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Nutty Revealed
PostPosted: Mon 2:59, 19 Aug 2013

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Nutty Revealed
REQUIREMENTS Here what you need to make all the goodies that elevate this trick to miracle status. 1 nut (extra nut optional) 1 bolt (extra bolt optional) 2 safety pins A spool of thread A rubber band An old pair of sneakers that you don wear anymore A sewing needle A table (with a table cloth, placemat,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or doily) Something opaque to cover the nut and bolt (hat,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], bowl, whatever) Let talk about each one of these items.
As you might have guessed by now, you will have to build something in order to make this trick work. We call that something, "the gimmick". Remember when I said earlier that it worth it to put the time and patience into this trick? This is what I meant. Technically, you CAN achieve the effect without the gimmick. But if you don use the gimmick, then you stuck with a huge problem on your hands. What are you going to do with the thread? Once the thread accomplishes its goal of unwinding the screw stuck with it. You left with a long length of thread hanging out there and it is very hard to explain it away. Even if the thread does end up under the table, the spectator is very likely to look under the table anyway. Trust me, they won miss the thread. I don like the idea of crossing my fingers and hoping that the spectator is stupid. If there one thing I learned in magic, it that spectators are NOT stupid. So it a little extra work, but I highly recommend that you USE the gimmick. Let it quietly clean up the evidence so you can actually enjoy the trick instead of worrying about someone figuring it out. Besides, the gimmick has a cool "James Bond" or "MacGyver" type of allure to it. It one of those tricks that you actually want to show people how it works. But please don This is how I make my living. . Now that I hopefully motivated you to take the time to construct the gimmick, let get started. The first thing you need to do is take the rubber band and break it. You actually need a rubber "strand" for this and not a rubber "band". Use a pair of scissors if you have to, but don be a wimp. Just break it with your bare hands. Grab your spool of thread and drop one end of your rubber strand through one of the spool "compartments". Any one except the center one is fine. Make sure it goes all the way through to the other side. Now, keeping hold of your rubber strand, turn the spool over and thread the rubber strand BACK through the opposite facing compartment. 12 Tie the two ends of the rubber strand together and you should now have something that looks like this: If you hold the two ends of the elastic as shown in the picture above and someone else pulls the thread, the spool will begin to unwind. As it does, the elastic will wind up and create tension. When the thread is given some slack, the elastic will spin the spool so it automatically winds itself back up. Pretty cool so far, but we got a couple more steps to go. Now get your two safety pins and attach the spool to the INSIDE of your sneaker. You can pick either the left or the right sneaker, it doesn matter. In the illustrations, I use a right-foot sneaker. This is hard to do, but keep at it. You may have to un-lace the sneaker in order to make it a little easier to get down by the toe area. Do your best to get as far down the toe as you can. 13 Here what it looks like when it installed: The spool must be able to spin freely and it shouldn be contacting the tongue, or any other part of the sneaker. 14 Here a close-up of the proper way to attach the safety pins: See how it is pinned to the heel of the shoe and the elastic is looped around the safety pin? It kind of dark in there, but you can still make it out if you look close. Of course this is also the exact same setup at the OTHER end of the sneaker. It hard to show you that one because it is inside the toe of the sneaker! It is very important to keep that safety pin as straight as possible. If it is at an angle, then the rubber band will move back and forth during the trick and you don want that. So keep it perpendicular to the rubber band. 15 You notice that the spool can move freely back and forth along the length of the elastic. Once the elastic starts winding up it will eliminate any movement there. Move the spool so it is lined up with the little vent grommet and thread the thread through the hole. One note about this: You know how toilet paper can either be put on the roll so it either "over the roll" or "under the roll"? Here are some pictures to explain what I mean "Under the Roll" "Over the Roll" (As a side note,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], where toilet paper is concerned,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], "over the roll" is the way to go.) At any rate, you want your spool set up so that the thread goes "under the roll". It creates less friction when you pull the thread through the grommet and therefore it will move more freely. 16 Here is a picture of the vent with the thread coming out. (You could barely see the thread coming out of the vent, so I highlighted it in blue.) Here it is DONE! And now for a test - Pull on the thread,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then let it go and it instantly and SILENTLY winds right back up into the sneaker! (Hey magicians heard of a VISIBLE thread real inside a sneaker?) This little bad boy will sit underneath the table on which you will be performing the trick. It will clean up the evidence (the thread) and no one will ever suspect that the sneakers under the table had something to do with the trick! It natural to have a pair of sneakers underneath a table, right? 1
7 HINT: To make it even more natural, put both sneakers under the table, even though only one sneaker is gimmicked. Just make sure the other sneaker is out of the way. In all my performances of this trick, no one has ever thought that the sneakers had anything to do with it. I HAVE had people look under the table (for a magnet or some other trickery) but they never even gave the sneakers a second look.
SETUP Congratulations! You finished making the gimmick. Now let learn how we going to put it into practice. Before you are ready for an audience,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], you need to do some preparation. Place the prepared sneaker under the table (along with its mate) and pull out a length of thread. The thread goes over the edge of the table but under the placemat. Use the sewing needle to bring the thread up through the placemat so the end of the thread is now visible. (See diagram) Wind the loose end of the thread around your screw. Here the easiest way to do that: 18 1. Hold the screw in your right hand with the end of the screw pointing to your right and the head pointing towards your left. 2. With your right thumbnail, press the end of the thread against the flat underside of the screw head. 3. With your left hand, wind the thread around the body of the screw (as close to the head as possible). Be sure to wind the thread AWAY from you. Otherwise,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], when you do the trick, the nut will end up TIGHTER on the screw than when you started! 4. Wind ALL of the visible part of the thread around the screw (about 30 times is good). The last thing you want is the spectator to lift the hat and see the nut still on like this You better off than when the trick started, but c now! You gotta get that nut all the way off if you want to really impress them! When you done winding, point the head of the screw in the direction of where the spectator will be sitting and point the threaded part of the screw towards yourself. Screw the nut on as far as it can go, but not tightly (so that it hides the thread from all angles). Now, it should just look like a bolt sitting there on the table with a nut screwed on. All of the thread that was once visible is now wound up and hidden between the head of the bolt and the nut. The rest of the thread is still hidden under the placemat, under the table, and inside an innocent-looking sneaker. (Now that I think about it, if you use a really old and smelly sneaker, then no one will want to go within 10 feet of it, and your secret will remain safe a thought.) 19 The last step to get set up is only if you going to do the optional switch method (described later). If you are, then drop the matching screw (with matching nut screwed on exactly halfway) into your left pocket.
While you making your way into the room, get the duplicate nut and screw finger-palmed in your left hand. Take a seat at the table (at your pre-set position) and invite them to sit across from you. Don disturb the thread when you sit down. Notice the screw and nut and mention, "I don know, maybe I can do something with these". Absent-mindedly unscrew the nut exactly HALFWAY as you talk. No one will question you unless you make it unnatural. Keep that duplicate nut and bolt finger-palmed. To the spectator, it looks like you simply picked up the nut and bolt, and then handed them to him, but in reality you switched them for the duplicates. You sly devil. Ask him check things out and make sure they are normal. Next,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], tell him to screw the nut halfway on the bolt. Make sure he verifies that the only way to get the nut off would be to unscrew it. In other words, the nut doesn just slide off like a washer would. Reverse your actions to switch the duplicates BACK to the original,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], set up nut and bolt. (Be sure to keep the head of the screw facing the spectator so he won see the thread!) You left with the duplicates palmed in your left hand. Casually lean back in your chair and put both hands in your pockets. Ditch the duplicate nut and bolt, you won need them again. Ask the spectator to place his hat over the nut and bolt. If the spectator is not wearing a hat, just grab the bowl (you did remember to set out a bowl, right?) and cover up the nut and bolt. Immediately turn your attention to the spectator and begin to explain what you going to do. Make sure he knows that your hands are in view the entire time and invite him to really "keep an eye on you". Tell him the reason that you had him screw the nut halfway on was because that the only way to get it farthest from both of the ends. Explain that the reason for the bowl is to prove that you are doing a psychic demonstration under "test conditions". There is no possible way for you to touch the nut or the bolt. Even if you could, your hands are being watched carefully. 21 The reason for all this explanation is because under the table, you are using your feet to secretly pull the thread and unscrew the nut from the bolt! It takes a few seconds to do and sometimes it makes a teeny bit of noise. A brief explanation will solve both of those problems. Whatever you say at this point, make sure you practice it. It could be a pseudoscientific explanation, or you could be providing dramatic buildup,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or you could simply just follow my outline above. The point is, it has to be automatic for you. Your brain will be occupied with what going on under the table and you CAN appear distracted.
What IS going on under the table? It very simple really. One foot steps on the thread (somewhere near the sneaker if possible). The other foot "hooks" the thread and pulls it. Play with it; you get a feel for exactly what I mean. It much easier than it sounds and it actually very intuitive. But be sure to step on the thread with one foot, because if you don then you just be pulling more slack out of your sneaker contraption when you try to do the un-screw. (Sounds like a dance move doesn it? "The Un-Screw" Actually,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it kind of is like dancing a Riverdance sort of way.)
Once you confident that you pulled all the thread and the slack has all wound up back into the sneaker, it time for the real dramatics. "You know what,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], even though there is a bowl here,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I don want you to think that I using any magnets or anything whatsoever, so I going to stand over here and do the demonstration." Now you can go into all sorts of nonsense. Wave your hands around,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or chant a mantra,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], stare intently at the bowl and contort your face, or simply close your eyes and breathe deeply. Whatever you do, the next steps are the most important. 22 1. STOP! (and pause a beat) 2. As you slowly "come back to reality" make eye contact with your spectator. 3. Then walk as far around the bowl as possible and sit in a chair at the opposite end of the table 4. Watch your spectator and wait for him to lift the bowl 5. Don say a word Of course the spectator can resist.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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Nutty Revealed
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