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Design of public rental contestant will draw four
PostPosted: Wed 16:28, 23 Oct 2013

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With the current real estate market compared to more cost-effective.
center, completely able to compensate for the lack of limited space at home.
At the exhibition site, the reporter saw, various programs have been adequately considered the practical, to minimize the pool area, improve the use of area ratio.
[Expert advice] may require developers with the construction of public rental yesterday, several well-known architects have proposed siting of public rental must be public transportation is very convenient.
Interestingly, many programs are also invariably to the "cube" to name.
52.6 m2 make Sishiyiting the contest design guidelines also proposed design of public rental of space standards: dormitory 5 to 8 square meters per person; Danshi Tao, a small dwelling was 30,45 square
Good or bad
Reporters saw, designs, Danshi Tao general area is more than 30 m2, Bedroom more than 40 square meters, more than 50 square meters can be made Sanshiyiting.
The size of the usable area reached 45.77 square meters, the pattern is very compact, the door area, the left hand side is the kitchen, opposite the children room and relatives room, go left, this suite is the largest area of ​​a house where - Restaurant,
public space for everyone.
Yesterday, these programs have made panels,[url=http://www.theirongatetn.com/woolrich_outlet.php]woolrich[/url], urban planning and construction in Nanjing Exhibition on display to the public, please take a look at the public commentary a comment.
After soliciting public comment on the finish, will be combined with expert professional perspective, the final selection of the winning proposal, later in the country to promote the construction of public rental.
Thus, the comfort will naturally be better.
Of course, as a four bedroom house is very compact, master bedroom couples room about sixty-seven square meters, the other three are only four or five meters.
In the real estate must be built with part of the public rental,[url=http://www.kordil.net/packages/]woolrich[/url], public rental housing to solve problems.
To a friend, you can borrow a little tea room downstairs reception room, eat in the communal dining hall can also be resolved.
For example, in the UK, real estate land transfer, it takes into account the protection of housing construction, which considerations of public rental housing developers in the best, Which gave the land.
"Some people three generations, each requires a separate space, and sometimes, there are relatives to live outside, no relatives, when relatives and friends also can be a small study room. Looked crowded, but for some families, it is very practical.
Reporters found that the design of public rental program,[url=http://www.theirongatetn.com/peuterey.php]peuterey outlet[/url], very much like the cube, you can changes Articles.
's cities offer excellent model for public rental construction, the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban start Jiangsu Province Public rental housing design competition, which attracted the province's 212 design units, a total of 448 copies of submission of the program.
Such a small area, to meet the housing needs of all types do
Express reporter Zhao Jie remake [Design highlights] a layer of at least 12, reducing the pooled under the guidance of public rental, Jiangsu Province, as to meet the new employment, migrant workers and the urban middle-income families phased basic housing needs affordable housing
These programs for public rental residential objects, whether they fit
Some also include a reception room and a tea room.
meters; Zhongshan University dwelling at 60 square meters, habitable 3 to 5 people.
50 square meters apartment, for example, though they are 10 or even 20 multi-storey high-rise multi-storey buildings, but the pool area per basic control six or seven meters.
Yesterday, reporters from the Jiangsu Province Department of Housing and Urban learned that this year the province's affordable housing construction has been completed more than half, to the end of the year will be exceeded.
, public rental area not exceeding 60 square meters.
In this respect the most "bull", Suzhou is a design unit to come up with solutions to the construction area 52.6 square meters, even made a Sishiyiting!
The proposal submitted by the players, some even up to a layer of 20.
In order to facilitate the public to visit the exhibition deliberately chose at this time and will continue until October 10, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day period, the public may wish to go take a look.
She introduced, in order to reduce the pool area, the number of households certainly missed each layer, according to contest requirements, each have at least 12.
And, toilet, shower and sink components are designed to open, so that we can avoid "grab toilet."
"This good ah, over 20 square meters, one bedroom, and if I can live after graduation to this house, it is very satisfied." Talk with the students, have to think of the future "dwelling" problem.
The ingeniously designed, actually be able to do the whole lot of programs out apartment.
In this design competition, provision of public rental community to appropriately raise the concentrated laundry room, dining,[url=http://www.iprase.tn.it/hogan.php]hogan outlet[/url], cultural activities room, community health posts,[url=http://www.theirongatetn.com/peuterey.php]peuterey[/url], Policing and other convenience facilities supporting standards.
provincial Housing Department Director Zhou Lan said she found that the contest, many designers have noticed it.
Please occupants, said yesterday, design of public rental exhibit a carry, it attracted a lot of people come to visit, many of which are designed to professional students in reading.
Jin Chen Liqing Chief Architect Architectural Design Co., Ltd. is one of the judges of this competition.
Southeast University School of Architecture Dean Wang Jianguo said that we must reach is good,[url=http://www.atc.unican.es/cl.php]louboutin pas cher[/url], that should be near the metro station or a large public transportation hub.
"The house is like a" cube ", think as they please, of course, if you feel Sishiyiting too crowded, not so much room, very simple, just minor changes, the same house can become Sanshiyiting.
Basic module can be derived from how many different units designed to meet the different needs of public rental object
a dozen square meters, as well as husband and wife, elderly housing, and even a 2.76 m2 balcony, bathroom, storage room are also readily available.
Wang Jianguo said that his inspection tour of Hong Kong's public housing, an area much smaller than the standard Jiangsu, 20 m2 can live seven or eight people, but their construction of public facilities and the environment has done very well,[url=http://www.atc.unican.es/hco.php]hollister[/url], reading the newspaper, fitness swim all in the community
Zhou Lan, said the design of public rental exactly good, occupants who have the final say.
Meticulous, night class family are taken into account, however, do not think the design of public rental just consider the smallest area,[url=http://www.theirongatetn.com/moncler.php]moncler[/url], the make up room.
I did not expect this exhibition,[url=http://www.pharmcareusa.com/libraries/]doudoune moncler pas cher[/url], in addition to their eye-opener, an increase of knowledge, but also caused a psychological resonance.
Reporters found that many design plan also takes into account these.
Construction area of ​​320,000 square meters of houses, designed as four quarters, placed 3 beds large room, there is a small room, just put a bed, "migrant workers and some want to work at night, so do not live
Affordable housing target by the end of Jiangsu exceeded Express News (correspondent Zhao Huaimin Reporter Sun Lanlan) Earlier this year, the Jiangsu provincial government has signed with the Ministry of Housing protection of housing construction target responsibility.
There, stressed that he is "will grow house."
Public facilities district is very important as comprising an area of ​​limited space, only to meet basic living needs, public rental public facilities district is particularly important.
Distribution of floor plan design "tricks", some cross-shaped; others designed L-shaped, like the greenbelt in his arms,[url=http://www.theirongatetn.com/moncler.php]moncler outlet[/url], not only to ensure that every home lighting and ventilation, as well as a pretty good view.
Distribution of the 20 layer solution, is like feathery, a long hallway that connects both sides of the breakdown of the 10 people, between households and households have a bevel, ensuring lighting effects.
Therefore, I hope that more people, particularly the three types of public rental guarantee for people to come to visit, make a suggestion and recommendations.
Entitled "Big City, Small Love" design, even taking into account the Family night.
Express correspondent correspondent Zhao Huaimin Sun Lanlan You see, this design of public rental not beef cattle
influence others rest. "explains the designer.
"Public rental housing belonging interim protection, therefore, it is the flow of tenants, changes of different tenants have different needs, so the design is best to take into account the variability of growth." Jiangsu
Reporter submitted a program in Nanjing saw the 11 kinds!
Both to live more than some of the people on each floor, but also to ensure that every household ventilation and lighting effects, which requires the design of bother.
Reporters saw, designers also took into account the different needs of different groups of people,[url=http://www.age-platform.eu/CRM/plugins/]peuterey outlet[/url], such as college students to provide employment to a new rented apartment, every room area is not large,[url=http://www.kotitle.com/barbour_jackets.php]barbour outlet[/url], but the living room area there are more than 10 square meters, where you can do
"Because of public rental residential population, are generally used public transport." "If a large-scale public rental residential building in the city center, it is not realistic." Wang Jianguo that the Government can actually introduced a number of policies that require developers









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Design of public rental contestant will draw four
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