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Spring man was forced twenty days parents arrange
PostPosted: Tue 22:51, 24 Sep 2013

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Ben who already had three girlfriends, the New Year back home busy blind date I do not feel fresh, like gossip is just that, working in the "empire" why she should come back to our home in a small city looking man
Girlfriends said that through the square dances, the old lady would have to do it blind database.
"The next few days, there are some 000 girls wanted to see, and then look at the total no harm." Zhe Li said, returning around the blind turn, in such a way so that he will never forget.
Every festival was blind phase to phase home to people @ ribs dumplings: New Year's Day has just passed, I found old classmates and girlfriends put their QQ signature updates into "every festival is blind, phase to phase home to people
Unexpectedly girlfriends, said: "It is not because there are examples like you." My home in Huzhou, her husband home in Xuzhou, marriage, New Year's Eve gotta two wheels, and parents are often unable to eat dinner, always some
"Sister do not get married, married his brother is always unlucky, you will not see in our old age, like grandmother's sake, find someone to marry it." This is a small yellow mother's words.
However, Wang Zhe Li mentality very well,[url=http://www.age-platform.eu/CRM/plugins/]peuterey[/url], "It can not be rushed, blind after all, not to buy food, and they can not bargain crunching." "Blind date wheel war" Li Zhe upper feel so tired, but he hopes to touch
to feeling person.
Yesterday morning, I went back home, Huzhou, and girlfriends hastily met side.
Big Year, "wheel war" lower open play according to plan.
You have to ask what busy
The fourth is a nurse, considered Zhe calendar age gap is too large, the film was over, the two sides will be over ...... After each phase pro, home, family, Li Zhe be to inquire "record" how to see him shaking his head,
Can feel how to measure, he could not say.
First blind date, a cottage in the town cafe.
What is the reason you say ah
Qin (Original title: New Year fighters left blind date)
The reporter Mrs Chang's Chinese New Year blind remaining fighters back from Italy Qingtian already more than 10 days, Wang Zhe Li has been busy.
After much haggling, finally reached a compromise: to go home this year, blind date, whether to fail, there is a first action.
Evening, Wang Zhe Li phoned me to say, the other quite eye margin, is also good to talk, but also left a contact each other, but as can become, but also in touch with the contact.
That dinner was silent, my parents did not mention the first blind date thing, small yellow thought: This is just great.
Despite a successful career in a foreign country, but because of the narrow circle of communication, his "personal problems" became the relatives and friends of the "common knowledge."
"He said 33-year-old, but feel at least 40,[url=http://www.kotitle.com/category/barbour/]barbour jacket[/url], and also a little bald head in Ningbo, a travel agency to do client manager, has been traveling around the country talking about experience, but also hinted that the next one to go." Xiao Huang payable to listen, not
The first blind date was a 23-year-old girl, despite how Li Zhe flip utter words, can the other party even if not shy too big to say.
10 years ago, 26-year-old Li Zhe Vicenza, Italy, followed by relatives to a Chinese restaurant workers, starting from dry waiter, a step by step rose foreman, managers, shareholders, and now also has a small restaurant of their own.
Because girlfriends "schedule" issue, we meet reduced to one hour of afternoon tea - from the beginning to the beginning of the sixth year three, five intimate drama she is care of the household, the male without exception, are in Beijing Huzhou
"Or my grandmother forethought, give me identify all of which are in Beijing working hard Huzhou If only this became the case, after the New Year back home, definitely both husband and wife around the house also, ha ha!" This phase is not in the New Year
The third one is a civil servant, family, appearance, work Duman good, but when it comes to the future need her to give up all domestic, overseas and Zhe Li a hard time, both sides Huabutouji it.
Nothing, Japan, longer, back to Beijing to continue with chanting.
This 18 objects including nurses, teachers, civil servants, private owners and many other industries; blind locations include coffee shop, restaurant, cinema and even the Spring Festival temple fair.
Well, I can imagine her expression of these words Qiaoxia how .
girl, would be no market.
Xiao Huang thought two elderly people endure a few seconds later, decisive push, a home on the parents get angry, but also severely thrown the door.
But the night on the toilet, I heard my mother calling again: "This guy though not well educated, but to go overseas played work, maybe they talk to, or tomorrow I bring out to meet his daughter " Newspaper reporter Zhou
Graduate 2034, and emotional problems or a barren.
regret and guilt.
Mom always sigh.
The whole process only half an hour, are the introducer in and Zhe Li Tan, I really do not know who his girlfriend.
The second is a primary school teacher, quite able to talk,[url=http://www.age-platform.eu/CRM/plugins/]peuterey outle[/url], be more later, Wang Zhe Li more feel wrong, "just so one will, both sides do not know, I started my work and family dictate the."
on Zhe Li's parents believe that the attitude towards marriage and responsibility, domestic girls more reliable, so we know he was ready to return to the Chinese New Year this year, early on began to spend it.
Especially one received a call from Mom and Dad, Zhe Li scalp felt numb, "Almost every phone will say so and so who married, born baby, the child will play soy sauce ......" In the marital problems
He said he told this reporter Feng Xiaoying I feel at least 33 years old deer of Nara 40 of the @ _ sauce: "salary 100,000, metropolitan, graduate", if placed in a 30-year-old man who certainly popular, but replaced with same age
. "
The location is about Lishui West Plaza, the girl was doing financial, which makes Li Zhe liked.
think the other way on a toilet, suddenly sat down beside her back, his hands very honest.
A few years ago,[url=http://www.kotitle.com/category/barbour/]barbour outlet[/url], the elders only reminder that this year they simply anxious a - brother just graduated in Shanghai to find a girlfriend.
His signature micro-channel is the answer - "not in the blind, that is the way to go blind."
That tone that sounds like buying the wrong stocks not throw out the same.
Small yellow work in Ningbo, Fuzhou, Jiangxi hometown.
's "Spring Festival blind plan" points up and down two, the upper from the twelfth lunar month twenty to twenty-eight, the lower from the big to the beginning of the second month eleven of 18 games blind date activities.









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Spring man was forced twenty days parents arrange
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