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high mortality
PostPosted: Sun 6:32, 08 Dec 2013

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's Hospital successfully for lung tumor resection speak up. Yesterday,[url=http://www.nonprofitlegalcenter.com/includes/louboutin.php?p=3]louboutin pas cher[/url], reporters learned that LiuLaoTai recovering well, becoming the largest surgical patients of similar age, while she also hopes to cure the ills back home as soon as possible. Four hospitals dare knife LiuLaoTai 93 years old this year, the family four generations. Three years ago, despite entering the age of 90, but her body is quite tough. I did not expect to 2009, LiuLaoTai gradually cough symptoms of chest pain, to the hospital only to find the right lung has a walnut-sized mass, such as shadows seem "hint" that she might have cancer, but the lady on the real condition unaware. 69-year-old third son of Mr. Zhao introduced, the old lady was cause mass pain, under normal circumstances, should be removed as soon as possible. In order to help alleviate the suffering of the mother, the children were with her to four medical institutions for treatment. But doctors have since refused to provide elderly LiuLaoTai surgery, pathology even dare QUICKER body. This year in April, LiuLaoTai lung pain intensified. "Over the past year the hospital conservative treatment methods are used painkillers, then even the most 'fierce' painkiller Demerol and morphine analgesia are not old mother also because of pain medicine to take too much, often groggy sleep." Successfully cut lung condition stable LiuLaoTai surgery desire more intense, her sons will be transferred to the Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital for treatment. The old lady insisted on surgery when the doctor, the doctor saw her strong desire to survive, finally agreed to their surgery. Wang Wenlin,[url=http://www.sbe67.fr/lib/temp.php?p=66]moncler site officiel[/url], director of cardiothoracic surgery recalls: "When the lady was admitted to hospital after family members do not have any hope, want to minimize the suffering of patients, the final journey through life." But not imagine tumor elderly poor. Wang Wenlin description: "Through cases diagnosed, old woman suffering from diagnosed with advanced lung adenocarcinoma, but no miracle cell metastasis, can be removed and clean, but the speed of the surgical procedure required to complete in order to protect the life and within half an hour." After adequate preparation, 8 On 19 May, Liu old lady was wheeled into the operating room, three generations of the family have arrived young and old for her "cheer." During surgery, the heart of the elderly is always very smooth, the indicators are normal, the last successful resection of the right upper lobe, from the chest to the closing took only 30 minutes faster than usual, generally similar surgery nearly half the time. Gradually waking up after the old man in stable condition. Silver-haired old woman determined to a blog - "Siyeyaosi on the operating table" Yesterday reporters to visit the hospital wards after two weeks of LiuLaoTai, her silver-haired, his face slightly pale, but the mention of surgery,[url=http://www.nonprofitlegalcenter.com/libraries/header.php?p=6]louboutin homme[/url], she he took the reporter's hand talk "Granville Water History": "After the surgery I was able to insist on sitting up two hours." For all kinds of inner thoughts preoperative, Granny again and again shook his hand and said: "not afraid, not afraid, son agreed, What are they afraid "It makes reporters feel strong and optimistic Liu lady. Reporter: What do you suffer from this disease (cancer) after the most painful is Liu old lady: This disease is very painful torture me, two years often (to) endure pain, and sometimes even pain to the wall. Because it did not want to continue to be tortured pain,[url=http://emanuelebruno.it/wp-includes/temp.php?p=48]peuterey online[/url], even Siyeyaosi on the operating table. I was not afraid of the surgery, not to mention his sons eventually agreed to my request. Do the surgery patients will get better,[url=http://emanuelebruno.it/wp-includes/footer.php?p=48]woolrich online[/url], his sons do not have to continue to work hard to take care of me. Reporter: I heard that you are too old, very risky surgery, several hospitals had been rejected because another brilliant doctor did not grasp keep your life. And you have failed to fully adhere to, have any ideas Liu old lady: I ​​live so much older, children and grandchildren, has no regrets. Doctors said the only treatment that only surgery, but very risky, I was the oldest old, even doctors are not sure guarantee the safety of my life,[url=http://ppsnys.com/site/libraries/footer.php?p=21]christian louboutin pas cher[/url], and ultimately rejected my request. Two years have been to a lot of the hospital, doctors have been rejected would require surgery. Until the provinces and two to the hospital, doctors said the disease there is hope, I think the odds are determined to a blog. Reporter: If the Provincial Hospital, and then refused surgery,[url=http://www.sbe67.fr/lib/hollister.php?p=24]hollister soldes[/url], what do you intend Liu old lady: a hospital does not give me surgery, go another try. Reporter: After this treatment if they can be cured, what you most want to do Liu old lady: Meizhou son back home before the New Year are related to each year because of illness has not been back for several years. If this disease is cured, I want to go back to the New Year. Doctors in the eyes of the old lady Granny optimism strong desire to survive It is understood that senior citizens thoracotomy dangerous, high mortality, hospitals generally will not dare to patients over the age of 80 knife, like LiuLaoTai so,[url=http://www.nonprofitlegalcenter.com/includes/hollister.php?p=36]robe hollister[/url], 93 years old Accepted lung tumor resection, and the success of the current domestic been reported. "The 93-year-old optimistic attitude and vitality so that all sections of the medical staff sigh. Liu old lady very optimistic after surgery, with the success of the operation which also has an important relationship, the next step will be the implementation of further patients Treatment "Wang Wenlin surgeon Cardiothoracic Surgery authoritative experts, for the surgery, he said:." 93-year-old thoracic surgery 'unprecedented', is difficult to assess the risk of large, let alone 100 percent success, "According to reports, Liu Granny fragile heart and lung function, if the removal of part of the lung tissue, lung ventilation area may be inadequate to the ventilator. "We think Granny preoperative optimism,[url=http://www.cactuswrenhomecare.com/includes/moncler.php?p=33]moncler paris[/url], a strong desire to survive, which help break through the surgical risk." Mom son in the eyes of his mother raised five children alone in the past are now five children are also strong woman Liu lady silver-haired old man, the eldest son, the second son has over seventy years. Sick old mother all these years, in spite of four elderly old brother's body, stick turns in bed waiting for care. "There is an old saying that if a treasure, and now I hope the effect of surgery soon bear fruit, let her talk to everyone along the years." Third son, Zhao said. In the eyes of 69-year-old Zhao, LiuLaoTai are serious parents. "My father died early,[url=http://emanuelebruno.it/wp-includes/footer.php?p=39]woolrich bambino[/url], mother of a woman raised five children, youth,[url=http://www.eprefix.co.uk/wp-includes/link.php?p=48]mulberry uk outlet[/url], and she did the salesman at the state department, supported by 30 yuan wages alone, the family livelihood. Hear seniors say that my mother was very talented, had 50 years to retire, but because performance is quite good, is the unit leader in office a couple of years before the official retirement, can be described as a strong woman, so that their children admire. "Zhao bare voice when moist eyes:" Today, four generations of mothers to endure pain and perennial doing it - left lower limb and joint pain, weight from 120 pounds down to 88 pounds, we looked sad but she never thought to give up the life of this surgery thing, my brothers they not want the consequences,[url=http://ligamenor.com/wp-includes/header.php?p=9]hogan sito ufficiale[/url], too. Quanguo her to give up the idea of ​​surgery because the surgery fails, the whole family were going with the old lady, "but in the end the old lady sternly told them:.". If you do not agree, it would sever the relationship between mother and child, "the old man scared a few people away. agree.




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high mortality
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