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Guards and killing his girlfriend were hijacked po
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on their tombstones.
Yang Xiaodan's aunt, said on April 6, when Yang Xiaodan's body was found when the police, the family did not dare let Yang Xiaodan mother close, because it is too cruel.
each one, as well as tape daggers, etc., Xinghua Jun then rushed.
Another victim's father, said Wang Yu, Wang Yu is a very obedient sensible child, he loves to learn, although the family was poor, but he was very considerate parents' hard work.
September 15, the Nanjing Intermediate People's Court held a hearing Yang Xiaodan, Wang Yu murder case, the trial lasted a whole day.
To further understand the suspect Xinghua Jun and Xing Sanxing details when committing the crime, "crowd" the reporter went to Gaochun County Public Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau officers concerned but declined to be interviewed.
April 5 at dusk, what happened exactly
Yang Xiaodan's aunt said that this road is the only way of Anhui, Jiangsu Gaochun leading in gaochun territory, the road has a monitor, is this monitoring, provide the police with the Yang Xiaodan and Wang Yu's car after leaving the lakeside promenade original trail.
In order to take care of their parents, Wang Yu chose to return home, and in the last year admitted to the civil service, becoming a police officer, working in prisons.
To be able to filial mother's side, who accompanied her life, Yang Xiaodan decided to quit his job Guesthouse back gaochun, candidates to local enterprises.
Yang Xiaodan mother because of grief, thinking, consciousness seems to have been in a trance, in the "crowd" of reporters to interview the day before, she fell down the stairs, resulting in a broken arm.
After Xinghua Jun forcibly molested Yang Xiaodan, while Xing Sanxing the implementation of the rape.
Two suspects confessed that the robbery, they not only check out the location in advance, but also prepared tools for committing crimes, but they feel that too little money grab,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], reconciled, then hijacked car ran towards the direction of Anhui, wanted to force the road
For this, said Xing Sanxing a denial, he said Xinghua Jun Wang Yu learned of identity before prison guards decided to kill him, Xinghua Jun handed over with his knife stabbing Wang Yu.
have a criminal record, respectively, in 1996 and 1999 because of theft was sentenced.
A relative of Public Security Yang worked, he saw the road monitoring, you know murder.
Xinghua Jun court requested the court sentenced him to death, and are willing to donate their organs to apologize to the community.
But he planned a better future has not yet begun, was brutally murdered.
So they are lamb, a knife to kill Wang Yu.
And Xingsan Xing, also on suspicion of robbery, murder, rape, illegal possession of firearms, graft, the prosecutor recommended the death penalty.
Now, Gaochun a public cemetery burial of the ashes of two children, they are very much in love before his death, the family spirit of the deceased can also hope that they love each other forever, forever, in accordance with local customs, until the second year of the festival, where it can be engraved
Yang Xiaodan sudden death, to the original happy family causing immense pain.
College entrance examination, with honors admitted to the Central University for Nationalities.
After further investigation the public security organs trial,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the case has been as clear, solid evidence has also been fixed,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but in the Sept. 15 trial, the Xinghua Jun suddenly retracted, said Wang Yu is not a homicide, hands-stabbing is Xingsan Xing Wang Yu
So Yang Xiaodan and Wang Yu in the end go of it
Since there has been no Yang Xiaodan and Wang Yu two messages, one to gaochun Yang County Public Security Bureau reported the matter.
This finding allows two people feel, if not murdered, is sure to be captured.
Gaochun County Public Security Bureau set up a task force, they bring up the surveillance video shows the man driving the image, the police identified through careful identification and technology, the initial judgment should be 32-year-old and 41-year-old Xingsan Xing Xing Huajun, the two men
Wang Yu asked for money at home, accidentally discovered the identity of Wang Yu turned out to be prison guards.
Because the Ching Ming Festival holiday, Yang Xiaodan and Wang Yu a go out to play for a day.
After the end of the criminal part of the trial, the victim Yang Xiaodan and Wang Yu's family raised 1.1 million yuan of civil claims, they said, civil damages on the premise that the robbers death sentence as soon as possible, or rather do not want money.
Seeking the truth, promote justice, see "crowd", invites you to onlookers night 22:02 Shandong TV.
Who killed this one pair of positive youth couple do
Because looks sweet, the overall quality is high, the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing after graduation Pixuansongdao waitress.
April 5 afternoon, Xinghua Jun and Xing Sanxing similar to the prior step Chunxi GAOCHUN good point near the town of Lakeside Avenue, ready to find the target to commit robbery, Xing Sanxing first motorcycle, carry ball gun, shotgun
The reason is the nature of too bad that the woman is Gaochun Lotus Fairy, soon to be held gaochun Crab Festival,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], affect the image ...... subsequent court hearing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the prosecution authorities suspect statement of the offense and to identify, just let us know the cases occurred
Not alarm the police station, said no more than 24 hours, which is not missing.
's Court courtroom,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], someone cried demanded stern punishment for killing their child's murderer.
However, he never imagined his son's cell phone from that day on, they no longer get through.
"Crowd" is not just a concern, or an oversight.
Danielle has not yet been returned, her family did not find to find a night.
During the trial, the suspect confessed that feeling grab too little money, they hijacked the vehicle ran towards the direction of Anhui Province, with the intention to force Wang Yu go home for money, who knows one hour later, they suddenly discovered a secret
After roughly.
Although things have gone a few months, but Yang Xiaodan's family has refrained from gaochun television through the door,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], because they always seem to be able to see the beautiful Danielle bounce coming out from this door.
Motive to kill two robbery suspects at first,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and later hijacked Yang Xiaodan and Wang Yu's car ran Anhui Province, the two men killed.
September 9 morning, police decisive gaochun the suspect Xinghua Jun and Xing Sanxing captured.
Xingsan Xing also said plead guilty, apologize to victims and their families.
A young couple was killed on April 5 at dusk,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province Gaochun solid city of a scenic lake, Yang Xiaodan Wang Yu was sitting with her boyfriend in a white sedan Chat.
Deceased Yang Xiaodan, 21 years old,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Wang Yu, 23 years old, they are a pair of lovers just met soon, in April this year the last day of Qingming small holiday,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this pair of young men were killed by gangsters and postmortem to Anhui.
And later hijacked a car to Anhui direction of opening, and finally the victim Yang Xiaodan obscene death.
Wang Yu's father said on the 6th day, he gave Wang Yu made a phone call, but did not get through, he knew his son's nature of work, working hours not allowed to bring mobile phones.
While recognizing that the two young people soon, but have a good impression with each other, Tanxing is strong.
As in the original outstanding performance, Yang Xiaodan was gaochun television fancy, special hire station in hosting a lifestyle show.
The next day, Yang Xiaodan GAOCHUN since been selected as the Lotus Fairy, GAOCHUN television special approval was hired, this day is her official work day to the station, but Yang Xiaodan did not come to work.
Yang Xiaodan lifetime has just been selected as Gaochun County, "Lotus Fairy."
Yang Xiaodan graduated from a vocational college in Yangzhou.
Yang all the friends and relatives of people looking to launch two young men's whereabouts.
Because Yang Xiaodan long very beautiful, a lot of people chasing her, her mother Yang Xiaodan also exceptionally strict discipline, no matter what reason is there to go home before half past nine pm.
, that is the secret so that they eventually moved to kill.
Despite every means to deny the suspect, but a lot of evidence, they still had to admit his crimes.
Heartache wounded in Yang Xiaodan family has a deep sense of sadness filled the atmosphere in the home corner, though tragedy has been the past few months, but Yang Xiaodan mother still can not come out from the deep grief.
At the same time, the police were in Xuancheng, Anhui, Wuhu cities found the bodies of two young men and women, through technology than the right, two deceased was Yang Xiaodan and Wang Yu.
Eventually, the prosecutor Xinghua Jun suspicion of robbery, murder, forced indecent assault, illegal possession of firearms, graft, suggested the judge sentenced to death.
As young parents divorced, she told her mother had each other, a deep affection for the mother and daughter.
Night, Danielle and Wang Yu thought after dinner and then go home, Danielle's mother habitually told Danielle half past nine home.
Xinghua Jun and Xing Sanxing robbery to 1,100 yuan in cash, grab them too little money.
Evening at eight o'clock, they are eyeing the Yang Xiaodan and Wang Yu's car.
These two young victims died because of what is it
But that night, Yang Xiaodan was first broken the rules, which makes Yang Xiaodan's mother had a bad feeling.
According to Wang Yu family speculated that because the two sentenced in per capita punishment by public security organs and remodeled in prison, so the prison guards also full of hatred, so the discovery of Wang Yu's guards capacity, it will be cruel murder postmortem Wang Yu
First,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a brutal murder Wang Yu, Yang Xiaodan raped and molested.
They Wang Yu throw in the way of escape, Yang Xiaodan finally tied stones thrown into the Yangtze River.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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Guards and killing his girlfriend were hijacked po
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