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Lawyers do not buy online campaign launched five y
PostPosted: Fri 3:20, 11 Oct 2013

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"The current high prices led some people to profit, and most people suffer the status quo, tearing the whole of society," Premier Wen Jiabao recently said when in Macao,[url=http://www.age-platform.eu/CRM/plugins/peuterey-uomo/]peuterey uomo[/url], high prices is a complex issue, can not afford housing only
. "
When he remarks in Shenzhen, and the country has aroused strong resonance.
There is also room households, that "unreasonable high prices" and added to the response team.
In fact, the initiative was made before and after the Singles, Wang thought that day, an estimated ten million single men and women on this issue because the house was stuck in there, "they certainly difficult subject, we work together to boycott initiative unreasonable unfair prices
People familiar with Wang, said he has a strong body of idealism, individual people even think he was a bit extreme.
October 2008, the focus of the real estate network in Chongqing community forum, a man named "Wild scholar" netizens issued a "do not buy sports, you support it " Network survey, which also led to a lot of friends in Chongqing "do not buy"
In fact,[url=http://www.age-platform.eu/CRM/plugins/peuterey-donna/]peuterey donna[/url], recently introduced the New Deal, there are lawyers that the New Deal "legitimacy" of questionable, when their views are largely based on the New Deal administrative measures to regulate the market behavior should reflect market conditions,[url=http://www.age-platform.eu/CRM/plugins/peuterey-outlet-online/]peuterey outlet online[/url], inappropriate.
Wang ...... according to the idea of ​​a person initiated by him, and then the first responder initiative organized into groups of 200 people, and then spread to the wider public.
Whether tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of non-buyers respond to the past "do not buy sports" or immediately after a boom attributed to plain, where the outcome has been concern Zou, he was once a golf equipment suppliers, millions of family property.
April 2007, the media track, he sold the family property in Shenzhen, "back to his hometown in Hunan Shaoyang farming" and leave this he had worked hard in Shenzhen for over a decade in the city.
and means of communication.
spread throughout the universe, we can put your name to write the history! "[5] do not buy sports bulletin: the value of our life is much more than a 100 square Quartet reinforced concrete shell!
through collective stalemate and the game developers a way to force developers to reduce the price to buy a lower price to make their house.
To him personally, "do not buy" in a very tragic manner in the end.
"The idea to buy a house or moving off," Wang said, but that they also feel not afford.
So far, Wang's personal microblogging private letter responding entrant has more than 40 blog posting directly supported by hundreds of people, all over the north and south.
He was alone, alone went to Shenzhen to recruit participants signed the Housing Fair site, so many real estate furious.
Basic necessities of life, housing is a basic hardware, "do not buy sports" Whether in the turbulent or orgasm are some understand words: "do not buy" the real motives in fact not really do not buy a house, but the buyers feel that the current price is too high, hope
Initiative Motivation: only hope to evoke a concern for equity if we get hundreds of thousands of people before those responding "do not buy campaign" to do reference, Wang apparently not too overwhelmed by the appeal, of course, and Wang
' licenses, five years ago in Hangzhou join "think of the Kunlun
- Kincec those who are vigorous rain and wind to the last being considered "unreasonable" in front of soaring house prices, Wang is not the first one "do not buy sports," the initiator, of course, it will not be the last.
Proponents readme: Lai Hang five years, I can not afford housing stands to reason that the income of lawyers in the whole of society, at least at the middle level.
For price considerations, Wang also a blog, we recommend that "China should immediately implement all citizens (including farmers into buyers) The first set of free housing and land use policy, you can fast forward urbanization, expansion of domestic demand ......" Perhaps the author just
In his blog, the personal touch is very strong: His blog Navigator is Lincoln's portrait in his office on the main page Profile arranged in various freedoms set forth in the relevant justice celebrity quotes.
Search found that even Wang's case do, the more well known one is the relevant parties after house demolitions advocacy, he said he preferred "social significance case", and "money" was not the primary consideration for people to do things
Currently, the couple rent of 2,000 yuan per month rent to survive.
"Now that the high price is simply too absurd, unreasonable, unfair," Wang mean they do not buy now purely "rational boycott."
- Skywalker "do not buy movement" was a civilian with the high prices of the quixotic war, it is difficult to win.
The reporter Xiao Jing
. "
Proposal also followed up after several "bulletin", such as [4] do not buy sports announcement: "We are unable to control the prices, but we can cover your own wallet deflated deflated, we can say no! We can own voice
We can look back curve prices in recent years, found that every time when someone will Sturm und Drang rallying cries - April 2006, Shenzhen netizens Zou launched an "do not buy action", urged the public to confront Chibidaigou speculators.
2009, for the March of that year, the Shanghai housing prices have been rising phenomenon, found room name Bo Lu Qilin appealed again advocating "do not buy" campaign tactics with time to digest the housing bubble.
The initiative is posted on his blog, rather than directly on the popular post to have a great relationship.
Zou called the "do not buy exercise" the most "famous" people.
However, the launch "do not buy" initiative Wang did not buy a house.
Please all men and women can not afford a house diet plus singles who are willing to have a house of moral solidarity with what is also welcomed.
However, we really do not buy it
Wang corresponding human indeed as desired, most people left the real name and contact email,[url=http://www.jaimeebishop.com/oakland-raiders-c-451.html]Oakland Raiders jerseys[/url], most of the boycott on the grounds that "can not afford."
Wang's answer was "ideal", he does not care about whether it will truly create a "do not buy Union" and have an impact on prices, he cares about is to raise awareness of social development in the fairness and reasonableness of the full attention, initiative is a form of communication
can temporarily rent, Wang felt "consciously resist" has reached a kind of "civic duty" level.
Fortunately, in this matter of marriage, did not buy a house Wang proclaimed "hit the jackpot" wonderful wife, had the idea, but did not complain too much.
- Artificial Intelligence majority "do not buy movement" participants are limited to slogan shouting numerous, so that the "movement" has a "virtual" in nature, it is difficult to become a widespread reality action.
Wang that the price problem is that many unreasonable,[url=http://www.jaimeebishop.com/new-york-giants-c-417.html]New York Giants jerseys[/url], such as land prices is unreasonable, another example of the development process in the various opaque.
Proposal is simple: People of all citizens: from today (2010.11.11) onwards, I do not buy, Zhejiang lawyer Wang Cheng initiate movement until land of the free supply of fair competition in the market price of the date of the formation.
this initiative as a means to cause concern, but if prices continue to rise after a few years, then do not follow the trend of people buying a house buy a house
"How do you hope to achieve the effect " Since launching this initiative after Wang know people are repeatedly asked him this question.
- Silence feel this is very cynical lawyer, your ideal good, but this activity you can really play what role do
In addition to perhaps get you into holding a second "Zou" outside, but a few "do not buy sports" initiative fails, tell us that the reality is very skinny.
Who on so many "do not buy" people being responsible
Looking back, Wang Lai Hang five years, five years ago, Hangzhou listing price Basic is also less than 10,000 yuan / square meter, compared to the average price is now more than 20,000, when the prices seem "people" more.
Such virtual behavior failed to reach the proponents intercept funds for the purpose of protesting.









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Lawyers do not buy online campaign launched five y
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