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Poverty owisrt aid4654 You personally can eradicat
PostPosted: Wed 13:06, 25 Sep 2013

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Poverty owisrt aid4654 You personally can eradicate poverty from the whole world in the year 2005
As Nelson Mandela reminds us, poverty is a manufactured condition,[url=http://monclerjackenonlinech.albirank.net/][b]Moncler Günstig[/b][/url], it does not exist in nature, not in the wild.
All we must do is stop creating poverty and poverty won't be there. To do that,[url=http://duveticadoudoune.halod.com/][b]Femmes Doudoune Duvetica Pas Cher[/b][/url], you have to go ahead and take trouble to understand poverty, what it's and just how it is created.
That could not be easy. As you can tell should you look, poverty is well established in a big way. A huge proportion of the people reside in the direst poverty. Obviously no one yet understands poverty or it would not exist.
So it must be difficult to understand, so it is. But it is feasible for you to definitely understand poverty by looking over this paper. The initial step to understand what poverty is, is very simple. Although not very easy because it looks. Poverty is really a shortage or even an absence of money. Well what's money, that is the core basic difficulty, which defeats everyone.
Everyone imagines they are fully aware this is of the word money, therefore it becomes very difficult to explain what cash is, to somebody that already knows what cash is. Very hard!
Money is a concept. Little else.
Do you begin to see the difficulty? An impossible difficulty. How do you get a teeth into a problem which sort of doesn't exist.
And that's what we should are going to do within this paper. Money is an idea by which people should be in a position to have absolute trust,[url=http://rogervivierheelssale.webstarts.com/][b]roger vivier heels store[/b][/url], that it represents the need for that which you wish to purchase or sell.
Notice for just one moment how easily that trust can vanish. You have a perfectly valid foreign coin or bank note and also you present it inside a shop and it is suddenly worthless. Valuable sleep issues from the Channel, but not here. Also notice what time can do to money. After i was a boy a chocolate bar cost two pennies. Today the shape of that bar has changed but not the quality of the chocolate, which self same volume of chocolate will cost me 35 pennies today. When I would be a boy there were 240 pennies within the pound. Today you will find only one hundred pennies to the pound. 70 years back a pound would have bought us a hundred and twenty bars of chocolate. Today I'm able to only buy three bars of the self same chocolate for £1. The chocolate hasn't changed however the value of money is different.
Rely upon the need for money has slipped.
I mention this to exhibit that money is slippery stuff, without which we now have poverty. Therefore to tackle the issue of poverty, we should first check out money. What's money? where does it originate from? who makes it? how can we decide its value?
Questions which are never asked, never answered and that we have poverty. Cash is a concept by which we have to be able to trust, trust absolutely. Obviously we have to know where it comes down from and who makes it. Now it gets difficult because we imagine we know and we do not know. We imagine that money is minted or printed by the Government. Maybe money was,[url=http://duveticaukoutlet.halod.com/][b]Duvetica Jackets UK Outlet[/b][/url], once upon a time,[url=http://peutereyoutletitaliaonline.olimx.com/][b]Peuterey Uomo[/b][/url], but not anymore. We have now use electronic money which arrives of a computer.
Who makes electronic money. We do not know, the Bank of England is extremely secretive. But some one taps the keys of the computer, someone in Threadneedle Street.
All we know is, those funds it now a complete mystery. How can you trust a mysterious. It cannot be done. It isn't done and the value of money becomes pure guesswork. Perfect conditions for a gamble and we have money markets. Casinos, where insiders scam vast amounts of pounds without lifting a finger to contribute to the creation of the wealth, they take out from the kitty.
Would you observe how difficult it might be to comprehend money when you begin to look. No wonder poverty reigns supreme. But let's turn this right into a fun game, by ripping it apart. The truth is money is issued as credit. We have it on paper in the Government that new cash is constantly issued into circulation as credit.
We are supposed to believe,[url=http://discountnikesoccershoes.webmium.com/][b]Discount Soccer Shoes online[/b][/url], that because credit is backed by assets, it's the same as money. But it's not. Try paying your earnings tax together with your credit card. No dice, it does not work.
Try going for a barrel of oil into the sweet shop and requesting a bar of chocolate. It doesn't work. No chocolate. A good thing however valuable,[url=http://billigmonclerjackenkaufen.olimx.com/][b]Moncler Jacke Damen Outlet[/b][/url], isn't money. Credit backed by assets, isn't money either.
But the instant that credit is accepted as a loan, the law states that the borrower now owes money. The borrower must go earn real cash to pay the eye on the loan and also to redeem the loan by turning credit into money for the bankers pocket.
This is now called laundering credit and turning credit into money. The simplest way to obtain credit laundered, would be to give credit as aid to poor nations. Then they need to grow food and make cheap goods easily obtainable in an overcrowded world market, to generate the money, to pay the eye about the loan of credit. No real possibility of redeeming the loan, they aren't designed to. The idea of aid is to enslave with debt,[url=http://duveticaukoutlet.halod.com/][b]Duvetica Jackets UK[/b][/url], to ensure that for ever more poor people nation works for the organization store.
Dead easy for the bankers to cross off the debt using the stroke of the pen and merely as simple to provide more credit as needed. That doesn't eradicate poverty, which is our goal.
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Poverty owisrt aid4654 You personally can eradicat
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