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Beijing West Railway Station Station slaughter Wai
PostPosted: Sat 16:31, 17 Aug 2013

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's Nest." This man said to the nest to twelve to thirteen hundred or so. After several rounds of bargaining, the price of 120 yuan men bite and hold. Reporter subsequently agreed, but asked to fight tickets, men readily agreed. Subsequently, the man brought the reporter exports within the west side of a small parking lot, opened a license for the Beijing A38604 white Jetta car, "you drive a black car, right " The face of challenge, the man smiled and said that the default , "Relax,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], have the votes, if you want to take a regular taxi hit the table, at least one hundred fifty sixty yuan." said the black car drove out of the parking altar per month, all the way to the East Second Ring Road, began heading north the driver said so to walk near. Car, the male driver surnamed Rui, has been in Beijing station did a few years ago, to the tourist season business will be a good point, one day be able to pull five or six live. "Such a blatant pull the black live in Beijing station, caught you afraid " "Previously arrest before, but because awareness and law enforcement personnel, and less punishment some money, will be able to remove the car, and in order to facilitate the pull live, each May gave these law enforcement officers memorial. " Car followed by Anzhen Bridge directly to the nest nearby. Off payment, Swiss master superimpose reporters a few written Beijing rental invoices, each denomination is $ 20. After verifying that the ticket is a fake taxi invoices. Yesterday afternoon, reporters once again came to Beijing Railway Station flyover near the mouth of the Northwest. At this point the mouth of the private Northwest embrace behavioral reached rampant proportions, some regular car drivers or even directly in the middle of the main road, the guests or another car. Black car drivers are also many businesses in the vicinity of the mouth, a lot of these drivers are arranged eyeliner,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], when you see someone taking pictures, these people gathered together, Showmanship behavior instantly stopped. West Point playing table is driven off at 12:00 on August 9, West Railway Station North Square exit of few dozen taxis and private cars parked on the roadside,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], carrying luggage of the passengers came through they will take the initiative ask: "where are we going " I heard that reporters want to Dongzhimen, a taxi driver, said: "Go Dongzhimen to 100 yuan, if the play table to go, then at least to 110 yuan, 100 yuan you give me pull you got to go . "reporters too expensive refused. Next they immediately swarmed to a open car lady, asking price $ 70, but with the addition of two passengers a carpool. There is a car park opposite the flyover, gathered more taxi, they go for the asking price is 80 yuan Dongzhimen. The face of the requirements must hit the table, a master stressed: "play table to 100 yuan." Can be on the bus, the driver immediately changed their mind, he pointed to the meter, said: "You see the meter is broken, always at 10 yuan does not take you to adhere to only change the playing table. "Then he will be Reporter catch the car. Driver exposes the unspoken rules 13:30, at the Beijing West Railway Station South Square, the same requirements faced reporters hit the table, the number of taxi drivers are to be rejected. Eventually, a man dressed in a black T-shirt, said: "Get in, I'll give you hit the table." On the car, this master surnamed Zhou said that if the reporters go Dongzhimen with foreign words, he will surely be asking $ 100. "One morning never pulled alive, stay hot in here, so hit the table is gone." Asked why no taxi driver car service monitoring cards, he said, are afraid to pull the black live release supervision cards, for fear of customer complaints. Zhou said the master, he lived in the West Station, a taxi driver with a year of time, and also began regular cab, every day through the "sweeping the road" pull live, but very tired, began and became a black truck driver. "In the beginning when I was stupid, I do not know will oversee the card down, and always have customer complaints me, then I school smart, will oversee the card to hide. But then again, I am useless complaint, then the transport sector complain to give my company to call, call the company to look into the team captain will give me a call and ask the situation, then immediately called to the passengers, saying that the driver has been severely disposed of, and asked whether the customer satisfied. In fact, ah, the company did not punish me, you will not want to which units guarding their subordinates do back I'll call the captain of our team to eat a meal, and what things are not. "He smiled and said:" The complaint Passengers do not think about it, can complained to me "on the road, pull the black week of the master talk about the benefits of living:" I am now every day lying in the South Plaza alive, all right, and chat with other drivers, you see, I do not have to wear overalls, easygoing, and planing to oil money every day easily get 500 yuan to 600 yuan, more than the regular taxi driver to earn a lot of. "Master Zhou took a reporter from the Beijing West Railway Station take the West Second Ring Road to go through the South Second Ring Guangqumen bridge to Dongzhimen, the fare is 55 yuan. Opened many years of Master Liu said the taxi from Beijing West Railway Station to Dongzhimen should take the North Second Ring Road, walk from the South Second Ring is definitely a detour. Nothing formal rental >> dare brother Sun master to the train station, said he had just dry lease when the passenger pulled Beijing Station northwest mouth, found a taxi pulled this mouth left alive, he also Pull forward to the results caught by law enforcement officers on the spot, and finally by taxi regulations, in order to embrace the occupied zone and private grounds, was fined $ 800, then on no longer afraid to go. In this case, he explained that, where law enforcement officers recognize the license, they do not know of his license. More than a regular taxi brother said okay now are afraid to go to Beijing West Railway Station and Beijing Railway Station pull live, traffic law enforcement agencies in these places are located spot checks, driving into the staff to lie on the car glass looking in, Check the driver's dress and car health, if non-compliance is necessary to fine of $ 100. A brother, said the passengers in the car posted a handprint, he did not dare stand up to the West Railway Station and Beijing. August 9, reporters from the Fengtai near the town taxi to the Beijing Railway Station, half-way, the taxi suddenly turned the corner from the West Fourth Ring Road, the main roads and stopped. Master Liu off the driver, front to back after the car polished spotless, then turn pads get out shaking clean, the whole process lasted a few minutes. Master Liu said, he usually does not like to go to the Beijing Railway Station and Beijing West Railway Station lie alive for as long as the body and interior a little dirty place,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], law enforcement officers will be stopped and fined, in fact, quite upset halfway Cleaning . Response to law enforcement authorities deny >> money unannounced visits after the reporter to be reflected to the Beijing traffic enforcement Corps. Through access to historical records, the reporters in Beijing station take the black car information is detected. City traffic enforcement Corps a vice captain Liu Chaosheng that black truck driver Ming Jiaorui Ruyi, who in February 2008, from Beijing Nanyuan Airport station to pull the passengers, he was a law enforcement team members arrested. Approval form display case processing time,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], he received a 100 yuan to passengers, finally was punished $ 10,000. In an interview after his punishment, wrote a guarantee, which wrote, "never quit." Liuzhao Sheng said, wishful Swiss law enforcement personnel should be on advice before said law enforcement officers receive his money. This situation is impossible, because they have a strict requirement that the driver a cigarette, a bottle of water can not play craps. Currently, the argument against the Swiss, the squad has begun to conduct self. For black truck driver and part of the regular taxi drivers in Beijing Station Northwest mouth Showmanship cheating thing, Liu Chaosheng said they arranged a number of law enforcement in the vicinity plainclothes officers, this situation has also found, and some people also call Report calls. But since they do not allow unannounced visits to the identity of the passengers, the punishment they need to grasp the current evidence and passengers informants,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and these people for many years entrenched here, for all law enforcement officers are aware, there is basically a law enforcement officer close to these people quickly leave. They are also currently being developed effective measures to be taken to crack down. Black car with a walkie-talkie messenger responsible for the management of the Beijing West Railway Station traffic enforcement Corps four captain Mr Wong said, every morning 6:30 to 10 pm, law enforcement teams will be sent at the station patrols. The reason why repeated black car, first, because the obvious contradiction between supply and demand. Beijing West Railway Station daily traffic is large, although the ground have also established two taxi dispatch station, but its transport capacity is not enough, if you want to cure this problem,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], we need to build a taxi to the ground station and then to strengthen the ground management of the vehicle. Secondly, the Beijing West Railway Station black car is unique, they use a high-tech means, almost every black car drivers are installed paging own, as long as law enforcement officers saw a vehicle on each tipped with a walkie-talkie, "particularly flexible when we arrived black car has had fled. "To this end, Mr. Huang also give law enforcement vehicles equipped with a walkie-talkie, just over 1,000 yuan,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]," In you can clearly hear the intercom to evacuate their mutual information. "Wong said it would in the near future wireless paging contact management department, the joint law enforcement efforts to combat the black car. Two stations investigated thousand black car Beijing traffic enforcement Corps Director Yuexiu Jun said illegal treatment, law enforcement corps has been severely hit the black car, from January to July this year, law enforcement corps of 9621 against the black car, black car every being investigated have to pay 10,000 to 20,000 fine,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], while bargaining is cheating taxi industry violations, will impose a fine of 2,000 yuan. Beijing West Railway Station which is mainly responsible for the four teams investigated 753 black car, is mainly responsible for the Beijing leg of a team investigated 701. Yuexiu Jun said that law enforcement corps crackdown is not small, but difficult to manage a large black car. Investigation of the black truck driver currently 75% are foreigners. "In order to survive, these people are willing to take risks and some black truck driver against the law, law enforcement officers injured marked more and more things." Fined for taxi drivers reflect fear,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], afraid to go to the train station conditions, traffic enforcement Corps a staff said, because the image of the station on behalf of the capital, for the taxi's health is, indeed more stringent requirements, generally pass the inspection will be penalized $ 100, but there are also a verbal warning. But for the punishment of the criteria, the staff member said, is mastered by the field of law enforcement officers.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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Beijing West Railway Station Station slaughter Wai
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