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Man arrested for his own son and daughter fell off
PostPosted: Thu 2:48, 28 Nov 2013

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'an sudden tragedy: a pair of siblings has falls, the boy unfortunately died on the spot, the girl was seriously injured. Xi'an police investigation on the tragedy, his father Yao brother and sister have a major suspect to be controlled. Yaomou home in Henan police rushed out to investigate whether there is history of mental illness. Police rule out possible slip fall "of the incident, two children, Building 3, 21 meters from the cell on the 7th floor fell off, boy 11 years old, 4 years old girl." Xi'an Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade of Interpol said hi, After preliminary investigation, the incident, seven-floor residents of the home in which three people, two children and their father Yao. Little brother and sister falls rooms have more than 160 square meters,[url=http://www.birtenshaw.org.uk/includes/barbour.php]barbour sale[/url], after a preliminary investigation, neatly furnished living room, do not climb on the ledge traces of two kids stumble initially ruled out the possibility of falling. According to the police investigation, 37-year-old man Yaomou Romer County, Henan Province. According to the temporary residence permit, this year in May,[url=http://www.gometbranch.com/includes/moncler.php]moncler[/url], Yao took his wife,[url=http://www.cactuswrenhomecare.com/libraries/header.php]louboutin[/url], four children were staying in the incident, district brother home. Girl falls call my dad crying after 17 pm, Yaomou wife told police investigation, said after the incident, her daughter had said to myself, "Dad threw me floor." Police investigators said, according to witnesses the case revealed that the girl injured after plunging to the ground from the 7th floor, the children themselves struggling to get up crying call my dad, a branch from her right leg wear into the abdomen, blood dripping on the floor . After the incident,[url=http://www.thealltogetherclub.org.uk/includes/hollister.php]hollister sale[/url], Yao has appeared on the scene, he said nothing, looked sluggish. The father is a major suspect police handling the case, said Yao,[url=http://nsmba.ca/includes/air.php]air jordan[/url], a major suspect, the police have their control. But for the incident through, Yaomou silent. The witnesses only saw the results, did not see the whole process. Yaomou whether her own children dropped floor, you also need enough evidence. In an interview with the police investigation,[url=http://www.thealltogetherclub.org.uk/includes/mulberry.php]mulberry sale[/url], said Yao's brother,[url=http://www.gometbranch.com/misc/temp.php]woolrich[/url], brother and sister-in Xi'an before, in his hometown to open one or two stores. Two months ago,[url=http://www.gccra.org/misc/temp.php]abercrombie[/url], my brother went back home, I heard is to go see a doctor, but the specific situation is not clear. According to police reports, after preliminary investigation, 10 years ago, may be due to mental illness to Yao Xian seen the disease. As for the incident, whether there is a case of psychiatric illness onset, which requires further investigation, but also need to follow the judicial procedure of Forensic Sciences. 17, 22 am,[url=http://www.halcyonblue.co.uk/includes/hollister.php]hollister sale[/url], Xi'an High-tech police have rushed Yaomou hometown in Henan sent to investigate whether there is history of mental illness. ■ residents witnessed the mother hold his son crying district residents Liu said that at 8:50 on the 17th Xu, in their own district saw a man and a woman in a fight. When it went to the incident quickly, Building 3,[url=http://ppsnys.com/site/libraries/header.php]air jordan[/url], he suddenly saw a woman quarrel rush toward building the incident, when the woman went to the incident when the building next to the side of the road, crying, said a few words with the girls, while girls Abdominal stuck a twig. In the 3rd downstairs a teenage boy lying on the concrete floor, the woman picked up the boy crying while shaking side, but the boy did not have any reaction. In the boys' side, stood a man wearing a gray T-shirt (subsequent confirmation of this person Yaomou Department of the father). He looked woodenly,[url=http://www.halcyonblue.co.uk/includes/mulberry.php]mulberry sale[/url], without any action and speech. Trees saved the girl's life incident, residents downstairs is green belt, a 3 m tall privet broken branches, the tree is saved girl's life. At that time, a 40-year-old resident was sitting across the courtyard downstairs, she witnessed the events in the process. The resident said she was suddenly heard "boom" sound muffled, an object falling from a height. Her Mother looked and saw a girl upstairs fell, smashing in the trees, the branches will be a pressure off, pause and then fell heavily grass. She stepped forward to take a closer look, had heard muffled, turned out to be a teenage boy. Boy's head fell to the concrete floor directly, motionless. ■ latest developments "Confession" Father observed to be monitored after the incident, the man back to the review by the police Yaomou. However, in the interrogation room, Yao initially very unusual mood. "I kill you, I kill you, I want to live it ......" he shouted, and constantly tear to comfort and discourage the police. Police persuade them,[url=http://www.gometbranch.com/misc/link.php]moncler[/url], but Yao continued to go with the head against the wall instead. Worried that he was mentally out of control self-injury, the police will carry out his hands and feet bound temporarily. Noisy for a long time after, Yao turned silent. "On the 17th in the morning thing is the Editor " For the police's questions, Yaomou all the "do not know" answer. According to a knowledgeable, Yao at 18 pm Xi'an Public Security Bureau police rushed to monitor psychiatric nursing observation. And whether Yaomou history of mental illness and sudden onset cause the incident, police are investigating the judicial process and in accordance with its spiritual aspects of Forensic Sciences. "China Daily" feeds









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PostPosted: Fri 16:57, 29 Nov 2013

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Man arrested for his own son and daughter fell off
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