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Driver escapes back to the scene Zhuangfei boy bag
PostPosted: Sat 17:07, 20 Jul 2013

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's family had pain yesterday 12:40, reporters rushed to Hua County High Dahe Pingzhen three village church. John Chiu went into the victim's home, hospital silence, Zhao Yang's grandfather and grandmother sitting lonely yard. I heard that come up, Chi Yang's mother was from the bed, his face no trace of expression, his eyes are not a little light. According to Yang's grandfather said Chi, Chi Yang to August 30 only over 12 years of age, after the incident, the family these days do not know how they come, I feel that day had fallen down. Grandma brought this matter to weeping: "We who are offended, he gnaw so right I grandchildren! Hit Hai Baan thrown Yellow River!" Chi Yang's mother frighteningly calm, speak no warmth,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], as if things not happened to her: "Today went to Sunday from past this time, this is his time to the county school, each walking stick he had in me for a long time, let me take him to the car, So now he is gone, no longer have to send him to school. "Zhi Yang's father is in Anyang City, there is no home. Recalled the night three small partners are still a nightmare yesterday, in the Chi Yang's home,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], at the scene of three small partners came. It is understood that the time to come together four individuals, the largest 15-year-old, a 13-year-old, and there is a 12-year-old Yang Zhi. They fear to trouble made after review. May 4 at 8:00 pm, three small partners to shout Zhiyang together to the next village to play. 22:00 or so, four small partners Lee embankment along a north-south trending north of the village country road home. Several people from the south to the north walking and playing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Chi Yang slowly fell about 10 meters behind. I was walking, a black car approaching rapidly from north to south, after a loud noise, Chi Yang screams, hit the left side of the road 10 meters flew cornfield. 12 year-old Meng (a pseudonym) said, I heard screams, he saw only a shadow fly off to live in car after driving and hit a few meters after the stop in less than one minute, people do not get off, then on my car ran. Peer partners see out of trouble, scared and quickly ran away. Did not go far, partners have decided to return to find what Zhiyang. 15-year-old small light (a pseudonym) said, because it was dark, he found a few minutes to find Zhi Yang,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Yang Chi cried a few times he did not answer,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and then he saw the light using a mobile phone Zhiyang Manlianshixue eyes open, his hand touched the Chi Yang's head, he did not move. Just as he was ready to call people for help,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the other two partners call him, saying again the car, they are scared away from the scene quickly hid in the woods near one, when a car drove up from the south, and stop at the trouble spot. Car down a few people, the Chi Yang carried into the car, then drove off quickly. Fearing, who did not dare to mention home after being hit by a car Zhi Yang thing. Subsequently, several children with a reporter went to the incident. At the scene, a width of less than 4 m trail through fields of wheat, in the alley east of a wheat being overwhelmed,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], several children, said Yang Zhi was knocked fly here on. In and reporters talking about what happened when several children look sluggish. Asked afterwards why not tell the family when they say afraid to say. Small Mongolian mother said, these days he does not how to speak, the body twitching at night, talking in your sleep, has been awakened. Find the perpetrators has brought the worst news Zhi Yang Hua County Road Town Experimental Primary School in the fifth grade, usually only the weekend to go home,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], go home after a bunch of students in regular and play together, and occasionally home late, family members do not care. Sometimes he lived in Grandma's house, but this time until noon the next day, have not seen the child home, the family of urgency. Yesterday, Chi Yang's mother said the next day, after lunch,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to see Zhiyang not come back, she went to Chi Yang companions asked. Several children hesitated, Chi Yang family feel bad. In repeated questioning, several people finally tell the truth - John Chiu hit by a car, Chi Yang's family rushed to the police. It is involved in the whole process to find someone to Mr. Zhao introduced, May 6, Anyang city and county levels, public security organs and the surrounding township police station to the scene investigation, found the scene three hundred meters south of the village is Lee embankment, so investigation to the village from house to house, asking the villagers. Three churches 200 villagers spontaneously find, to the river, dry well, wheat, secluded trails, to see whether the new soil buried. At the same time, Chi Yang's family in Anyang City, Hua County, placanticline, Puyang Find all the hospitals and the surrounding villages and towns without a car accident injured child to the hospital, but no news. Zhao said that night around 7:00, the police investigation into Lee embankment village a family, they found suspicious circumstances, then bring it back to the police interrogation, confessed this fact, they knocked the child was pulled threw Changyuan into the Yellow River in the. Salvage the rain finally found the child involved in the salvage of Mr. Zhao said, at 14 o'clock on May 7 or so, the police took the suspect came Changyuan Miao Township Yellow thirteen Batou identify the scene. At the scene, the child victim's family organizer salvage bodies, local villagers spontaneously joined salvage force. Mr. Zhao introduced, the child was thrown into the Yellow River is just a return to the position of inlets, the patch is stagnant. Although it rained heavily that night, but the salvage work has not stopped, until at 11:00 on May 8th or so, just to salvage the child's body. Child corpse salvaged when the upper body is woven with a big yellow trap, bare legs and feet on the outside, white in the water bubble was already swollen. Fear of the child's family can not accept this fact, friends and family until the child pulled the hospital morgue corpse before notifying the child's father to see the child one last time. See the child's body, his father fainted on the spot. Thrown into the Yellow River before the child is dead or alive became a mystery yesterday, Chi Yang's mother filed the driver, the tone was very calm cold: "The driver Zhuangfei child, if they can send their children to the hospital, but to save even We would not be so indignant. again to say the least, even if you do not save, leaving the child or, etc. We also give kids a chance to save,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], he really should, Wan should not have children with bags trap, thrown into the Yellow River. "Zhi Yang's grandfather said they have no doubt that the child was dead. At the scene, he pointed to the tall wheat that the child was Zhuangfei,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], pour in the wheat field, the child has a 1.5 meters high, the driver hit the child up to the lower body, they also can not hit the head, if at the time to hospital, and might even save. Zhi Yang's mother said, I heard they was driving someone else's car, the car not on the cards, butt, and drove him home to their own children handlebar hijacked. Accident car to the field to repair. According to Chi Yang's mother introduced the perpetrators of this year 25 years old, just got married three years, have a child, now also with his wife pregnant. "I can not figure out, he also children, ye children of Baan thrown so hard-hearted Yellow in it!" Chi Yang mother a look of pain. Yesterday, the reporter contacted Hua County Police, whose case is under investigation, to disclose more details. However, according to an insider,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], at present, the local public security organs have been on file for investigation, the suspect on suspicion of the Crime preliminary XingJu, the case is being further processing. Lawyers say Henan Qianye Law Firm lawyer Tao: In this case, the suspect's behavior has been hit and run traffic crime, as the victim Zhao Yang thrown into the Yellow River's behavior is not a crime, the suspect will be the key depends John Chiu thrown into the Yellow River, the John Chiu is not already dead. If John Chiu has not yet died before being thrown into the Yellow River, the suspect on suspicion of such behavior constituted intentional homicide, the crime and traffic offenses combined for the suspect for graft. Once convicted of intentional homicide, the suspect, a maximum penalty of death. But if John Chiu had died before being thrown into the Yellow River, the suspect only traffic crime, the victim thrown into the Yellow River, which acts only as aggravating sentencing one of its plot, its maximum penalty of seven years in prison.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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Driver escapes back to the scene Zhuangfei boy bag
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