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Does violence in video games contribute to real li
PostPosted: Wed 7:52, 17 Jul 2013

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Does violence in video games contribute to real life violence
I was reluctant to vote in this debate. For as long as people have argued the effect of violence in video games on real life behavior, I have swung back and forth between sides. The issue is not as simple as many people make out. This is because ultimately, the impact of a violent video game on an individual is not based on the gameit is based on the person playing the game.
I am siding with the yes voters on this issue. I am also a gamer who plays violent video games. Am I a hypocrite? I don't think so. I'm not in favor of abolishing violent video games. That said, I DO believe that violence in video games has contributed to real life violence. This may make it sound like I think that real life violence is a good thing. I do not.
Violent video games are like a litmus test. Some people can play them and not be negatively affected. Some people cannot. I believe that those individuals who have trouble separating fantasy from reality should refrain from playing violent video games. People who have a naturally violent or explosive personality should also avoid playing such games. I have played violent video games for over fifteen years. I have enjoyed shooting villains,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], lopping the limbs off of evil ninjas, and blasting the heads from zombies. I've never been negatively affected by these games. No doubt has ever existed in my mind that these things are all pretend. When I am done playing, I turn off the console or computer and return to real life. Yet some people can't seem to make this separation. It's as if for some people, the gap between the game and real life doesn't exist. I have personally seen people at the arcade slam quarters into the slots of violent shooters and act out all of the anger and hostility in their personal lives through the medium of the video game. This is unhealthy and wrong. If video games ever became a source of release for me through which I channeled anger and hate, I know that I would have to give up my hobby. Video games are meant for relaxation and entertainment. They are not meant for people to do things they would like to do in real life but only don't because they don't want to go to prison. When people play video games because they would like to do inappropriate things in real life, they foster unhealthy desires in their minds. I do not doubt that for many violent people, violent video games have offered a kind of practice realm for them to work themselves up to the point of doing something inappropriate in real life.
Obviously, separating people into these two catagories is difficult to do in an administrative sense. I suppose there isn't any way for video game vendors to interview game purchasers and ask them, "Are you a violent person? Do you have trouble separating fantasy from reality?" So perhaps the distinction I am making isn't helpful. Maybe violence in video games needs to be abolished altogether. If that's what's necessary, I for one am willing to give up violent video games to make the world a safer place. But I do wish for an easier solution. I wish people would practice selfcontrol and know their own limits.
The year was 1992; the West Coast Eagles had just won their first Australian Football League premiership, the Chicago Bulls were in the middle of a threepeat, Nike Air Jordans were the sneakers that you simply had to own if you planned on assimilating with the cool kids and Kris Kross had a chokehold on every walkman in the schoolyard.
Despite those fond and innocent memories, 1992 was also the year in which I first made a conscious decision to kill someone. It wasn't a random, senseless killing. I had a strong case for selfdefense, it was either him or me, we had just endured 5 minutes of intense violence and it had become clear that only one of us was going to walk away. When the dust settled,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I could have attempted to plead temporary insanity, claim that none of it was premeditated, but I would have been lying.
I had practiced and memorized the four part joystick and button combination that brought about my opponents ugly demise all day long.
This swiftly executed combination culminated in one perfect moment of pixel gore; as I watched my video game representative remove my foes' head in one swift eagleclawed motion, trailing his spinal column along with it. The result of such carnage? I garnered the awe and respect of my onlooking peers who were circled around the Mortal Kombat machine at that humble little video store on Miller Street, along with 100,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],000 bonus points for doing away with my opponent in such a gruesome fashion.
Despite these rewards, there was not a single second where I thought it would be an acceptable, lawful or even possible exercise to emulate what I had just performed in the arcade game before me. Whether it was a punch, a kick, or decapitating someone who may have been hatching nefarious plans to liberate me of my lunch money.
This awareness stemmed from simple education, guidance and wellinstilled morals. All told I had a good sense of right and wrong,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], thanks largely to my parents and the people in positions to shape my behaviour and create the foundation for my personality. We are all governed by rules, by laws written and unwritten,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the most important of which are the ones we are taught to value and abide by instinctively.
Violen ce will always exist, it is an unfortunate and sometimes necessary exponent of mankind. The reasons behind its existence or the influences that fuel it cannot be linked to video games or the images and actions depicted in them. Those amongst us who are so inclined to perpetrate violent acts will do so regardless of whether they have clocked up an unhealthy amount of hours in Grand Theft Auto, or alternatively don't even own a television set.
There is an alarming trend in recent times of "passing the buck." Many media outlets, whether it be cinema, music or the video game industry, have been made scapegoats in lieu of facing the simple truth: people are responsible for their own actions. Any failing on someone's part to act accordingly and civilly are not the fruits of any form of entertainment, but quite simply the reaping of a poorly ripened human being.
The gaming generation, the generation who grew up when video game consoles rose to prominence and became common forms of entertainment in most households, have now matured into adults. I was part of this generation and still consider myself a member.
Because of this, video games are being developed that target a more adult audience. As such, classification systems and parental guidance are imperative; not because such games will embed violent tendencies in the children playing them, but simply because there are some things that children simply shouldn't be subjected to.
In the case of children,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it is the responsibility of parents to guide them down the righteous path of what is and isn't acceptable. Once these children become adults, the onus is on them in the arena of responsibility and moral obligation. A child engaging in violence is an indictment on the people and systems put in place to nurture them into becoming civilized additions to society, not a reason to raise an eyebrow towards the video game industry.
Last time I checked, it was the duty of parents to raise their children, not PlayStation or Hollywood. Similarly, it's the duty of each and every one of us to act acceptably and humanely. It's time to be accountable.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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Does violence in video games contribute to real li
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