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YMCA sees huge enthusiasm in new location
PostPosted: Sat 15:46, 05 Oct 2013

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YMCA sees huge enthusiasm in new location
STELLARTON - The general manager of Pictou County YMCA says the feedback he's received about its new location at the Pictou County Wellness Centre has been very positive and memberships have increased since the move.
"Memberships have definitely increased and they will continue to do so for a number of months, I'm sure," said general manager Dave MacIntyre. "It's very positive. It's very busy, but it's a good busy."
"All they have to do (to get the free trial) is walk in the door. People should be coming into see the facility anyway, because it's so amazing," he said. "They just need to go to the Y desk and they'll set them up on a free three-day trial."
MacIntyre said the trial includes everything YMCA clients have access to, including all the classes,[url=http://billigmonclerjackenkaufen.olimx.com/][b]Moncler Jacke Damen Outlet[/b][/url], the pool, spin classes,[url=http://monclerjackenonlinech.albirank.net/][b]Moncler Günstig[/b][/url], zumba classes, and more.
Dot Thomason, who has been a Pictou County YMCA client for 15 years, said she's enjoying the new location.
"It's excellent," she said after working out on the treadmill. "It's very nice. I'm just getting used to it."
Danielle Stewart, another YMCA client agreed.
"I love it," she said after her workout.
MacIntyre said he's only heard positive reactions from clients at the new location.
"Everyone that has walked through the door has been absolutely amazed," he said. "They basically have all said it's beautiful,[url=http://duveticaitaliaoutlet.webmium.com/][b]http://duveticaitaliaoutlet.webmium.com/[/b][/url], it's more than they thought it would be. The whole place is absolutely breathtaking. It blows you away when you walk in."
Lori Atta,[url=http://parajumperssalenorge.albirank.net/][b]Parajumpers Long Bear Online Norge Butikk[/b][/url], who works at the YMCA,[url=http://rogervivieronlinesale.olimx.com/][b]roger vivier sale[/b][/url], said she can't believe how nice the new location is.
"I keep having to convince myself that I'm in Pictou County when I'm in here," she said while standing in the gym. "It's so nice."
Laura Leahy, Atta's co-worker,[url=http://billigmonclerjackenkaufen.olimx.com/][b]Moncler Jacke Damen Outlet Deutschland[/b][/url], agreed.
The Wellness Centre has its plus's but comes with many downfalls as well, which we are expected to pay more per monthly membership for. The old YMCA was larger and had a better area for women to lift weights. For a newly developed building its too cramped and should have been designed better instead of meeting rooms taking up more then their fare share of the real-estate. As for the rest of the wellness centre,[url=http://duveticamen.blogspot.com/][b]duvetica men[/b][/url], I do not find it "impressive" there is nothing here that is not found everywhere else in Pictou county. I never see the need for 2 rinks, are there 2 basketball courts, no, and yes i know ones for practice but there are numerous other rinks in the area that are still open and refuse to close. Why not have 1 rink that is just resurfaced and maintained more often. That space could have been used for a racquetball court or rock climbing wall many of us were told the centre would have.
As for the locker rooms, there are no change rooms, 1 bathroom stall for the mens side and 2 stalls for the womens, which are constantly being used for people to change in. There were countless toilet stalls and change stalls in the old YMCA. They also expect you to take off your footware before entering the change rooms, which are usually wet due to them cleaning, so they expect people to take off their shoes, walk to the locker room, get their feet wet, then change and go work out in wet socks? Unacceptable. I also love how they are pouring cement in the back for the kids park in the freezing weather, this will shift and need more money for it to be repaired in the near future. In short, whoever planned and designed the wellness centre should be fired.
No, the problem isn't complainers,[url=http://woolrichoutletde.albirank.net/][b]http://woolrichoutletde.albirank.net/[/b][/url], its the fact that the people of this County are willing to take anything that we're given and are supposed be thankful we got it.
The braintrust behind this complex were clearly all about "the hockey" which is nothing new. We now have more indoor rinks per capita than any other community in Eastern Canada. This was an opportunity to have a facility that could have housed numerous activities including raquetball/squash courts, climbing facilites, open facilities for the many martial arts clubs that are homeless or soon to be.
Did anyone consider that a large scale gymnasium with SEATING could have attracted sporting events from across the Province and Country? This would have spin off for hotels, retaurants, retail etc. The facility I just described is one component of what this county needs to attract people to this county to work live and be WELL. I'll save the fish bowl design for another day
I agree that anyone who paid the 1% tax towards the new wellness center should have a free membership, I paid almost two thousand towards it, that should pay for what 10 years of membership fees. And if you feel different about that I can send you half the bill that I paid so you can contribuate to it as well, because the 1% that people had to put down had to come out of our pockets I THINK THAT THE GOVERMENT SHOULD PUT A TAX ON THIS YEAR FOR ALL THE PEOPLE THAT DIDN'T PAY TOWARDS THE NEW WELLNESS CENTER YET SO THEY CAN SEE WHAT IT FEELS LIKE COMIING UP WITH AN EXTRA COUPLE OF THOUSAND DOLLAR'S THEY DON'T HAVE. And I also think that they should put each and every persons name one the seats that paid towards the wellness center and not just the big companies. They get to write theirs off as a donation as I'm sure that come tax time I will not beable to claim mine as a donation as i didn't have a choice!!!!!!!!!
My family went to the "new" YMCA last evening. The fitness centre was beautiful and Lori was great explaining all the new machines and how to work them. My son went to swimming lessons and although the pool area is bright and bigger, I was disappointed to see there really isn't much seating so the parents can watch their children swim. There were lots of parents standing and sitting on the floor as all the seating was full.
I was also very disappointed in the family change room. There are more lockers, but much smaller and with a family of 4 and 2 children swimming, 1 locker does not hold all our coats/footwear, therefore we have to take up 2 lockers. There may be more cubicles to change in, but they are smaller than the old location and only have a chair in them. The bench seating was much easier as you could lay out their dry clothes on one end of the bench to help them get changed, now there is nothing to set the clothes out on. The new facility is beautiful, but I feel the seating/locker rooms could have been designed a bit better.
Lori Atta's comment was simply an expression of enthusiasm that is shared by anyone who has had the opportunity to see this wonderful facility. Like Lori, I am proud of Pictou County and the accomplishment of bringing the Wellness Centre to life, and I too felt a sense of wonder that something so amazing has happened here. A facility like this is often only available to cities - Lori is a dedicated trainer,[url=http://peutereyoutletitaliaonline.olimx.com/][b]Giubbotto Peuterey Uomo Jacket[/b][/url], and has helped many, many people become healthier and happier here in Pictou County, along with the other trainers, workers and volunteers at the Y.
First, while driving by a building on the other side of a parking lot, you are unlikely able to see into the pool. Second, if you have ever taken your children to a public beach, anyone who wants to can watch them there, the same as if they are in a pool. There is merit to the claim that people inside the building can see your children,[url=http://discountnikesoccershoes.webmium.com/][b]Discount Soccer Shoes online sale[/b][/url], but presumably responsible and aware parents will be monitoring their children and who is paying attention to them, not leaving the responsibility of watching their children to wellness centre staff. I suggest that you try not to allow self consciousness prevent you from going to aquacize - don't let what you imagine strangers to be doing to prevent you from doing something you want to do.
I would like to say a huge Thank You to all involved in giving us "Pictou County" such a wonderful facility, as a Y member I am blown away with the beauty of this building and all it has to offer. I hope you know how much your hard work is appreciated, as reading some of these comments, I hope you "don't sweat the small stuff" as we know small are the mids of the negative. Words do not describe the excitement of my children as they splashed in the pool and played in the play care. So Thank you again for your hard work, it is so greatly appreciated by so many.
















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YMCA sees huge enthusiasm in new location
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