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Kindergarten through various illegal after the fir
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"But the market is so!" To say, when the construction of the market is the county leadership and command of key projects, hastily implemented, including the downstairs family City included, barely qualified.
August 20, 2006, Sangzhi County Construction Bureau to make SANG Jian penalty (2006) 08 administrative penalty decision, finds additional layers acts unlawful construction, to stop construction, and a fine of 10,000 yuan.
Health 260.
Not the same as saying to his family.
Reply, August 22, 2008, Sangzhi County Fire Brigade sent to supervise and inspect the nursery, issued [2008] No. 54 "shall order rectification notice", ordered the unit on September 24 before
Awarded after leaves home soon regret it.
But for the January fire questioning is still prevalent, the core issue is the nursery where the building meets the national standard.
One side is Ye Hongbo couples and Ye Hongbo uncle, cousin, sister and aunt aunt brother, who, by the other party to the flowers kindergarten ZHENXIANG husband and their relatives and friends love to come forward.
After dinner, around 19:00 Ye Hongbo couple returned home.
Sangzhi County Public Security Bureau police Cengxiang Ping said that he was in April 2008 to March 2011, the individual responsible for the fire and police contact an agency's work, also a number of places with fire firefighters audit criteria.
June 18, incense and her husband to Jane on the phone admitted illegal construction is the case, and by the Construction Bureau of punishment, capped the second layer houses have also been removed.
"Why do illegal construction through various departments audit " He said.
Firefighters carried away from the scene of the accident the three highly carbonized corpses, everything is irreversible.
After several rounds of negotiations, including pensions, compensation and other one-time together, co-pay 600,000 yuan to the home, and signed an agreement.
The first layer 780 square meters, the second layer 550 square meters, were not for construction project planning permit.
there are obvious misconduct.
semi-closed, does not cause people can not escape the predicament.
Red Net in Hunan, Zhangjiajie Fire Brigade's website, for the people questioned, the reply is: flowers nursery was built in 2001, building area of ​​650 square meters, building fire resistance rating of two, using the layer as a layer, a division
The nursery site is the legal representative of the private housing ZHENXIANG within the housing is neither kindergarten activities, nor is it the kindergarten office space, living only for his private residence.
Is sporadic incidents or accidents this specific compensation fires coordination process works in two or three days after the accident were.
Entrepreneurship Herald "B3 version of" kindergarten invisible killer "in the title, also reported the existence of security risks nursery flowers.
Incense to Jane that no nursery park opened, there is no problem of dignitaries gardener on duty.
The building has a U-shape,[url=http://www.kotitle.com/barbour_jackets.php]barbour outlet[/url].
A three flames 2011 New Year period, there have been rare mountain sangzhi freezing weather.
, to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents "proposal.
Gong said that, even though the leadership instruction "filing", but still to no avail, to the functional departments have not yet seen a written reply.
About Online question "flowers nursery fire, announced it is resident house fires", the fire department responded that 5 January 2011 fires is indeed within the walls of the nursery flowers, but the location of the fire
November 20, 2007, Zhangjiajie City Intermediate People's Court in southern flowers nursery and downstairs family City in civil cases, which have been confirmed, and asked to remove the stamped ZHENXIANG second layer houses.
Snow because the world did not bring her daughter home,[url=http://www.kordil.net/packages/]woolrich outlet[/url].
But this happens in kindergarten fire flowers despite the past few months, may be around the fire cause of the accident, location and whether it occurred during working hours, and other issues, and did not subside.
Zhu Ying help care nursery, kindergarten teachers in the garden as a sister on duty and therefore together.
As the temperature dips, the source is located in the town of Li largest market for the South Gate House City rooftops flowers nursery in the New Year holiday, the school has decided to postpone the date of re-scheduled for January 5 and then reopened.
Indoor only imports, there is no exit, no channel to escape. Even the firefighters put out the fire were forced to cut (hit) to open two gates before entering the scene of the fire. "
plywood and wood and plastic tile and other large area for garden decoration; garden without any safe passage and fire facilities, only a one meter wide access aisle for teachers, child care is difficult to evacuate in case of fire; kindergarten expansion plus
In addition, the per capita area is not enough, more than 200 places, just over two square meters per capita, in violation of the "Hunan private kindergarten office park rules" in the "area of ​​not less than 14 square meters per student" requirement.
"Probably two or three o'clock at night, when the ZHENXIANG (flowers kindergarten) called and said nursery on fire."
"Later, through the review, but I do not agree." Has said, according to the Office of Hunan Provincial Park, the conditions of the nursery and "architectural design code for fire protection", the park should belong unqualified.
In 2008, they checked the park, they found enough fire exits, ordered deadline for correction.
April 5, 2009, the local newspaper "The New Economy.
November 18, 2008 the administrative licensing, finds that the premises meet fire conditions.
"The fires are accidents, damages totally inconsistent with the requirements." Ye Hongbo said the day before the incident, due to ZHENXIANG and her husband rushed to Changsha to work, they commissioned her junior high school students, that is, Ye Hongbo of mother-to-
To the scene, appeared in his eyes is two fire engines, was there toward the nursery sprinkler, fire fighting is nearing completion.
The back sangzhi interview, they want to give dead relatives say.
But once in the park driving school bus Ye Hongbo have raised objections, because the nursery was to punish Sangzhi County Construction Bureau, identified as illegal construction of nursery flowers.
Bright and clean windows, colorful animal pictures plastered walls, all eyes seem to cover fire so badly shrouded in the shadow of people's minds.
In addition, the incident room wall using a sandwich board, set up outside the window burglar window bar, people can not escape.
After the accident, the domestic forum related sites, some posts questioning this accident, causing the concern of many users.
The report said the kindergarten canteens, bedrooms, classrooms and other mixed together, belonging to rectify the "triple play" places.
Reporters learned that, from 2001 to the beginning ZHENXIANG, big market rent County South Gate Building 2 2 floor roof, three times plus layer construction kindergarten.
One reason is that the Bureau shall belong to illegal construction, no construction project planning permit.
Quiet life in this cold night was completely broken.
outdoor activities in the southwest corner to set up a safe exit through the South Gate market lane, to ensure there are two open-air activities for evacuation exits to use.
Flowers nursery downstairs in southern home City official, Sangzhi County CPPCC Gong told reporters the right light, a fire in the nursery prior to December 14, 2010, he was in the county CPPCC meeting, submitted a "pay attention to the safety of children
But is such ages, so the couple remorse.
She leaves family care is commissioned in kindergarten she and her husband live in houses, and therefore can not be counted as fatalities.
Because, according to Ministry of Public Security Decree No. 106 "Construction fire supervision and management regulations", new construction, expansion project construction planning permit to obtain an administrative license is a necessary condition, is indispensable.
The report also directed the local authorities of powers between "fight" phenomenon: since nursery since the construction of illegal buildings, from the symbolic "closure rectification" to "approved" and then "closed down rectification" to once again "consent to use", which
's Day after a fire, mother, sister and daughter died in the flames, the tremendous mental pressure has let Ye Hongbo couple almost collapsed.
as the living room, which has a TV, go down to where a lot of young children is a storage room supplies.
He noted that if the relevant departments will be designated as the room on fire houses, then to the nursery, "houses" where it should be linked to a separate draw evacuation routes, and in fact this condition is lacking.
The problem has always existed, but did not deal with, obviously, the fire was a liability accident.
Mao Erni behind heavy.
Love and said that the incident of the two houses, the couple is that they usually live, inside there are two small rooms, a living room and a bedroom; although set up security windows, but only one is closed, the other is
The situation in the kindergarten and the downstairs family City lawsuit by the court confirmed.
Kindergarten east of ground three (the first two for the South home ), West flush with the ground, all the rooms offer direct access to the west outdoor activities, games, outdoor activities, games through the south gate of market lanes.
Ye Hongbo said that his mother and sister at the living room next to the flowers nursery garden gate, although less than 20 square meters, but was divided into two smaller rooms, open floor toward the nursery door of the small room was a few square meters
As the place is crowded places, the house is not set up security windows problems, according to "The People's Republic of China Fire Law" states: "The doors and windows of crowded places not escape and fire fighting and rescue settings affect obstacles."
For the fire cause of the accident, love and think outside of the room is warmed himself no power outages caused by aircraft,[url=http://www.kotitle.com/mulberry_outlet.php]mulberry outlet[/url], warming himself with a quilt rack.
A website News Forum Social Vientiane channels, one entitled "sangzhi flowers nursery major responsibility fires why it is difficult accountability," the post said, "This fire accident resulted in three deaths were no survivors of the main reasons is that the fire door closure
Why illegal construction Kindergarten through various departments audited local fire departments, the park's fire conditions compliance.
4 bottles of orange juice in the refrigerator. "has repeatedly sounded the alarm bell on June 14, after the incident has been in the past five months, that fire in kindergarten legacy" footprint "has long been washed clean.
It should be noted that, in June 2008, by the Zhangjiajie Municipal Propaganda Department director of the "fire feature" on the "alarm bells have been ringing" in the title published flowers nursery exist three aspects: Kindergarten without the approval of the competent authorities, the unauthorized use
The park itself is illegal construction, but the authorities have been ignored.
Hunan Tian Ge Lawyer Luoqiu Lin believes that local authorities and the courts of the material finds fire "Bed" and the nursery was a building,[url=http://www.age-platform.eu/CRM/plugins/]peuterey[/url], and with the park, and are no construction project planning permit, the relevant regulatory authorities
There are local people informed, flowers nursery is located in the south entrance of the large market town Southern home City on the third floor, building on the west kids outdoor activities, typical of the "air" kindergarten.
The fire incident as a "residential" baking furnace of fire caused by combustible materials around.
Put down the phone, Ye Hongbo motorcycle rushed flowers kindergarten.
layer during the fire did not apply for architectural design audit procedures, the park fire safety coefficient is very low, no matter which part of problem, its victims are no doubt that hundreds of children have no ability to help themselves.
June 14, he told reporters, in order not to see "they", was no longer living in Hunan Sangzhi County town of Wang Ping Li source No. 60 home, but moved to temporarily borrow father family home.
They should belong to the fatalities.
However, the reporter noted, love and acceptance in more than a month before the interview, Hunan expressed was, "in the Pro to Changsha ago, I wish to ask the British ZHENXIANG took care nursery, but also prepared for her four bottles of rice pudding,
The spaces configured fire equipment, fire safety compliance.
January 4 18 am, 59-year-old daughter to Zhu Ying and Ye Hongmei and a half year old granddaughter Ye Shuwen, and Ye Hongbo couple, the flowers nursery a less than 20 square meters of living room, eat together for the last time
For without the approval of the illegal construction of buildings, not to mention the rectification, qualified,[url=http://www.exporriso.com.br/temp.php]ムートンブーツ 2013[/url], why the leaders even dare to adventure instructions "consent to use"
Ye Hongbo said he immediately to his mother and sister called to wish the United Kingdom, no answer.









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Kindergarten through various illegal after the fir
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