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Nike's successful secret
PostPosted: Sat 1:05, 24 Aug 2013

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Nike's successful secret
At present, place world first (according to brand value) the sports brand is Nike. But in the competitor like forest's sports brand camp, Nike is only young people actually, is an out-and-out successor. The Nike (NIKE) brand was tenable in 1972, tenable time also less than 40 years. But we have a look at the place front row again several sports brand, if Ardee reaches Si (Adidas) and young tiger horse (Puma) was established in 1948 Germany; Cushion valuable (UMBRO) was established in 1924; Kuang prestige (Converse) was established in 1908; Sharp step (Reebok) early, was established in 1895. How so young Nike in 40 years doesn't arrive in the time becomes the global sports brand eldest child? How to defeat these to have the long history formidable competitor ? I thought that has three magic weapons is most is worth us specially is these younger China sports brand study.
First takes the technical research and development. In 1972, Feir?After Knight and Ballman invents the Nike Air Max shoes, has not obtained the very good market effect immediately. Until 1975 a Sunday's morning, Ballman in bakes the Chinese husband biscuit in the iron mold to manipulate one kind of propane rubber, has made one kind of new shoe sole. This kind "the Chinese husband biscuit" on the type shoe sole's small rubber wire nail, causes Nike the popular other shoe sole's elasticity is stronger than the market. Was precisely this kind seems the very simple product innovates first achievement Feir?Nike and Ballman's enterprise. This kind of shoes are welcome greatly the athlete, thus, turns for the better along with the market quotation, this kind of shoes amounted to 14,000,000 US dollars in 1976 sales volume, but this preceding year sales volume was 8,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],300,000 US dollars, in 1972 was only 2,000,000 US Yuan. Is precisely because this kind of origin adds on the market the numerous competitor similar value, enabled Nike to become ten points to pay great attention the technical research and development the brand. Since then, Nike Corporation studies and develops the new type product carefully, and caused the many products is in the market was at that time most novel and the craft is most advanced. Moreover, Nike's research and development take the human body engineering and the bionics and so on The domain, these product's design style is frequently according to the different foot, the body weight, runs fast,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the training plan, the sex and the different technical level designs. Thus, the product design even more meets consumer's need, not only meets the movement need in the function,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], moreover in the security and the comfort level also even more meets consumer's demand, many products even can improve athlete's athletics result. At present, Nike is every year puts out occupies its sales revenue 4% funding invested in the product research and development, this causes Nike maintains the technical superiority at the numerous sports product domain, thus guarantees its product and the brand competitive advantage. Reviews our domestic sports brand, the research and development investment is by far insufficient, the home takes the product research and development Li Ning in 2008 its research and development expense accounts for its sales revenue insufficient also 3% , was unable in the total quantity with the international giants to compare. Therefore, the new product and the new technology's research and development take an important bottleneck which the Domestic enterprise develops, must break through. This kind of breakthrough under the existing condition, the most effective way is the dependence enterprise, national, the scientific research colleges and universities several aspect strength. The enterprise needs to give up the investment, the government also needs to give certain policy and the financial support, the scientific research courtyard wants Unify own scientific research direction and the enterprise and the market. Only then like this, our sports industry research and development level only then has the possibility fast to the international Advanced enterprise stem for stem, only then has the possibility to surpass the international vanguard technology finally, lays the technology base for the Chinese sports brand's growth.
Next is takes the brand core spirit making. Nike's founder Bill. Ballman had spoken such a few words: "so long as you have the stature,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], you are an athlete. But in world, so long as has the athlete, Nike Corporation unceasingly will grow strong."Such brand core spirit,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], causes Nike to concentrate the movement produce market,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and concentrates serves athlete's movement demand. Along with transporting Moved the produce market the unceasing segmentation, Nike also splits up the different product. Now this company product including sportwear, shoes, movement equipment and so on. Its technology's development also concentrates satisfies the different segmentation market even is the different crowd, the different movement individual demand. No matter what, so long as has the athlete, will have Nike to survive the development market, Nike has gone forward and diligently. This positive Is energetic power which Nike grows unceasingly. Certainly, China's sports brand is also very young, to Li Ning only then 20 year about history, naturally is also unable in the brand precipitation aspect to look at overseas thumb its person's back. But,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], starts from the present, the Domestic enterprise should start in the brand aspect to form own core values and the idea, and draws support from the market the strength to form the brand fast well-known . On the other hand, the Domestic enterprise may also consider that received merger and acquisition some scales to be still small, but has the long history overseas brand. After marketability making, becomes the sub-brand which the Domestic enterprise serves under somebody's banner,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], thus surmounts the time fast the barrier.
Third, takes seriously to study and to use for reference. Nike depends upon the innovation to build up, to depend upon the large-scale research and development investment maintains the technology is in the lead. But initially impelled Nike Corporation to stride in the most front row in the American market the genuine power, main is not the product innovates, but is the copy. Grows gradually in Nike, has certain scale time, Nike Corporation chooses take the Adidasi company's product carries on as the model imitates Makes, finally, the copy has defeated the inventor.
Speaks of here, certainly some people thought that supplies chain's innovation and the marketing method is also the Nike successful core competitiveness. This is certainly. But regarding the domestic young sports brands, takes global the manufacturing center, the Chinese Enterprise enjoys with the world enterprise same supply chain superiority,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], simultaneously, domestic market's propaganda and the promoted method also day after day homogenization. In this case, the technology creates New and brand mold, is decided that the Chinese brand can walk the far essential essential factor finally; But studies and profits from the outstanding enterprise's technology and the experience, is also the Domestic enterprise may reduce and between fast the international giant the disparity convenient road. Therefore,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the achievement places the whole world most to have the vigor and in the hope market native place sports enterprise, is facing the rare development opportunity.





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Nike's successful secret
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