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A Conversation for Classical Violins-spun1
PostPosted: Wed 13:19, 25 Sep 2013

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A Conversation for Classical Violins
pizzicato, canon,[url=http://woolrichoutletdeutschland.halod.com/][b]http://woolrichoutletdeutschland.halod.com/[/b][/url], Pachelbel, (probably)Niccolo, Menuhin, Vaughan and Tchai not ia (although arguing concerning the spelling of his name is a seriously complex business). Saties' Gymnopedie: your footnote notwithstanding, pieces written for and almost always played on piano seem a bit incongruous in an article on classical violin. Fantasia on a Theme doesn't exactly spring to my mind as a seminal bit of violin composition. Getting into a debate about what should or shouldn't appear on 'the list' is potentially never-ending, but it appears to me that many if not all of the works should be 'classics' from the violin repertoire. On that or any other basis,[url=http://duveticaitaliaoutlet.webmium.com/][b]duvetica usa[/b][/url], it's hard to understand Bach's omission. And perhaps a spot for Vivaldi. Along with a violin listing without Haydn, Mozart or Beethoven? Probably the answer is to grow your recommendations to express ten pieces (or perhaps none whatsoever). You say that 'any listing of excellent violinists includes etc'. That is your opinion, but Vanessa Mae in your top five??!! You state that Paganini was 'arguably the very best violinist to bow a violin'. He died in 1840, so perhaps you should either drop the footnote or elaborate in your 'arguable' conclusion. Spivakosky and Beethoven's violin concerto (no, I understand the Beethoven concerto wasn't one of your choices, however it should have been!! And Tossy was renowned for his playing from it). Walter.
Walter, as you know, I am not one to look for excuses but, considering the under bountiful bouquets of joy thrown at the writing and subbing of this yarn, I figured I would come out of the closet and disclose my taste in music. My daughter visited over the weekend and, as ususual, she dominated the stereo's remote. Waking up on Monday feeling unwell, I soon exercised the issue. Loony, you're so tired of Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Shania twain, All Saints, the Spice Girls, Mandy Moore, Aqua, S Club 7, Hole and then any group with non-blokes in it you could ram their pretty teeth down their gobs", was the diagnoses. "Then why shouldn't you be listening to Radio Hauraki", a brain cell whispered. Hauraki is so manly it virtually guarantees, for your listening pleasure, a complete lack of singing within the bats-and-dolphins range (with honourable exceptions for the falsettos fellas of Guns'n'Roses and perhaps the odd Bee Gee). Women who avoid "classic rock that rocks" are rarely heard here. I had been tuned in for many stage-slamming, drum-thumping, guitar-whomping hours before I heard a gal who could rock hard enough to obtain about the playlist. She was Melissa Etheridge, lesbian and happy with it. Said DJ Robert Taylor to a woman called Sarah, who requested among her songs, "Are you that way inclined? Can I watch?" Great to understand that Hauraki is sticking to those good old macho virtues which were the norm when it was a barrier-breaking pirate-radio-station in the 60s heyday, broadcasting from the good ship Tiri in the middle of Auckland's Hauraki Gulf. But guys,[url=http://woolrichparkaschweiz.albirank.net/][b]Woolrich Parka[/b][/url], because you thrash so much Queen, does which means that you are all gay? No? Just like the music? I thought so. Into our planet of George Thorogood, Led Zep, Bowie, Santana, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Nirvana and anybody who will easily notice a Strat from a couple of carnations, I bravely re-entered. Afternoon DJ "Thrasher" was discussing the best way to avoid a hangover. Drink cold tea (if you're really dumb, your brain may think it's whisky!) and dish-washing liquid. Bang your face against a wall also featured highly. This is actually the station where they give away power boats, kegs of beer and "workshop shouts", where the personal ads mostly contain guys selling Holdens [Chevrolets] and giving away bull mastiffs, and there are competitions to develop, dye, shave or fake the very best "weird beard" to win a chance to meet ZZ Top. Testosterone is a crucial ingredient within the Hauraki listener's makeup, even though some ladies who would not be caught dead hearing "classical" music featuring violins clearly listen to "the station with both barrels cocked", where two songs by the same artist are known as a "double shot". However i don't believe that Sarah will phone in again.
Gooday Loonytunes (formerly A Modest Prince however a Kiwi from Napier), Cobber, as far as classical music can be involved, I wouldn't know a quaver from the quiver, but I know what I like. If you can whistle Beethoven's Seventh at backward point enough times to ensure that the nineteen years old wicket keeper can hum along into it, you become qualified as an enthusiast. If you can tap out Mozart's Fortieth having a ballpoint in your desk so that even the woman within the next office cries out "That G minor key makes my neck bust out in goosebumps," then you rate as a lover of classical music. I do not, however, profess to be an aficionado (appears to be whether it should be two effs). I love classic rock too, whatever that means. This means whatever I wish to define it as being, and also the stuff broadcast by Radio Hauraki sounds pretty near to classic rock to me, although space perhaps precluded you against mentioning Deep Purple, Status Quo and Cream. When it comes to stuff your daughter was listening to last weekend, I haven't heard about any of them, except the Spice Girls, and them mainly through David Beckham, although I know a Mandy Moore but I don't expect she was playing on Enzed wireless. But what really took my attention, Loony, was that your stereo has a handheld remote control!! Next thing you'll be saying that you've a multi-cd player and no record turntable. And that you have bookshelf speakers. Take care, cobber, Walter.
My ten-year-old stacked (five-deck) Pioneer stereo is the entertainment control centre of my open-plan dining/lounge area. The pc and a 29", newish, TV are both connected to the stereo. Two excellent speakers are affixed to the walls midway through el born area. In this way I can I get stereo audio from the computer and true all-enveloping surround sound from the TV. Ideal for when a few mates stop by to watch the mighty All Blacks. Along with the sadly under-used turntable sits a small portable CD player. The computer is plugged into the stereos CD outlet. The stereo's remote sits beside the TV's remote which sits beside the Sky TV remote which sits near the cellphone which often sits beside a bottle of Hienekin.
Gooday again Loony, Look I've had my go and it's time to move ahead, but Tchaikovsky is still spelled wrong (first time appearing), and 'The Pachelbel Canon' by J Pachelbel sounds daft: the piece is Canon and Gigue in D Major (or even more often just Canon), so either Canon - Johann Pachelbel or Pachelbel's Canon. Yet another aspect: some of the listed composers receive initials, some are not. For any wide readership, maybe give forenames too? And talking of the wide readership, footnote 2: H F Biber is not exactly a family group name,[url=http://giuseppezanottisneakerssale.olimx.com/][b]discount giuseppe zanotti sneakers[/b][/url], so it is useful to then add points of knowledge, however i imagine that telling us that he wrote a magazine on scordatura will probably be singularly unenlightening. Explain scordatura. Loony, my real reason for returning was that you simply didn't return to me on how you get an online ON YOUR STEREO And so forth ETC. Or perhaps is your silence to be taken as answer enough? Take care, Napier's modest son. Walter
Point of clarification. My computer workplace is to establish close to the middle of the lounge/dining area - beside the table with the remotes on. Using the stereo remote I'm able to choose things i wish to listen to. TV, video, radio, music tapes, LPs and downloaded music can all be played through the stereo speakers. In this region I also possess a large heater that's been installed in an existing open fireplace. It operates on piped gas (LPG). Electronic, it provides a clock. I can programme the heater to turn itself off and on - a pleasant warm house when you are getting out of bed in the winter months. Alas this didn't come with a remote.
Walter,[url=http://giuseppezanottisneakerssale.olimx.com/][b]discount giuseppe zanotti sneakers sale with big promotion[/b][/url], the violin yarn was corrected and updated overnight. This is a prequel to my yarn concerning the stereo remote (posted above). My 24-year-old daughter and four-year-old grandson spent last weekend with me. She, of course, controlled the remote towards the stereo. Sisters do it on their own. Like, hello? That's so five minutes ago. Don't even visit. Quite simply,[url=http://billigmonclerjackenkaufen.olimx.com/][b]http://billigmonclerjackenkaufen.olimx.com/[/b][/url], 91ZM, like, brings you the all-girlfriend, zero testosterone, major-hair-and-makeup-give-away, chicky babe CD-spinning Lipstick Lunch. Your hostesses: Lana Coc-Kroft and Nicki Sunderland (otherwise known as "Knickers"). Bit of a scary one for the big radio bosses. How will the street gangs and building site boys who have ZM on all day deal with all this Clinique and clothing promotion stuff,[url=http://woolrichoutletdeutschland.halod.com/][b]Woolrich Herren outlet deutschland[/b][/url], imaginable them asking. It's all so girly. Yes, it is, and such a nice change it makes to listen to two radio personalities sharing the workload, rather than a guy treating a woman as some kind of occasional interjector for him to bounce off when nobody calls up. Get both of these gabbing gals on the radio and woe betide any bloke who tries to shut them up. Lana and Nicki just have this type of good time. They're funny, articulate and also have great voices for radio (but very similar: I could not always tell who was who). You can imagine them going out and telling people they've this type of cooollll job - playing music, being silly, saying such things as, "I look like a slut after i wear red lipstick" and usually commenting about the least crucial - but most fascinating - things in the known universe. On this Monday: contact and tell us the very best bit of leather you owned and what you tried on the extender for. A deluge of thong-wearers, boob-tube owners, narrow-tie fans and Roman sandal people phoned in. They were not, obviously, just women. Reuben the thong guy said he wore his "for style, not for comfort". I don't think he was referring to his favourite jandals. (flip-flops) A lucky listener got an enormous pile of makeup just for naming a song played in the last hour and also the bafflingly buoyant Artist Formerly Referred to as Ginger got promoted to the skies. The station is running a "lunch working in london with Geri Halliwell" competition and the weird thing is, people actually want to do this. "Her life, her hair, her new image. She's just the best," gushed Lana (or was it Nicki?) A soundbite from the tiny little singer/UN "goodwill ambassador": "Don't take life too seriously". Like, hello? Pardon me? Isn't this exactly the same Geri Halliwell who spent the very first Year After Spice telling anyone who would listen that they visited hell and back and wanted to die after dropping out of a band? Geri, your 15 minutes are up. Please leave happens, like. Loony, now back in control - from the remote.
Interview with a person in the target audience for "Toy Story 2". What goes on to toys? Out there in the landfills and tips or lying forgotten and ruined under houses long abandoned, lie the remnants of childhood. Objects that you once treasured now compressed, buried, and lost. But still there - somewhere - in the real world. Non-biodegradable, archaeological relies of childhood from our personal stone ages. We grow up, move ahead, put away childish things and all sorts of that . then along comes a movie like Toy Story, and a few months ago its sequel Toy Story 2, to remind us of that lost realm of favourites, cruelties and obsessions. Brilliantly computer-animated,[url=http://monclerjackenonlinech.albirank.net/][b]http://monclerjackenonlinech.albirank.net/[/b][/url], intelligently scripted, witty and moving - it's not hard to understand why adult reviewers have fallen for these films. Within the newish one, the character Woody falls into the hands of a toy collector - the arch bore of the adult world - and should be rescued by his fellow toys and returned to his child owner. The bittersweet implication being that Woody must choose between an eternal life without any meaning and being loved to death. As another collectible toy asks: "Will he take you to college,[url=http://duveticaukoutlet.halod.com/][b]Duvetica Down Jackets For Men Store[/b][/url], or on his honeymoon? You are able to go,[url=http://woolrichoutletdeutschland.halod.com/][b]Woolrich Herren outlet[/b][/url], or you can stay around and last forever." This is poignant stuff, but what will the target audience make of it? About the weekend we asked the visiting almost-five-year-old for his reaction to the Toy Story phenomenon. What is Toy Story about? "Um . toys." What happens for them? "They get stolen? Only Woody does, though." Shall we be referring to Toy Story or Toy Story 2? "Toy Story 2." But you haven't seen that yet. "I know." So how do you know what it's about? "I've seen the ad. Mr Potatohead will take off his eyes and puts his shoes on his eyes!" . How about the first Toy Story, what goes on for the reason that? '"Andy likes Woody, then Buzz comes and Andy likes Buzz and . I know what Woody says." What? "Howdy partner." What's the best bit in the film? "What's a movie?" A film. "Oh. You will know dog? The bit where he bangs into the door is funny, 'cause he's bad, so when stuff happens to bad people, good people think it's funny." Do toys really talk in the real world? "No." Are you certain? How can you tell? "Because I've never heard one talk." What is your opinion transpires with toys when they get old? "They break." Which is much better from Toy Story and A Bug's life? "Um. I know. Antz. Because, um, in Antz they're real ants because they've got two [back] legs on each side as well as on A Bug's Life they've only got one as if you and me." What's your favourite Movie" "Pokemon." You haven't even seen that. "I mean on telly. This is a movie." No, it is a programme. Are you looking forward to Toy Story 2? "Yeah! I saw the guy who steals Woody and he's got an orange shirt on and he's fat." Uh-huh. So, you are aware how you said toys break once they old. Is that sad? What is your opinion happened to any or all my toys from the time I had been a youngster? "They broke and also you cried." Did they get disposed of? "No. 'Cause a number of my toys are actually old and they're not thrown away." So where will they go in the finish if you don't throw them away? "I'm going to keep them for my very own kids." Thanks. Now go and tidy your room. Loony
Loony, That little guy doesn't take after his grandfather, does he? I personally quite liked Toy Story I, however I am a complete sucker for 'children's' films (and books). Because the beloved points out, that's because I never really was raised. I resemble that, is my half-heartedly indignant reply, despite the fact that most/all men like to think there is a bit of the boy in them due to the way they figure women like this (which may or may not be true but even I am not stupid enough to obtain dragged into that kind of debate). And the beloved, well, she just says she loves me the way I'm. Sic transit gloria. Walter.
















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A Conversation for Classical Violins-spun1
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