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Huiyuandanwei serving probation expires officials
PostPosted: Mon 5:51, 23 Sep 2013

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This post immediately attracted the attention of many users, though this day is April Fool's Day, but soon proved not post content Fool spoof.
Publicity explained Yangding Fu, Yuan Guiping two were "sentenced for some reason," are suspended, and then to apply for a reassignment, the relevant units after the original "research", in principle, agreed to receive the two back to their original homeland and health systems,
of the "Republic of China Civil Law", like the case of career preparation probation officer can directly back to the original "State organ", and fear of controversy will continue.
Commentary: Guiding County official "note" and put a "handle based on", a notification was 21 years ago, and the other is the reply of 11 years ago, while users are mostly cited January 1, 2006 shall come into force
higher than the same condition who re-established. "
The note put the "handle basis" who issued (1989) the 2nd, "the Ministry of Personnel on staff of state organs sentenced to public surveillance, criminal detention and after being sentenced for probation work and wage issues notice": "probation period of repentance
was expelled from public office. "
One letter [1999] No. 177, "the Ministry of Personnel on state organs, institutions subject to administrative staff payroll processing criminal penalties reply comments": "(four) was sentenced to criminal detention, imprisonment and probation wage deal with the problem; ...... probation
These two public hanging in Guiding County, Guizhou Province on the official website.
"Yuan Guiping, male, Han nationality, formerly kiln Township Health Institute. June 2006 was sentenced to a year for some reason, suspended for one year after the expiration of probation, I made an application to reassign work by
Users also praised "calm county has been very good, a lot of places do not publicity."
A female cadres who answered the phone said that the thing she was not sure.
on March 11, the council will be prepared to receive Yuan Guiping, Yang Dingfu two comrades to the arrangements for the work units concerned government departments and township websites and publicity, widely accepted supervision.
but was "set to remote villages and towns in the logistics work."
Civil servants also have friends address him "golden rice bowl."
(two) have been expelled from public office. "according to the publicity provided hotlines, media reporter linked to the local county Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau.
"Yangding Fu, male, Buyi, formerly Guiding County deputy director of Homeland Xinpu. August 2006 was sentenced to three years for any reason, suspended for three years probation expires, I filed a motion seeking to re-allocate
For this, users have different views.
an institution staff. "
assign formal job after the expiration of their wages under the new duties, new jobs by less than equal terms to re-identify. "Guiding County Personnel and Labor and Social Security Bureau also" note "introduces the progress of work, 2010
work through new Puxiang Party, Guiding County industrial zone management committee office, County Land Resources Bureau investigation that perform well, and the county Land and Resources Bureau party application receives Yangding Fu comrades back to land sector. Upon research, agreed in principle
The first is the "receiving Yangding Fu comrades back on the work of public land system."
(From "Law and Life" second half of April semimonthly period)
Netizen "Drunk Wild World" thread said, "When the civil service is really good, sentenced able to keep their jobs, the jobs really TM iron ah!" This publicity also aroused the dissatisfaction of many users, that "should be sentenced
's Day this day, a distant site that someone made a speech entitled "Guiding County Lei Rengong shows two" posts.
good performance, allocate work after the expiration of probation, re-defining responsibilities and salary grades, poor performance, be expelled "; and" formal probation after the expiration of the work assigned, and its wages under the new duties, new job by not
After serving his sentence for civil crimes can continue to be a civil servant, users have very different opinions.
Local Post "note" responded April 3, Guiding County official website posted "on the intended receiver Yangding Fu, Yuan Guiping duo back to the work of the institutions that" (hereinafter referred to as "note").
consolidate the township party committee, kiln township police station, the county Health Department inspection, that the performance is good, and the county health bureau party application receives Yuan Guiping comrades back to health systems work by the research, agreed in principle to receive the comrades back to health systems, to arrange
For further after they were sentenced as a civil servant, she said, as if to say what documents can be "recycled" it.
"Sentenced reason" and "recovery" post content to be friends thought it was ridiculous.
The comrades back to the homeland system receives work, arrange to remote villages and towns are engaged in land logistics. "the second is" back on the receiver Yuan Guiping comrades of the publicity work of the health system. "
The "note" First identified Yangding Fu, Yuan Guiping identity of the two, "County Land Resources Bureau of land and resources under the township, county health bureau subordinate shares of the township hospitals are level institutions, Yangding Fu, Yuan Guiping duo
Some netizens said that even if convicted of torture, after the restoration of liberty should not be deprived of the corresponding rights, "but at least it should be publicized crimes committed before, for some reason can not stall."
Publicity says, two people sentenced to probation for some reason, after the expiration of the probation, back to the original system to work.
However, users find the relevant laws, questioned: "a clear violation of civil service law." "Civil Servant Law" Article 24 provides: "The following persons shall not be employed as civil servants: (a) to have been subjected to criminal punishment of crime;
Some netizens questioned not open and Yuan Yang was sentenced causes.
engaged in logistics work in remote rural hospitals. "two publicity by Guiding County Personnel and Labor and Social Security Bureau on March 11 release.









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Huiyuandanwei serving probation expires officials
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