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Private training organizations 32 people drowning
PostPosted: Thu 23:11, 21 Nov 2013

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's Hospital intensive care room, his face looking at the intensive care unit of a heavy door. On Saturday, Yan Zhongying 11-year-old nephew Sun Yifeng in Tongxiang, with the blessing of education and training center staff, led by the International Community to Dragon Court after swimming swimming pool drowning, still lying on the guardianship indoors, life worrying. But also worried that the training institutions and swimming are all responsible people actually missing it. "My brother put such a living child to the training center, and it would not, in the end we do not know who to turn to reasoning." Xiaoyi Feng uncle Sun Weilin said that now, a person's life is the private training institutions made pieces of. □ correspondent Song Lisheng newspaper reporter Huang Miao Jun text / photo swimming training organization, the child suddenly drowning Xiaoyi Feng's parents yesterday I was still hanging brine local hospitals, they still can not accept his son's bad news. The end of June, with the blessing of education and training center staff,[url=http://www.swpasynod.org/site/includes/hogan.php]hogan[/url], to Xiaoyi Feng Chongfu primary entrance where the leaflets, flyers that read will offer summer courses. "Yi Feng's parents are busy, no one with summer child, think there is such a course is also very good, 850 dollars a month to help do the math and language tutoring jobs, and to do our training center is the locals , it safely sent. "Yan Zhongying said. Summer vacation began, Xiaoyi maple and other children went to school training center. July 15 evening, Xu Yaying Yi Feng's mother received a phone summer teacher training center, said the next afternoon to take the children to the swimming pool to swim. "Her mother was not very willing,[url=http://www.swpasynod.org/site/misc/temp.php]peuterey[/url], because Yi Feng never learned to swim. July 16 Yi Feng to the training center to send it, but also specifically to give the teacher a little money, he said he did not buy a life preserver empty, hope you can to buy, to ensure the safety of Yi Feng. "Yan Zhongying said. I did not expect more than 16:00 the same day, a call came over and said the teacher Yi Feng accident. Etc. Xuya Ying and her husband rushed to the hospital, his son has been unable to respond to any call for it. Yesterday morning, reporters in the Provincial People's Hospital intensive care unit saw Xiaoyi Feng. Little boy looks delicate, the body was filled with tubes, with a prostrate ventilator to help him breathe, because the brain prolonged ischemia, the eye has no way to close. "He go to our hospital, the pupil has been dilated, the brain as being very large hypoxic-ischemic injury, our score is three points,[url=http://www.gometbranch.com/includes/hogan.php]hogan[/url], which is the lowest score,[url=http://www.halcyonblue.co.uk/libraries/temp.php]hollister sale[/url], but also occurred in multiple organ failure. Currently, We are actively rescue, but the situation is not optimistic. "Provincial People's Hospital intensive care unit director Sunren Hua chief physician says regretfully,[url=http://www.homeatlastanimals.org/misc/footer.php]woolrich[/url], according to Xiaoyi Feng situation, drowning at least 10 minutes or more. Count the number, and found one less Yi Feng how drowning in the pool Then in the end what happened Are you the teacher is not looking Lifeguard Where The child's parents say, for this series of questions, training centers has not given argument. Uncle Sun Weilin these days desperately looking for at the scene of each child's parents, hoping to restore the scene at that time. After making inquiries,[url=http://ppsnys.com/site/libraries/footer.php]louboutin[/url], Sun Weilin understand a little bit what happened: the day of the training center took 32 kids to the swimming pool to swim, according to a swimming pool and other equipment issued lifejackets staff recalls that the teacher training center, said at least two years of the child without life-saving equipment, Yi Feng did not get the life preserver. "On that day, four children drowned, and three children were in time to save up,[url=http://nsmba.ca/includes/moncler.php]doudoune moncler[/url], come up with Yi Feng is the latest, and the remaining three children are not things, Yi Feng, he was taken to the hospital." Sun Weilin very angry. " swimming pool lifeguards are doing hear people around me say that these lifeguard was not at the scene, in the air-conditioned room alone too! And we send our children the language of mathematics is to go to counseling, is not to learn to swim, how will suddenly go to learn how to swim it "So, why the other three children were rescued in time, while Yi Feng did not promptly rescued it "This course just group classes soon, not how the kids know each other, I have learned that three children were rescued, the teacher began to count the number and found one less, and then go back to the results we Jia Yue Feng still in the water and pulled up too late. "Mention the training center, Sun Weilin said after the event, when they went to the training center, just know that this is one of only three or four teachers in training institutions, there is not formal. "We are a large two-storey facade to confuse." Sun Weilin said. The Dragon Court is also the head of the international swimming Bierbuxian, employees said the boss does not know where to go. Reporters from longting international industry committee learned that the swimming pool is the last year in June by a man named Zeng Sheng collection contract, the contract period of two years, this year just expired. For those who win sets whereabouts industry, the Commission said, and knowledge. Training institutions without approval of relevant departments "This training center is not in our education departments for the record, I'm not evaluated, but the general formal civil training institutions, the Bureau is required to register, but also have our approval consent EDB file. The center is registered in the business sector. "Tongxiang Education based UNESCO official Zhongke Zhang said. Since there is no record in the Department of Education, so that training institutions should not ban it "We have no enforcement power of the education sector, even someone to report, we have no way to deal with the general approval of who is who manages or managed by the local government." Zhongke Zhang said. With the blessing of education and training center in the business sector for the record yet Reporter yesterday linked to the center earthly Tongxiang tudian Industry and Commerce of Masuo Chang, his business registration system for query,[url=http://www.gccra.org/misc/temp.php]abercrombie[/url], there is no central register of this information, the only two in the register of education and training center has a clear practice range,[url=http://www.beasonefoundation.org/includes/af.php]abercrombie[/url], confined to mental development, counseling, translation services,[url=http://www.halcyonblue.co.uk/includes/barbour.php]barbour sale[/url], etc., does not contain tutoring. On the day, with the blessing of the Center for Education and Training money Liping was taken Indus police station was questioned, the next morning, he left the police station. Yesterday,[url=http://wpa-play.com/misc/footer.php]moncler[/url], Sun Weilin said the money Liping has been missing, police said that drowning was an accident, not filing. Reporters contacted the Indus police station duty officer, said that the event is determined by the other party in the one surnamed Wu, deputy director responsible for, but not the inside, the specific situation is not clear. Yesterday evening, the event parties Qian Liping finally picked up the reporter's phone, but when I heard something about Xiaoyi Feng, she simply said: "You have no right to interview me!" Hung up the phone. "My brother finally put a son to grow up so much, to the training center, the occurrence of such a thing, everyone hide hide, fled to escape,[url=http://www.beasonefoundation.org/includes/louboutin.php]louboutin[/url], we are in the end of the turn to go to say " Sun Weilin sobbed .









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Private training organizations 32 people drowning
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