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Dental clinic fees vary a thousand times the cost
PostPosted: Mon 3:00, 11 Nov 2013

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's teeth carefully after checking reporters, said: "You're the sixth, seventh tooth cavities between adjacent surfaces, in addition to Article 8 of impacted teeth, the proposed removal." The doctor said , extractions do not belong to him this "fix" subjects tube, to be on the fourth floor, "there is a special Endodontics." Fourth floor of another doctor to reporters after diagnosis, said: "extraction can, but first to the first floor to shoot a film, the film came out only after such decision can not be pulled." This doctor also warned reporters, although not a major surgery, tooth extraction ,[url=http://meditationmount.org/includes/hollister.php]hollister[/url], but it must not be taken lightly, unless disinfected first pass easily infected, then there will depend on the film considering the adjacent teeth and gums and other factors, "can not mess Stubbs, will fix the good teeth to cure necrosis." September 17, the reporter saw in custody Village Centre Street northbound neither signs was not any evidence of a small clinic, a simple dental treatment instrument placed in front, behind the instrument, several dressed in a white lab coat men and women busy. A young man claiming to be a dentist to a woman is busy loading braces, several other patients are sitting on the sofa waiting in line, some scaling, some toothache ...... Reporters wait in line for over an hour, finally shouted lying clinics machine, although young men wearing masks and disposable gloves to reporters but did not replace the teeth, a small red plastic stick probe imports, the other a small iron hook shank beat reporter begins teeth. "Does it hurt There is a hole on the tooth to be drilled anti-inflammatory, and then died on the necrosis and turbid water does not hurt Eat it " "Doctor," shut the inspection equipment thrown beside a cup, the reporter found that cup There are liquid, and a small iron rusty hook Nabing. "There is a side of alcohol, disinfectant Mile!" He explains while young men to reporters write treatment options, "first dental drill, and then with some anti-inflammatory drugs, eat a few times just fine." Reporter asked how much, said young men : "Dental drill 80 yuan, anti-inflammatory drugs depends on the situation, that is, more than 100 yuan it." September 17, along with photographers, reporters rushed to the yellow house hut and the three-way adjacent to a dental clinic, dental clinic, this with the addition of an integrated clinic "Merge office," a woman is shampooing see reporters came in, and quickly put on a white coat hair coiled allow reporters to lie down, her diagnosis was not the reporter's teeth problems, is need to wash it, "wash 30 yuan, and now wash do not wash " reporter expressed reluctance to wash when she called the reporter's teeth need anti-inflammatory, to give reporters prescribe some anti-inflammatory drugs. When the photographer asked to call again, the female dentist immediately fell out and started swearing not to block the reporter to leave, "You two do not look like teeth, purely wasted effort." On the same day, the reporter Guan Hu Tuen another dental clinic, dentist diagnosed by "four bad teeth," asked the reporter first tooth, after porcelain inlay. "The whole down that is more than 8000 yuan of money, if you really want to do, I can give you a discount." A fat middle-aged man said. But in this man selling to reporters porcelain teeth, a young woman was crying on one side, said her teeth were pulled after the installation of the porcelain teeth, and now half the pain face is swollen, "sleep at night slept not, let alone go to work. " Zhengzhou Municipal Health Bureau, a responsible person in an interview with reporters, said, Zhengzhou City, a formal oral health care institutions than 100. Specializing in medical equipment and a self-employed distribution, told reporters, Zhengzhou City, the entire undocumented "black dental clinic" more than 400. Cost savings with special steel cans to make unannounced visits to the many reporters "black Dentistry", the majority of physicians only "physician assistant" status will be a separate treatment for the patient. "Unqualified personnel are engaged in the illegal treatment of the consequences is to increase the patient's medical risk for dental surgery, tooth extraction is the most error-prone. Anesthetic dose allowed, strayed into the wrong location or pharmaceutical patient vascular cause syncope ; patients with toothache,[url=http://www.thealltogetherclub.org.uk/misc/system.php]hollister sale[/url], often whole face swollen, no experienced physicians often fail to accurately locate, there pulling the wrong tooth, pulling broken teeth, nerve damage, root strayed into the maxillary sinus and other errors, in addition to the current treatment does not require routine oral examination hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, AIDS, etc. Therefore, strict disinfection measures cause cross-infection to patients at risk, and in the regular hospital, a dental patient to lie down on the bed, consumes about 30 yuan sterilization costs, small clinics to save costs, often just do not even alcohol disinfection disinfection. "Oral Medicine, vice president of Henan Cheng Tao said. In early August, an old woman clutching northeast face swollen Lao Gao found Zhengzhou City, a Stomatological Hospital Zhuzhidafu Cocteau dawn, she said he had just spent in a small dental clinic more than 10,000 yuan made mouthful of porcelain teeth,[url=http://www.3va.org.uk/misc/top.php]mulberry sale[/url], inflamed swollen result does not become a regular meals. Cocteau dawn in the details of its inspection found that in fact only need to fill two teeth she was fooled by the black clinics dentists have done a mouthful of porcelain teeth, do not spend more than 10,000 yuan, said her mouthful of normal teeth was due to do all the grinding small porcelain can not be mended, "It can only be removed for her anti-inflammatory porcelain teeth, grinding teeth has been unable to deal with small, only a lifetime regret." Cocteau Xiao said. The reporter also learned that now some unscrupulous dentists to save costs, the cans made from the skin when the fixed denture teeth with steel wire. A regular hospital dentist told reporters, cans root stimulation on skin easily cause damage to the teeth; while tooth extraction in the use of the anesthetic, but some dentists into highly corrosive drugs, tooth extraction in patients using this drug does do not feel pain, but can easily cause infection; addition, and some regular hospital clinic specializes in collecting scrap denture materials or industrial scrap reprocessing, "such materials, the appearance of looking very bright, it is self-evident safety hazards . " Salesman broke the purchase price to sell five six hundred thirty dentures Valley g Xiao told reporters, in fact, false teeth into a good variety, with metal teeth, metal porcelain teeth, porcelain teeth, while the metal-ceramic dental divided into nickel-chromium alloys, cobalt chromium alloy, titanium alloy. Because dentures categories varied,[url=http://www.3va.org.uk/includes/mulberry.php]mulberry sale[/url], so the fees vary widely, and some outpatient installed a tooth frequently asking a thousand dollars, and this is maybe a thousand villages where teeth black workshop production. Hospitals generally have regular dental porcelain Branch, a man named Tan Yuhong, director of porcelain has been done for decades porcelain teeth, she said, their hospital porcelain teeth are their own, Branch there is also divided into fixed groups, activity groups, have specialized technicians for the patient to do film model, and then do the wax-generation model,[url=http://www.halcyonblue.co.uk/libraries/footer.php]barbour sale[/url], a box of Japan wax will sink several hundred dollars, a small clinic does not have these conditions. So small porcelain dental clinics have come from it One specifically for small clinics to send KaoCiYa man told reporters: "are done in Zhengzhou, I live it every day, doing the right thing, they caught alive, give me a call to take over the model, and then sent to the processing processing plant, Zhengzhou surrounding such dentures (false teeth) with more than 20 plants, mostly black workshop, but every family business is booming. "He also told reporters that the ordinary porcelain teeth every single wholesale price of 30 yuan, But in the small clinic suddenly became five or six hundred, "said to be imported if the price is higher." September 17, the reporter posing as a dentist, arrived at Zhengzhou, one hidden in a suburban office building on the third floor of the denture factory unannounced visits to the workshop through the glass, the reporter saw men and women wearing uniform clothing workers are busy, and some In front of the computer doing the model, some under the machine sanding, another shop was filled with cardboard boxes, some workers are busy doing Wanglimian mounted porcelain teeth. "Compared to the dentist, processing point of profit is not high, but the income is also very impressive." One had done this processing point salesman surnamed Zhang told reporters, processing point to sell porcelain teeth a dentist In the 30-50 yuan or so, but the material cost plus staff wages, but a few dollars. In the high season, when processing point one day to sell hundreds of pieces of dentures, there are several thousand dollars a day profit, "Although dentures fitted to the mouth looks clean, but you go to the processing site to see, a summer flies flying, I saw, used to do a lot of metal ceramic dental materials are scrap, I listen to the workers say privately that part of the waste after treatment are still available, because the price is cheap, so there has been no worries about the lack of business. "









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Dental clinic fees vary a thousand times the cost
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