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Air Force Academy Chaplain Convinces Catholic Leag
PostPosted: Fri 17:21, 09 Aug 2013

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Air Force Academy Chaplain Convinces Catholic League To End Call For Probe
I think it's interesting that the first story here that involves Pagans is viewed through the perspective of Catholics and only Catholics. No Pagans whose space was desecrated were quoted, no one who has been working on a full investigation within the Academy was quoted. I hope that in future stories we will be allowed to speak for ourselves!
Speaking for myself, I do believe that there should be a Congressional investigation into this incident, and the documented history of cadets at this Academy (and increasingly in the military at large),[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], being pressured and harrassed to profess evangelical Christian faith. There has been a major problem for years; when it came to public attention in 2004,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], an attempt was made to remediate it. Was it enough? Is there a systemic, de facto establishment of Christianity as the preferred religion in the US military? Has the government made an establishment of religion? Does it cause nonChristian soldiers to be abused? Hinder their careers? Are they owed damages for lost promotions? Is their safety compromised? Why won't the military hire a Pagan chaplain? Where does the military get off NOT hiring Pagan chaplains when there are Pagan soldiers, and lots of them? I do believe a ferocious investigation is in order.
Sooo. The Catholic League. Has withdrawn from a complaint that someone using a cross to harass and intimidate people of other faiths in their own sacred space. Was offensive to Christians.
Not condemning the hate crime in the name of their religion, but rather saying it was offensive to point it out? Even if the Pope has been making verbal attacks and arguments for our marginalization?
I gotta say, next time one of their own metalhead kids sprays inversions of the pentagram around their own churches,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and Catholics want to say,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], "This is Pagans! "
Well, I'm just going to be that much less sympathetic. We always at the very least condemn such incidents as totally opposite to the spirit of Paganism and having in fact nothing to do with our theology. Not that reality is as much fun as 'spiritual warfare,' for them.
Yes, these actions by wouldbe 'evangelists' was 'destructive behavior.' No less destructive than burning a cross in someone's synagogue.
The complaint in the first place was just more of the same. Ask the neighbors. In fact find one in the Chaplaincy. There is none. In the military you get acting leaders of Wiccan worship. I know that a member of my group when she (AF) was stationed in Afghanistan she became the acting Priestss for a circle. He went from credited to be one of the best chaplains to out of the military.
Just like a volunteer prison chaplain who tesitified in front of congress and was the president of the American Chaplains can not get a paid job as a Prison Chaplain because he is Wiccan. Patrick McCollum is right now fighting.( for the last five years) in federal court,in california. The rest of us are SECOND Tier. Didn't know that the Bill of Rights had teirs, buts or excemptions. Does that make all the Pagan soldiers that are fighting and dieing to be second class ? Does that make me a second class citizen? It must. Who is next?
What about cadets who did not choose to attend affairs, conferences,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], servicesfor fundies being to fall oiut into the heathen flight march away from the Copulating Cristian Cadets marching en masse to fundie functions? Has that been forgotten by the Air Force Academy's RC chaplain or was that before he became the Air Force Academy's RC chaplain?
There seems to be a scent of a rats nest at the USAFA that lingers from the time that fundie cadets practiced naked bigotry against cadets who were not fundies.
The USA has a unique tradition of both freedom of religion freedom from religion. Did the bigoted fundie cadets ever learn of that?
2010 is an election year for 1/3 of the senate all of the house. If a legislator has RC voters in his/her district who could get him/her elected, that legislator will make sure that the past instances of bigotry by fundie cadets at the AF Academy are thoroughly investigated. The bigoted, fundie, cadets involved will be sent to Minot AFB or some other hell hole of a base end their careers in the USAF's worst hell holes. After they leave the USAF they can devote their time to Focus on the Family, the Family, the cat house on C St, the Sturdly Refuge for Unwed Fathers, Promise Keepers,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Atavistic AntiAnything Alliance or some other fundie front. Some of these fundie former cadets will become Generals because, in the USAF, it isn't what you knowit's who you nose.
BTW, all US military facilities are hell holes to civilians; these facilities keep members of the US armed forces from annoying hard working ( some lazy but monied) civilians.

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Air Force Academy Chaplain Convinces Catholic Leag
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