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Women wear a wedding dress is in the sky grabbed h
PostPosted: Wed 8:56, 14 Aug 2013

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've certainly been a soldier,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and I thank you, you are pure man!" Woman wearing a wedding dress sitting on the seventh floor balcony on the 17th Weather fine, Guiyang Street and Wusong Road intersection there are many people walking around. These people are in the dark signs next to a seven-story front stopped, looked up across the street. 15 am, a woman dressed in a white dress opened the seventh floor near the corner of the third floor windows to take advantage of sitting on the windowsill, and then also the feet are stretched out. She wore a pair of gold high heels, a belt loop on the ankle, and not because of vacant and fall. Right hand with a table, left wrist bandaged, bandages still vaguely able to see through the blood. Women sit on the balcony, you kept saying something in the air, but not loud, not hear what she said. Her face is very depressed, like under great grievances, sitting a few minutes later, he still cried. She sort out the wind from time to time floating up skirt, legs have been moving, people worried that she would fall. Emotional rescue workers saw "This is someone's child, to commit suicide ah " Really good people worried woman jumped, it make the alarm call. Soon the police arrived on the scene, but saw the arrival of the police, the woman became very excited and started throwing things down. She has a mobile phone and purse thrown down, the police rushed to pick up these items, hope that through these items contact the woman's family. Police found the wallet containing hundreds of dollars in cash, as well as four women and one man's photo ID, and a few cards. In addition, a Changchun Taxation College attendance card, and emblazoned with the photograph of a woman, whose name is written called Lee. See the wallet did not contact the police and from the cell phone has been shut down in the fall out of the card through the phone numbers stored on the card to contact Lee family. 15:15 Xu, Changchun City Police Fire Brigade Huanghe Lu Kuan Brigade Battalion squadron off South Street, Changchun Squadron fire brigade received a report rushed,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Lee will be placed just below the cushion and quickly inflated. With air cushion is filled up, Lee more excited,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], pointing to air, shouted to the fire brigade to cushion it up. Four years the situation changed along with her boyfriend, what makes a young woman wearing a wedding dress so desperate attempt suicide do According to an informed source revealed that Lee is Daan people, this year only 22 years old, it is time to enjoy the sweet love. Four years ago, she fell in love with her boyfriend Wang. Love, the feelings of the two has been very good. Later, Lee in the 4th floor of this building rented a house and moved to live here. Recently, they have started to prepare Tanhunlunjia. But in matters related to Lee ready to get married when her boyfriend Wang suddenly broke it off. In the rental house, Lee grew more and more sad, but also cut his wrist with a sharp object. The same day, Lee put on a wedding dress, climbed the 7th floor balcony. Lee's wallet with an attendance card Changchun Taxation College, but the school has been renamed, Jilin University of Finance, Lee is still a student at the school and the unknown. Inflatable Arches Hotel come downstairs "Now that many parents raise a child is not easy, nor encountered anything like this ah!" Wang said a crowd, which came after the family was very worried, do not understand now young people how, even afraid of death but also afraid of anything. Some onlookers carried out in the downstairs open persuasion, but the effect is not obvious throw. Mr. Liu's restaurant locations in Lee to be just below that. Before the fire brigade arrived, Mr. Liu will own the restaurant closed, quickly got in the warehouse inflatable arches, filled with air and placed in the door of his restaurant. Fire officers and soldiers of the air after a good charge, he only inflatable arches move away. "I'm afraid she jumped, there is this better than nothing, or want kids to want to open this point there are a lot of people are concerned about her, wondering Gan Mafei it!" Liu said. Street Office persuade Lee climbed more than 40 minutes after the windowsill, there will be something to tell the good people of Changchun City Wide City emerging district offices. Street Office staff in the Director Guo Fan, led by Lee resides on the floor. Can just go, Lee's mood immediately became excited. In order not to irritate Lee, the staff in addition to Guo who have retreated from the 6th floor outside less. Guo who just stood in the corner of the stairs, trying to use language to calm Lee's emotions. "You gave my brother some face, I do not close to you." Guo Fan Lee made a little bit of confidence, telling Lee can help her to her boyfriend called, mediate. Lee will be her boyfriend's name and telephone are told Guo Fan, Guo Where Wang playing on the stairs to the phone. But he wants to get closer Lee, Lee is still being denied. At this point, Lee's mother and aunt have been rushed to the scene. Lee's mother had not yet up to the seventh floor crying, street office staff rushed to help her aside and let her emotions. And Lee's aunt upstairs in the course of his legs trembling. Guo Fan persuasion lasted nearly 40 minutes, saw still no progress. Staff ready to make Lee's mother and aunt try. 54 seconds to jump woman pulled back when the air 16:15, with Lee's mother and aunt have appeared, Lee just some calm emotions were suddenly became excited. "You do not scare kids mother ah, if you jump, Mom does not live, mom told you to jump off." Lee mother, then again, so Lee began to cry. Although previously, street office staff has been admonished in front of her mother Lee to control their emotions,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but Lee mother was crying uncontrollably. At this time,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Guo who has realized that the situation may be bad, so excited Lee in the emotional circumstances, at any time may choose to jump. 16:19, Lee's emotional cries of the mother and aunt have been close to collapse, she slapped the side of the glass, the body constantly shaking because of too much force,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the situation is very critical. Guo who take advantage of Lee's attention to the mother and aunt who try to move up the body. 16:21:28, "jump",[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], with a gasp, Lee is a force jumped from the window. When people fear for the safety of Lee when the windows from the seventh floor of a sudden right arm outstretched,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], one arm around Lee's neck, grabbed his left hand is stretched out a wedding dress. Originally, Guo spotted situation where a stride across up, not in Lee's body before falling grabbed her. Because too much force,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Guo Fan's knock on the window on the upper body, issued a "bang" sound, then also stuck his window. 16:21:30, Guo Fan Lee seize all the strength, but also to maintain a balance, fell off the floor to avoid and Lee go together. Stuck in his abdomen position on the windows, pale face has Biede. He used both hands to hold up Lee's arms, put up a little bit, like the Lee pulled from the window into the house. 16:21:35, street office staff and police also rushed to the seventh floor, while keeping guard Guo Fan's body, while helping Guo Lee who try to put up. Meanwhile, staff at the sixth floor window also saw Lee hanging feet. "Push up!" One man stood on the windowsill in the two men put forward to the next upward push Lee's foot. 16:21:50, since Lee's body hanging in the air,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], people in the building is not easy to force, Lee wanted to pull back is very difficult. At this time, three men rushed up quickly, with a hammer and smashed the windows of the seventh floor, ready to assist in building the human side of the Lee pulled back. But the side did not reach Lee's body. 16:22:10, Guo together with everyone who will lift the body of Lee and Lee's head toward the window to send. Push up on the sixth floor with Lee men's feet, so that her body as flat. Laying it flat, also the hard push in the building. 16:22:22, Lee's abdomen and finally completely into position above the windows, waiting for a few people take advantage of the inside of the body will be Lee pulled into the window. At this point, 120 emergency personnel will be Lee put on a stretcher, carried her down. In the 54 seconds of time, Guo Fan Lee grabbed the first, everyone together to get her back from an altitude of about 20 meters pulled back, avoiding the possibility of injury. Lee was successfully rescued on, the crowd all applauded. Veterans salute to save people who extend rescue officer was deputy editor of the newspaper "is his rescue of people!" Lee was emergency personnel on stretchers down, it was sent to the ambulance. A man inside the building in the incident live, who witnessed the rescue Guo whole process. He followed the crowd down, pointing to where Guo shouted. All the eyes of the crowd all at once from the ambulance to the Guo Fan's men, and they looked forward to this more than 1.80 meters tall guy. Followed by a burst of applause, applause lasted nearly one minute. Guo folded hands toward the people who will pay tribute to, and then walked toward the office. Back at the office, but also with some of the people inside. A veterans into the office, where it toward Guo Jing a standard military salute, Guo who is also a military salute. "I think you ought to have been a soldier! Veterans as a I want to thank you!" The veterans said. Guo Fan, said he had a very keen soldier, but has no chance. He said he had been in Changchun, deputy editor of a newspaper, and later engaged in street related work, and now when the new hair streets director. The presence of a media reporter immediately said, there is such predecessors is the pride of the media industry. (Reporter Li Bo / text reporter Li Yang Zhou Xiangyu / photo)

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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Women wear a wedding dress is in the sky grabbed h
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