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Boss Online impart waste oil processing technology
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's first work to eat swill" starve "the first half of 2009, Henan Province, as food waste handling of the "new thing" Biological Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Goodwill is cause for concern. Relevant information on, Jinshui District Council by the investment and construction of Zhengzhou Goodwill Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in Jinshui Ruby Lu, "eat" swill works by sorting, oil and water separation, crushing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], fermentation and other processes in the terminal link outputs feed ingredients and biodiesel, to food waste recycling and reuse purposes. Earlier, media reported, as food and beverage companies are unwilling to food waste sent to Goodwill Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. in Zhengzhou,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the company due to lack of raw materials and the "hungry." March 22, talked about more than seven months after the operation of trial production, bio-engineering Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou crown Granville person responsible for an awkward smile Jie Zhang. Jie Zhang said that in April 2009, the company began trial production, through the leadership offices and municipal councils to do the work, eventually about 100 catering enterprises willing to free supply of food waste for the company, companies and hotels who do not give anyone money . According to his understanding, Zhengzhou, many food companies have a fixed pick-up person swill, swill those close to the hotel in addition to pay, but also help hotel cleaning, garbage removal incidentally. If the restaurant business the food waste to specialized disposal company, in addition to earn money, but have to pay the required fee. Jie Zhang said that the current food waste treatment costs 200 yuan per ton, Beijing and Shenzhen,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], treatment costs will be higher. May be due to subsidies in place, the company is losing money to run, and is currently waiting for the policy. "Go out and buy a small workshop swill can make money, how would you deal with free money-losing it away " Against reporters puzzled, Jie Zhang explained that, first of all, Goodwill and Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. is impossible as a small workshop, the meal kitchen waste processed into cooking oil sold on the market, otherwise we lose the meaning of existence. In addition, feed ingredients and food waste decomposition biodiesel, can not be directly sold. Accordance with the existing feed ingredients directory extracted from ingredients not swill feed ingredients directory, it can not be sold as a commodity. As biodiesel, is also not in accordance with the official merchandise to sell. "We have one in the other policies, the introduction of food waste by government departments to focus on policies and regulations; Second, in the hope subsidies, in the case of no income, treatment costs 200 yuan per ton, the company can not afford." Waste oil drilling the mobile food vendors "regulatory vacuum" loopholes "in accordance with the latest implementation of food safety law on the waste oil shock and punishment by different functional departments bear." March 22, Zhengzhou City Health Bureau of Health Supervision Department a surname The staff said, processing and production aspects of the waste oil return pipe quality and technology supervision department, the circulation of the normalization of Business Administration, catering property owned by the daily supervision of the SFDA. Now Zhengzhou city health department and Drug Administration has not officially handover of responsibilities before the law temporarily by the health sector regulation. Zhengzhou city health department how to regulate waste oil it Zhengzhou City Health Authority preventive health supervision Branch Qi Xin-zhi chief said, there are three main regulatory approaches: First, food and beverage companies to establish accounting system required for the purchase of raw materials, including edible oil quantity, supplier firms, quality, condition etc. clearly registration; Second is the major events and important reception in the edible oil quality monitoring; Third suspicious oil sampling, for unqualified oil does not allow its re-use. "Substandard cooking oil, waste oil is not in the end, is very difficult to define and forensics." Zhengzhou City Health Authority Director of Yangdong Xia said that there are no details on the waste oil as defined criteria. Once a catering units used cooking oil problem is detected, also refers to the edible oil does not meet the criteria, it may be of poor quality edible oil, there may be waste oil, can not be clearly identified. "Despite a set of practical means of supervision, but there are still many gaps in the waste oil can be drilled." Qi Xin-zhi that the use of waste oil catering enterprises, mostly small mobile street stalls and undocumented facade, and these are precisely not health supervision departments Monitoring under the health sector only fully licensed food and beverage companies to monitor oil. Yangdong Xia said that waste oil is processed and then flows into the hands of unscrupulous traders, for the food and beverage industry cable card management system, a fixed place of business of catering units easier to perform. For mobile vendors, the regulatory difficulty is relatively large. The new "Food Safety Law" on the mobile food vendors health problem does not explicitly require a license, but to authorize the introduction of appropriate local regulations provinces. As at present, the province has not yet introduced legislation in this area. Hotels and pull swill in hiding "wind" "Boss, we are Shibalihe village farms,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], would like to here from you pull some swill." March 21 evening, the reporter found two migrant workers from the street, Huaihe Road into a hotel, pretending acquisition swill. "You figure out what price " One master Houchu Buddist, "In the past to pull people to shop 8000 dollars per month, helping to pull Shihai Houchu clean again,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], leaving Shihai with all the other rubbish walking, which you can not do "" talk less two! while children alone to go! "looks like a middle-aged man restaurant owner quickly put this Houchu oust master, he was very warily eyeing reporters. He first asked the reporter's farms Jiaosha name, specific address where asked what hotel previously received, all ye received. "You will not want to come to ask the right cooking oil " Middle-aged man some "cross-examination", the rather abruptly put down such a word, turned and walked away. Reporter then went to four medium-sized hotel, pretending acquisition pigs swill back, eat a similar "cold shoulder." Fortunately, some of the hotel staff carefully warned: now everywhere in the investigation of waste oil, nobody will sell you swill, so a few days we'll talk! West Fourth Ring Road, Zhengzhou City, some open space in the West, where people often previously covered some simple shed processing waste oil. March 22 morning, the reporter along the West Fourth Ring Road to the west of some rural roads looking for, did not find a waste oil processing small workshops. Ask nearby villagers, the villagers said that last year it seems there are people supporting his cauldron boil anything in houses in the New Year after the people have not seen them. "Richard is now so strict, who does not know to hide for a while Paul allowed the wind passed over for a while, they began to work." Ruhe Road, who lives in the Miss Zhang Hongying said downstairs in her home in front of a pot shop She often see people driving motor tricycle, tricycle stood greasy black dirt dirty plastic bucket, every two or three days will be to pull a swill. Recently one week, have not seen the closing of migrant workers of swill. Someone selling online public ditch oil technology and catering hotels in Zhengzhou city to hide "wind" is different in some paste it within the network, the sale of waste oil posts particularly large, but also special fire. "Perennial high recycling, waste oil disposal, telephone 13615812 × × ×" "Supply of food plant waste oil 13792276 × × ×" ............ reporter access to the back of the thread, in addition to a number of buyers or sellers, most of the heel Post by language are viciously cursed wicked waste oil traded funeral conscience. Resulting in the subsequent emergence of a large number of waste oil trading post, traders deliberately specify: industrial use. Reporter contacted a Buying posting waste oil, he said he was Luoyang Yiyang County, buy cooking oil is mainly for industrial use. Reporters asked him why not buy a lighter color of the waste oil, he was alert to hang up the phone. A signed "Weijing Li" people posting said: We teach waste oil processing technology, and recycling waste oil, dug out from the hotel sewer waste, waste oil can be extracted, learn to understand the technology, investing $ 500, plus a labor force, a large number of waste oil can be extracted. Waste oil is buying energy, economy a substantial income,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], interested, please contact us. Reporter called "Weijing Li" phone, the other said himself in Fuyang, Anhui, if you want to learn cooking oil processing technology, tuition is 2,000 yuan. Reporters asked what tooling needs, good to buy, the "Weijing Li" laughed: "What tools, the most important is a cauldron, find a place where a little biased, where just a simmer swill, with large spoon from the top layer of oil skimming became. "correspondent said the recent wind is very tight, afraid processing checked,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]," Weijing Li, "said do not be afraid, processing waste oil can also apply for a business license, as long as the processing of the waste oil does not go to the hotel, do not make people eat nothing had happened! "Living to use waste oil, used as bio-diesel, but also for processing leather. Trading cooking oil are not drug trafficking, caught not shoot, you Pasha yo " "If sales do not be afraid, I am responsible for recycling . "reporter asked the current recycling waste oil prices, he said, was 3,700 yuan per ton. Law enforcement personnel and ideas, and to promote the breakfast project is conducive to curb waste oil "last couple of years, health supervision departments of law enforcement officers have not received any reports of waste oil." Qi Xin-zhi analysis said that this happens, no waste oil is not on the market ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but rather that waste oil from selling to stop the transport chain, all sectors have become a community of interests. A long-term work in the front line of food hygiene supervision and law enforcement officials said, according to his investigation and understanding of waste oil is the source of hotel catering,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], food waste if the hotel could not leave the "take-away", but according to regulations focus on the destruction process, waste Oil lost the raw material. The inflow of catering enterprises swill waste oil processing small workshops, there are two ways, one by the Swill regularly after payment to Houchu away, another is closing swill coming from the sewer and pulled out. "From the sewer dig swill also pay attention to, and that is the need to get away from the hotel nearest sewer Qutao, in order to save some hotel dedicated to swill nearby sewers. Migrant workers dig swill from the sewer of the hotel is also good, because greasy case of condensation however, migrant workers took swill, you can prevent sewer blockages hotel door. "" Combating waste oil, the most effective way is to sell the terminal from the source and make concerted efforts. "Qi Xin-zhi that, in order from the source pipe trench residence oil, is the government department to focus on food waste,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], waste oil does not give access to raw materials processing small workshop opportunities. "Breakfast fried fritters stalls, selling pancakes, there are several that deal with health permit And they are precisely the most likely to use waste oil catering business." Qi Xin-Zhi said he hoped the government departments in the management of waste oil at the same time, strengthening project for breakfast layout and set point, "If there is evidence all over the street for breakfast works stores, ordinary people can easily buy the rest assured that breakfast food, and who will patronize health people do not trust the mobile stalls it "

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]


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Boss Online impart waste oil processing technology
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