quit pro
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