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103-year-old abbot suffering from various illness
PostPosted: Wed 22:24, 27 Nov 2013

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's Buddhist monks gave two longevity in the world. Masters 69-year-old disciple Miaoxi introduction, South Huan refers Shenzhen Hongfa Temple abbot of the hwan, North Indian Act refers Citizens County Baiyun Temple abbot release printing method. "The Master has been awarded one of the top ten monks." "Master of thinking clearly enough, spare the often tell us things in the past." Miaoxi introduction,[url=http://www.thealltogetherclub.org.uk/misc/top.php]mulberry sale[/url], a native of Pingdingshan Master jiaxian Huangdao Township Huangdao Nan Village, a child because of poverty, more than 10-year-old gave landlords work, and later can not stand the oppression of the landlords escaped, mines dug under the age of 18. "Ten nine out of poverty, livestock feed, bitter life can not say." This is the interpretation of Indian law before the founding of New China living memory. 21 years old, he had Jiawan in Tongbai County Tai Shan temple hair as a monk, Buddhist interpretation of Indian law. After entering Buddhism, Buddhism and Indian law school many Buddhist worship classic. 1987,[url=http://meditationmount.org/includes/af.php]abercrombie[/url], 81-year-old interpretation of Indian law by the Henan Provincial Buddhist Association, the Master can be recommended to the Citizens County Baiyun Temple abbot, he was here the first 43 World abbot. ● running around to welcome back one hundred years is the seat of the Emerald Buddha Baiyun Si temple, located 20 kilometers southwest of the county civil rights. Was built in the Tang Dynasty Dynasty (627 AD), formerly known as Goddess of Mercy Church. Kangxi to find the parent, south three times to visit Baiyun Si, and personally Yushu "when the Church often reward." Since then, Baiyun Si Luoyang White Horse Temple,[url=http://www.halcyonblue.co.uk/libraries/header.php]mulberry sale[/url], Shaolin Temple,[url=http://www.adelechina.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=72501]http://www.adelechina.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=72501[/url], Kaifeng Zhongzhou Xiangguosi and known as the four famous. Unfortunately, the "Cultural Revolution" period, the Millennium Temple Buddha was looted, Buddhism and Indian law to the hereafter, after 20 years of effort, the temple has been repaired, he also invited four hundred seat Jade Buddha. Masters also with the diaspora Fu Fengying lay a very good friend. According to him, is the General Fu Fu Fengying's aunt, during the Sino-Japanese War, Fu Fengying Tongbai County with her husband fled to Qingliangsi, "I and the monks together to protect her." After Baiyun Si Fu Fengying know where the master is not a Buddha, in 1988 donated to the nine Jade Buddha Temple. Followed by 10 years, Fu Fengying and help explain India and France to Myanmar, welcome back nearly a jade Buddha statue. Now, in Fu Fengying other lay support,[url=http://ndesign-studio.com/blog/best-wordpress-sites#comment-1281578]http://ndesign-studio.com/blog/best-wordpress-sites#comment-1281578[/url], Baiyun Si became the largest Jade Buddha Temple in Henan. ● suffering from various physical illness miracle recovery has been good old abbot,[url=http://cgi.www5e.biglobe.ne.jp/~kurusu/cgi/light/light.cgi?res=64798]http://cgi.www5e.biglobe.ne.jp/~kurusu/cgi/light/light.cgi?res=64798[/url], this hospital is due to "cold after the cause palpitation, chest tightness, wheezing can not lie has been four days." September 14 afternoon, the master was sent to the PLA 153 Hospital disciple kidneys medicine. Doctors an examination, taken aback, Buddhism and Indian law actually suffering from a variety of diseases: acute heart failure, acute extensive anterior myocardial infarction, pulmonary infection, respiratory failure, ischemic heart disease, coronary heart disease, in addition, Lin Jun was also found in the doctor explained under the Indian Act had old wall, posterior,[url=http://nsmba.ca/misc/temp.php]air jordan[/url], right ventricular myocardial infarction. Admission old abbot poor cardiopulmonary function, may occur at any multiple organ failure, sudden death,[url=http://tavinsorigami.com/2013/02/flapping-bird/#comment-247469]http://tavinsorigami.com/2013/02/flapping-bird/#comment-247469[/url], cardiac arrest, and dangerous. Hospital for emergency rescue operations. Yu Lin Jun said the doctor, master of the day of admission to hurry to go back, "he is mainly worried about the monastery," Miaoxi said, Master always said, "we have no money, do not be ruled." Disciples would not let him worry about, scrape together money to cure him. Yesterday,[url=http://www.gometbranch.com/misc/temp.php]woolrich[/url],[url=http://www.trucksdesign.info/ram-trucks-tough-commercial-vehicles-for-every-job/#comment-412664]http://www.trucksdesign.info/ram-trucks-tough-commercial-vehicles-for-every-job/#comment-412664[/url], at the ward,[url=http://www.geol.sci.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/~environ/cgi-bin/lightlight.cgi?res=3366447]http://www.geol.sci.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/~environ/cgi-bin/lightlight.cgi?res=3366447[/url], said he heard the apprentice during treatment, "then pain does not utter a sound, very strong", the master smiled and waved shyly: "Do not say these!" ● charity into longevity old abbot also proficient in martial arts, "80-year-old will be 'twenty-seven legs' it!" Miaoxi that once mountain firewood, accidentally fell down the mountain waist, this practice stopped. And even more amazing is that interpretation of Indian law talked disciples speaking,[url=http://636656.com/read.php?tid=40035]http://636656.com/read.php?tid=40035[/url], more than 20 years of age to the mountains herbs, tiger cat behaved like to see him in the cave. One year New Year's Eve, under the snow,[url=http://www.thealltogetherclub.org.uk/misc/header.php]barbour sale[/url], he lost in the mountains, the tiger actually lead the way to take him down in front. Master mentioned the secret of longevity, Miaoxi Summary: broad-minded, the law of life, every day, vegetarian, likes to eat noodles. "He is less than 4:00 to get up every day, in 49 acres of large monasteries it three times." "He likes to be jealous, when eating noodles always put some also eat chili oil." Little appetite, body is good, apart from bad teeth, and ears are not back, eyes are not flowers, "this spring, but also to fly to Kunming, Myanmar preach warp it." In addition, the disciples said, charity, but also master the secret of longevity. Originally,[url=http://nsmba.ca/includes/hollister.php]hollister[/url], release printing method not only proficient in Buddhism, but also well-known traditional Chinese medicine, qigong, often sick people to the temple near the pulse duty doctor. Here,[url=http://www.thealltogetherclub.org.uk/includes/hollister.php]hollister sale[/url], in the hospital to take care of the old abbot disciple Miaoxi, and Miao Miao Zhi Bin rushing to tell reporters: "We are Master original plaster, cure bruises, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases, very famous Buddhist community in the country." ● Wish want into a "thousand Buddha" "Master's apprentice now, not lay disciples, Henan had more than 10,000,[url=http://ppsnys.com/site/includes/louboutin.php]louboutin[/url]," the country's "countless", as disciples, they not only admire Master's practice, but admire his courage. Originally, the Sino-Japanese War,[url=http://bbs.aqbtv.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=451606]http://bbs.aqbtv.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=451606[/url], the master had also saved when the fifth division of the New Fourth Army division commander and political commissar Li Xiannian. Old abbot remember very clearly, when part of the New Fourth Army led by Li Xiannian in Tongbai shuanghezhen,[url=http://meditationmount.org/libraries/header.php]hollister[/url], the Japanese siege for nearly two hours. Interpretation of Indian law is shuanghezhen alms,[url=http://www.nonprofitlegalcenter.com/libraries/footer.php]hollister[/url], see Xiannian very critical, took him to a dyer, let him put on civilian clothes, hiding in the dye barrel, took him out of the shuanghezhen. Speaking now wish,[url=http://www.birtenshaw.org.uk/misc/footer.php]barbour sale[/url], release printing method without speaking, his disciples on his behalf said: "Master, just want to 'thousand Buddha' built into." Original, in order to develop the monastery, in spite of his old age, four alms, please more than 300 statues, can only hope to raise funds into a "thousand Buddha", the Buddha please go.

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103-year-old abbot suffering from various illness
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